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Antique and Fine Jewelry
Antique jewelry, and jewelry made with precious metals and gemstones.

POSTAGE is $6.00 for most items.  Actual postage will be charged for large orders, or international orders.

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Date(s): September 24, 2007. Album by Judy Miller. 1 - 37 of 37 Total. 5450 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
One gorgeous necklace here, from the 1900's.  It is glass and a brass colored metal.  The drop and the chain are carved on both sides of the pieces.

Enlarge photo 2

Enlarge photo 3
No chips or dings on this deep topaz colored center stone.

The center piece is 4 1/2" long, from the metal piece to the end of the dangles.

Enlarge photo 4
The necklace is quite long, shown here pulled up to fit the display.  There are four carved pieces on the chain, and then it is just chain for the rest of the necklace.

It is 37" long from the spring ring clasp to the end of the dangles.

Price 185.00

Enlarge photo 5
Neiger Brothers Egyptian inspired glass necklace made in the 1930's.  The glass beads have remnants of green paint
in the carved designs.

Enlarge photo 6
The neckace has a barrel clasp and is wearable at 18 1/2" long.

Enlarge photo 7
The spacer beads are glass and are an emerald green.

Enlarge photo 8
This necklace was made during the Egyptian influence period in design.  Very art deco.

Enlarge photo 9
PRICE 95.00

Enlarge photo 10
This photo is a long shot, but I wanted you to see how long this necklace is.  The necklace is 29" long, with the drop adding another 4 1/2".

Enlarge photo 11
I was told that this is a Victorian necklace, but I might put it into a newer category.  Perhaps 1900 to 1930.  In great shape for it's age.

Enlarge photo 12
The heart shaped drop is a locket, which is an inch tall.  The hinge is in great shape.

Enlarge photo 13
The stones are nice and bright.

PRICE  95.00

Vigneri Jewelry For Sale
Banglecaddies & Vintage Costume Jewelry
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Enlarge photo 14
The bangle is slightly oval, and has a safety chain.  It is in excellent shape, no dings, bends or scratches.

Enlarge photo 15
The bangle has a hinge clasp which makes it an easy on and off.

Vigneri Jewelry For Sale
Banglecaddies & Vintage Costume Jewelry
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Enlarge photo 16
This is a bangle marked FMCO.  It is gold filled with black taille d'epergne enameling.  Made in the 1900's.

Enlarge photo 17
The mark here is FMCO.  Finberg Manufacturing Co. started in Ma in 1888.

Price  225.00
Vigneri Jewelry For Sale
Banglecaddies & Vintage Costume Jewelry
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Enlarge photo 18
This Niger Brothers necklace is so cool!  It is Czech, but it isn't marked.  Circa 1920, it is glass.

Enlarge photo 19
The beads are little red faces, long ovals, and Egyptian looking triangular beads.  They are painted with green paint in the carvings.

The necklace is 21" long and has a tubular closing clasp.

Price  185.00

Vigneri Jewelry For Sale
Banglecaddies & Vintage Costume Jewelry
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Enlarge photo 20
Here is a wonderful old coral color glass beaded necklace.  Can be worn in a number of different ways.

You can wear it plain, twisted, or laddered, as shown in the next photo.

Enlarge photo 21
This blue bead is probably a signature bead put there by the person who strung these beads.

Enlarge photo 22
Wearabe length is 17 3/4" long.  It has a push in clasp.

Enlarge photo 23
You can click on this photo to see a close up of the older clasp.

Price 95.00

Vigneri Jewelry For Sale
Banglecaddies & Vintage Costume Jewelry
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Enlarge photo 24
Gold fill on sterling, this is what is known as a Sweetheart expansion bracelet.

Enlarge photo 25
The locket is ready for your loved one's photos.

Enlarge photo 26
The mark reads Lustern 1/20 12K G.F. on sterling.

Enlarge photo 27
The gold fill is gold color, and the rose gold, which shows up as a soft pink.

Price 125.00
# 6

Enlarge photo 28
This is a sweet opal ring.  The stones are opals accented with clear rhinestones.

Enlarge photo 29
If you click on the photo, you can see some fire in the opals.  The fire shows up as you move.
Size 7. #19

PRICE  45.00

Enlarge photo 30
Beautiful sparkly Art Deco dress clips in excellent condition.  They have the patent number 1652188 which puts it at 1928.

Enlarge photo 31
I need to get one of those sparkly light bulbs for my photos, because these clips are much brighter than shown.  The clips are 1 1/2" long.

PRICE 65.00

Enlarge photo 32
Real garnets and sterling make this ring special.  It is in excellent condition.

Enlarge photo 33
The ring is a size 8.

Enlarge photo 34
It is marked 925 and SCI.  Perhaps the designer? #16


Enlarge photo 35
This brooch is so fine.  The flowers are hand painted....this is not a decal.  The colors are a gorgeous combination of spring pinks and blues, with a touch of yellow and green toward the center.

All colors are clear and bright.  The brooch probably dates to the late 19th or early 20th century.

Enlarge photo 36
The back is a golden brass color, and the clasp is the C clasp type.  You can see in my photos that the pin stem peeks out from the back a bit.

Enlarge photo 37
The brooch is large at 2 1/2".  It is in good condition for it's age.  There are no scratches, chips, dings, or paint loss on the brooch.  The finish is matte, with enamel touches. in the flower centers.

PRICE  55.00

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I'm a new member of the DJJ Group!  I adore your antique jewelry, and the costume jewelry was pretty spectacular, too!  I'd love one of everything - if I could afford it - but at least I had a chance to drool!
Sandi Caughron | http:www.rubylane.com/shops/melonrose, Sun, 25 May 2008 2:09PM
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