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Bakelite, Plastic, etc.- BRACELETS ONLY
This is an album of bracelets, and bracelet sets only.  Created from Bakelite, plastics or wood.

POSTAGE is $8.00 for most items.  Actual postage will be charged for large orders, or international orders.

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Date(s): March 31, 2008. Album by Judy Miller. 1 - 85 of 85 Total. 7026 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
This little bracelet is quite old I think.  It is a reverse carved Bakelite bracelet on elastic.

Enlarge photo 2
I tested with Simichrome and got a positive test on the applejuice, but not on the black part.  Black Bakelite doesn't always test well.

Enlarge photo 3
The applejice sections are finely carved with a leaf design.  The bracelet is just over 5/8" wide and it is 2 2/4" inches across.  Of course, it is on elastic, so it will espand to the 2 1/2" usually required.  The spacers are brass.

PRICE:  175.00

Enlarge photo 4
This Bakelite bracelet is clad in a smooth gold color metal.  The Bakelite is a spinach green, with yellow marbling showing though.

Enlarge photo 5
Here is a close up of some of the yellow marbling peeking through.

Enlarge photo 6
The bracelet is 1" wide with 5/8" walls.  The opening is the standard 2 1/2". In excellent condition....no breaks in the metal "lace."  

PRICE:  550.00

Enlarge photo 7
Purple plastic.  Center has some clear Lucite fingernail spots.
Earrings are clips and are 2 1/4" across.

Enlarge photo 8
Narrow purple - 20.00
Spotted purple - 20.00
1 1/2" wide purple - 45.00
Earrings - 25.00

Banglecaddies & Vintage Costume Jewelry
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Enlarge photo 9
Here is another green beauty.  It is Vintage Bakelite and in excellent shape.

Enlarge photo 10
This one is 7/8" wide and the walls are slightly domed at 1/4".  The color is a muted green on the outside and a lighter tone on the inside.

Banglecaddies & Vintage Costume Jewelry
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Enlarge photo 11
The valleys are slightly darker than the hills on this wonderful bracelet, exactly what you would want to see on a carved bracelet of this age.  The diameter of the opening is 2 1/2".

PRICE  175.00

Enlarge photo 12
These two bracelets are also not vintage.  The stones are more pastel colored than is shown in these photos.

Enlarge photo 13
In mint condition.
PRICE  40.00 each

Banglecaddies & Vintage Costume Jewelry
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Enlarge photo 14
This is a guaranteed Vintage Bakelite bracelet.  I just love this carved beauty...it has a story.

Enlarge photo 15
The bracelet is a hair less than 1" wide.  The domed walls are 3/8" thick.  The diameter of the opening is 2 1/2".

Enlarge photo 16
You will have to click on this one to see the initials scratched into the bracelet.  Not the maker, I'm sure the initials belong to a previous owner.  I just love when I find these owener notations on Bakelite.

Enlarge photo 17
If you click here, you will see the date 1936 scratched on the bracelet.  These is one small chip on the inside of the bracelet seen here in the lower left.  I can not be seen when worn.

PRICE  200.00

Enlarge photo 18
This is a wonderful pale, creamy pink plastic bangle.  It is not for the timid, as it is 1 3/4" wide, and the walls are 1/4" thick.

Put this one with ivory, or purple, or fushia, or lime green for a fantastic effect.

Price $ 38.00

Enlarge photo 19
Two Lucite bracelets.  The red one has fuchsia and amethyst colored faceted stones.
Blue and green - 35.00
Red - 45.00

Enlarge photo 20
Blue Lucite bracelets.  Two narrow bracelets are the moonglowy type.

Banglecaddies & Vintage Costume Jewelry
TO PLACE AN ORDER - Judy's email

Enlarge photo 21
PRICES Left to right.
Moonglow on bottom - 10.00
Clear with green spots - 25.00
Mooglow - 10.00
Blue clear - 10.00
Cobalt saucer - 35.00

Enlarge photo 22
These plastic bracelets surely make a statement.  They have the standard 2 1/2" opening, and are domed at 3/8" thick.

Enlarge photo 23
One is black and white, the other is a deep teal, and the third is a bright yellow.  They are in great shape.

These bangles are shown in the book Plastic Bangles, by Lyons and Tortoriello.  Page 72.

Enlarge photo 24
Price  65.00 each

Or....you can have all three for 171.00

Enlarge photo 25
A gorgeous swirly reddish amber color Bakelite bracelet.

Enlarge photo 26
I tried to show you the color swirls in the bracelet.  Some darker colors throughout.

Enlarge photo 27
The bracelet is 1/2" wide and 3/8" thick.  it is the standard wrist opening of 2 1/2".

Price 70.00

Enlarge photo 28
This expansion bracelet is by Leru.  It will fit a small to medium wrist.  I think Leru things were often small.

Enlarge photo 29
The bracelet shows some sign of wear, but not to be unexpected in an older piece.  The wear is not all that noticeable, but needs to be mentioned.

Enlarge photo 30
Marked on the inside expanding mechanism.

Price 20.00

Enlarge photo 31
These bracelets are Kenneth Lane want to bees.  They look just like his bracelets from the couture collection, but they are NOT K. Lane.

The carmel one is pictured on page 98 in the Plastic Bangle book.

Enlarge photo 32
The bracelets are plastic, and the carmel one has a crack behind one of the metal designs.  It looks like it was made in manufacture, but needs to be mentioned.

They have the standard 2 1/2" opening, and they are really pretty.

Price 25.00 the pair

Enlarge photo 33
Prystal Bakelite for you here.  This is an old one.  The bracelet is transparent, and the green color has a yellowish tinge on the edges as you move it through the light.

Banglecaddies & Vintage Costume Jewelry
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Enlarge photo 34
There are imperfections on the bracelet, but can only be seen under the magnifier.

Enlarge photo 35
The bracelet is the standard 2 1/2" opening, and tests for Bakelite with 409.

Price 150.00

Enlarge photo 36
All you snakie people will love this one.  Not me...I had to name the photo celluloid, cause snakes give me the creeps and I wouldn't have the photo named snake.  Ewww.

Enlarge photo 37
The bracelet will fit the average 7 1/2" wrist.  It gives a little bit, but not enough for a really large wrist.

The bracelet is celluloid, and vintage.

Enlarge photo 38
The darker part of the braclet is done in a tortoise pattern.

Price 85.00

Banglecaddies & Vintage Costume Jewelry
TO PLACE AN ORDER - Judy's email

Enlarge photo 39
This Bakelite bracelet is amazing.  Green marble with shades of root beer.  Touches of yellow.

Enlarge photo 40
Here you can see the root beer color.

Enlarge photo 41
The bracelet is 7/8" wide and has the standard 2 1/2" opening.

PRICE  65.00

Enlarge photo 42
This is great vintage Bakelite spacer bracelet.  5/16" walls and 1/4" wide, the bracelet has the standard 2 1/2" opening.

Enlarge photo 43
The color is a beautiful cherry red and it has the vintage patina to it.

PRICE  20.00

Enlarge photo 44
Two Wooden flower patterened bracelets.  The yellow is 1 3/8" wide and the blue is 5/8" wide.  Both signed by local artist Marilyn Gordon.  Both have the standard 2 1/2" opening.#1

PRICE  50.00

Enlarge photo 45
Lucite and white one is plastic with plastic faceted cabs.

Enlarge photo 46
Clear with faceted cabes - 45.00
Yellow with peridot faceted cabs - 35.00

Enlarge photo 47
The stone colors in the white bracelet were hard to capture in my photos for some reason.
White plastic - 45.00
Fuchsia thick slice - 40.00

Enlarge photo 48
These beauties are 1 1/4" wide and have wonderful rhinestones all the way around them.  Not vintage.  In mint condition.

PRICE 75.00 each

Enlarge photo 49
There are four items here.  Lucite earrings on top, and three Lucite bracelets below.

Earrings are huge...dangle to 4 1/2", they are clips.

Enlarge photo 50
Bracelets left to right.
Clear saucer - 20.00
Clear with spots - SOLD
Clear clamper - SOLD

Enlarge photo 51
Bracelets left to right.
Black, not Bakelite  
PRICE  8.00
Amber color and gold.
PRICE  8.00
Tortoise color Bakelite.
PRICE  25.00

Enlarge photo 52
The bracelets on the left are book pieces.  Plastic Bangles is the title of the book.
Dotted bracelet.
PRICE  45.00
Swirly Lucite rope bracelet.
PRICE 20.00
Pair of yellows.
PRICE  10.00

Enlarge photo 53
The bracelet is vintage Bakelite.  It is huge wide at 1 3/8" wide.  Walls are 1/8" thick.  Not readily apparent in the photo, but the bracelet has a light colored marbling throughout.  Just a wonderful red bracelet.
PRICE  175.00

Enlarge photo 54
These three bracelets are wonderful, and large.  The two reds are saucer types.
Red on bottom, is almost 5" end to end. Excellent condition all.
PRICE 45.00

White in middle. 1" wide, 1/4" walls.
PRICE  25.00

Red saucer on top. 5/8" wide and saucer shaped.
PRICE  25.00

Enlarge photo 55
The cobalt blue, octagon, Lucite bracelet at the right is transparent.  Really a nice bracelet.

PRICE 45.00

Enlarge photo 56
Red and white plastic bracelet is a book piece.  Plastic Bangles is the book.  
PRICE 20.00.

Earrings are clips and they are part of a set.  They go with the saw tooth set of bracelets in the next photo.  The earrings are clips, and are 1 5/8" long.

Enlarge photo 57
This is the saw tooth set.  Three bracelets fit together to make one. Or, wear as three.  They don't lock together, they just fit together.  The set includes the three bracelets and the earrings in the previous photo.  Also, in the book, Plastic Bangles.

PRICE  45.00

Enlarge photo 58
The red bracelet at the top is full of red rhinestones, and has a matching ring which is resting on the white bracelet.  Mint condition on both.  The ring is a good size too, at 8 3/4.  You won't have to wear this one on your pinky.
PRICE for the set 65.00

The white bracelet is on elastic, and is also from the Plastic Bangles book.  It is a fun piece.  The pieces are triangles.
PRICE  25.00

Enlarge photo 59
These are Lucite spacer bracelets and come from that book again.  Plastic Bangles.  They are the ones photoed in the book.  There are nine bracelets here.  4 red, 4 blue and one white.  
PRICE  8.00 each or 60.00 for all.

Enlarge photo 60
Another set from the book Plastic Bangles.  This plastic set is really elegant, by Leru.  It is for a small wrist. It is a clamper, and oval shaped.

Enlarge photo 61
The set is a silvery gray, and the stones are clear and smoky peridot color.  It is in excellent shape.  The bracelet is perfect for the ladies with the tiny wrists.  This one won't fall off of you.  :)
The earrings are clips and are 1 3/4" long.

PRICE  95.00

Enlarge photo 62
Here is a fun set.  Both are Bakelite.  The bracelet is on elastic so will fit most.  I put it on my wrist, and there is no elastic showing.  About 7 1/2".

Banglecaddies & Vintage Costume Jewelry
TO PLACE AN ORDER - Judy's email

Enlarge photo 63
The earrings are clips and are 1 1/8" across.  All in excellent condition.

PRICE 75.00

Enlarge photo 64
This set is from the book Plastic Bangles.  It is red, white and navy.

Enlarge photo 65
The bangle is a tad larger in diameter than the usual bangle, as it has a 2 5/8" opening.  The earrings are clips, and they are 1 1/8" across. #8

PRICE 55.00

Enlarge photo 66
A satin sheen on this green marbled plastic set.  The set is newly made.

Enlarge photo 67
The bracelet is 1 1/4" wide with narrow walls.  The ring is a size 8.  Both are satin smooth and in mint condition.

PRICE  65.00

Enlarge photo 68
This set is vintage and similar to the Weiss Bakelite set.  It is vintage, but not Bakelite and not Weiss.  One of the earrings is marked Weiss, but I'm not sure if it is the original clip, or the other earring clip is the original.

Enlarge photo 69
In excellent condition. This bracelet will fit a smaller wrist, but it also fits my wrist which is average.
PRICE 165.00 the set

Enlarge photo 70
The pair of bracelets at the top are plastic.
PRICE   35.00
The elastic wavy bracelet and earrings are book pieces.  Earrings are clips.
PRICE  50.00
Thick red Bakelite cuff on right.
PRICE 195.00  #BC

Enlarge photo 71
This cool set is plastic, and it looks like a small bracelet, but actually is wearable at 7" long.  Has a fold over clasp.  The earrings are clips, and are almost and inch across.

PRICE the set 20.00

Enlarge photo 72
Here the focus is on the two bracelets at the base of the necklace form.  The two in the middle.  Red, white and blue pair.

PRICE for two  35.00

The thick red cuff to the right is Bakelite. #BC
PRICE  195.00

Enlarge photo 73
The yellow and lime bracelet on the far right is the bracelet in this section.  Also in the Plastic Bangles book, this one is sectioned with pearly pieces.

PRICE 35.00

Banglecaddies & Vintage Costume Jewelry
TO PLACE AN ORDER - Judy's email

Enlarge photo 74
This is a plastic bracelet with plastic silver domes on the sides.

Enlarge photo 75
The color is a yummy reddish orange, and it is in mint condition.

Enlarge photo 76
The inside diameter is a little larger than the standard 2 1/2".  It is 2 5/8".  The width is 1 1/4". Add this to your stack of vintage Bakelite...it will fit right in.

PRICE  15.00

Enlarge photo 77
These two are wooden, and they are very cool!  Your hand fits into them, just like a bangle.

Enlarge photo 78
The aqua wash on the wood is in fine shape.

Price $ 18.00 the pair.

Enlarge photo 79
This one looks like candy!  Orange candy.  It is a plastic bracelet and ring.  In excellent condition.

Enlarge photo 80
The ring measures 6 1/2, and the bracelet is the standard 2 1/2" opening.  The bracelet is almost 1" wide.

Price # 30.00 the set

Enlarge photo 81
These two bracelets are wonderful in color, and shape.  The shape is uniform in the center with a larger opening at 2 5/8" instead of the usual 2 1/2" opening.

The outside shape, is asymetrical, the width is narrow, and slides to wide and off center creating an intresting look.

Enlarge photo 82
The red one is clear, and the gold one is opaque with a white center and a sparkly under coating, creating a sparkle look.

Both are mint.

PRICE 22.00 each

Enlarge photo 83
This is a neat wooden bracelet that was made in the Philippines.

Enlarge photo 84
It is a nice wide one at 1 5/8" with the wall domed to 1/4".

Banglecaddies & Vintage Costume Jewelry
TO PLACE AN ORDER - Judy's email

Enlarge photo 85
Two lions adorn this bracelet.  They are raised from the wood floor of the bracelet.  They may be applied.

In excellent condition.  

PRICE  10.00

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Hi, very pretty bracelets, however,
it is not clear to me what the bracelets, individually, are made of.  You don't say on many of them.  Should one assume one thing if it doesn't say?  I am interested in bakelite and Prystal.
Thank you,
christine, Mon, 7 Jul 2014 11:59PM
I like I see just wondering if you have any in my size looking for bangles to fit 9 inch wrist.
bernice carp, Fri, 28 Mar 2014 9:05AM
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