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Vigneri case
1. Vigneri case  (September 7, 2019)
This is a case of my Vigneri jewelry.  I LOVE it!  :) If you click on the photos you will get a better photo of the jewelry.
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Garden 2017
2. Garden 2017  (August 3, 2017)
Iris and other plants in the garden.  2017
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Solar Install
3. Solar Install  (August 3, 2017)
We had solar panels installed on our house and the installation process was AMAZING!  The men who did the job could be in a circus death defying act....they were soooooo good!!
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Opal Hunting
4. Opal Hunting  (June 18, 2006)
Glen and I went to northern Nevada in June 2006, the day after he retired from BLM.
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Our Kitchen re-model
5. Our Kitchen re-model  (April 8, 2006)
In April 2006 we are re-modeling our kitchen.  We are also putting in a new heater-cooler system and putting in hard wood floors instead of carpet and vinyl.
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Tucson 2006 Gem and Mineral Show
6. Tucson 2006 Gem and Mineral Show  (February 13, 2006)
These photos are ones that Glen took on our trip to Tucson.  We were there for one week, Feb 2006.
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Mineral and Fossil Specimens
7. Mineral and Fossil Specimens  (February 15, 2006)
These are photos that Glen took at the Feb 2006 Tucson Gem and Mineral Show.
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Glen and Judy and family
8. Glen and Judy and family  (December 25, 2005)
Christmas greetings photo, December 2005 and other family photos.
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Bangle Caddies in my home
9. Bangle Caddies in my home  (January 5, 2006)
Photos of our home and how I use the bangle caddies to display some of my jewel collection.
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Handles and Lifters
10. Handles and Lifters  (February 24, 2006)
These are your choices for the handles and lifters for the Bangle Caddies.  Cradles and Knockdown covers have handles and lifters.
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Info Please - Jewel photos
11. Info Please - Jewel photos  (June 5, 2005)
Here are some photos that I need info on.  Can you help?
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12. DOW/COW/TOW  (January 5, 2006)
Topics discussed on JC, and JR.  Chat of the Week, Designer of the Week and Topic of the Week.
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Vintage Costume Jewelry for Sale
13. Vintage Costume Jewelry for Sale  (September 24, 2007)
Jewelry for Sale.  

Stuff for sale that isn't on my web site yet.  You get first crack at it here.  If you see something you want, just email me.  Judy's email
Banglecaddies & Vintage Costume Jewelry
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Postage is 8.00.

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Just to look at
14. Just to look at  (September 30, 2006)
Here are some photos for your enjoyment.  Not for sale, just enjoy.
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Swarovski Show in Tucson 2007
15. Swarovski Show in Tucson 2007  (February 16, 2007)
This is a show put on by Swarovski during the gem and jewelry portion of the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show.  It happens during the first part of Feb, and goes for a week before the minerals take center stage.

This show is just one tiny part of the jewelry events there.
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Tucson 2007
16. Tucson 2007  (February 17, 2007)
Photos of jewelry, gems and minerals from the Tucson 2007 extravaganzzzza!

Some digging photos also.

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More Tucson 2007
17. More Tucson 2007  (February 18, 2007)
These are more photos of Tucson 2007.  My first album got over loaded, so I'm putting some new photos in here.  Here are some links for you to enjoy.
Vintage Costume Jewelry for Sale Album
Banglecaddies & Vintage Costume Jewelry
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Judy's email
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Glen's "Opalarium"
18. Glen's "Opalarium"  (June 3, 2007)
This is a chronicle of the progress of Glen's man house, or as he want's to call it, his "opalarium".  He will do lapidary in the shop and all manner of good projects.
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Rock Hunting in New Mexico
19. Rock Hunting in New Mexico  (November 12, 2007)
This album contains photos taken in November 2007 in New Mexico.  We attended a mineral symposium in Sucorro, went rock hunting in various locations, and went jewelry hunting in Albuquerque and Santa Fe.
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My Wendy Gell Collection
20. My Wendy Gell Collection  (June 23, 2010)
You might want to click on the photos to enlarge them to see the detail on the jewelry.

Wendy lives in Ashland Oregon which is just two hours north of me here in Redding CA.  I don't go there often, but Glen has a cousin living there, so sometimes we visit both.

These items are not for sale, they are my personal collection, and presented here for your enjoyment.
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My Joseff Collection
21. My Joseff Collection  (10-15-2010)
This is my Joseff collection.  These items are not for sale.....my personal collection for you to enjoy.
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Tulla Booth
22. Tulla Booth  (April 19, 2007)
I purchased a necklace from Liz Bryman years ago by the designer Tulla Booth.  Since then, I have been slowly adding to my Booth collection.  This is what I have collected so far.

Tulla Booth designed jewelry in the 1980's and she is not doing that any more.  It is all I know about her.  A Google search turns up a photographer, and I assume it must be the same person.
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My Personal Haskell Collection
23. My Personal Haskell Collection  (April 30, 2008)

A collection of Jewelry by Miriam Haskell. This is my personal collection and the items are not for sale. I do have Miriam Haskell jewelry for sale here in the Designer Sections.  http://imageevent.com/irislady/jewelryforsale Or here on my Bangle Caddie site  http://www.banglecaddies.com/00_Current_Pages/designer/haskell1.htm

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My Judith Hendler jewelry & how to ID it
24. My Judith Hendler jewelry & how to ID it  (June 17, 2010)
These are pieces by Judith Hendler that I have collected.  I am still collecting her pieces, and will add to this album as I add to the collection.
Love the plastics!!

These pieces are not for sale.
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Jakob Bengel Collection
25. Jakob Bengel Collection  (December 26, 2009)
My Jakob Bengel collection.  Most of it is sold, these are archives for your enjoyment.
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My Anne & Frank Vigneri Jewelry Collecti
26. My Anne & Frank Vigneri Jewelry Collecti  (January 24, 2010)
This album is for your enjoyment, and to inform you about this designer.  I hope you can find some of the jewelry......but the jewelry in this album is not for sale.  It is part of my collection.

Thank you so much for stopping by.
Judy Miller
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My Monies Collection
27. My Monies Collection  (March 24, 2012)
This is my Monies collection....not for sale, but here for your enjoyment.
Monies is a Danish company.  They sold here in the US, but no longer.  They are based in Copenhagen.  
The designer is Gerda Lynggaard and the company is Monies, named after her husband Nicolai Monies.  They strive to use natural materials in their designs.
Glen and I are planning a trip to Denmark soon, and when we get there, I am going to be sure to look for the company.
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Button Removal
28. Button Removal  (May 29, 2008)
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June 2008 Oregon Trip
29. June 2008 Oregon Trip  (June 3, 2008)
We took this trip the very first weekend in June.  We visited Glen's cousin Greg and his wife Liisa and their son Christopher, who live in Talent, just about 3 miles north of Ashland OR.

We also visited our own Wendy Gell, who lives just about a mile from Greg and Liisa.  She has a great spot in Talent.

After Talent, we went to Salem OR, which is just south of Portland.  We visited Schreiner's Iris Garden where we ordered some iris for our flower bed in our garden in Redding.
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June 2008 fires in Redding CA area
30. June 2008 fires in Redding CA area  (June 28, 2008)
Glen took these photos from vantage points around the Redding CA area.  The fire that he has documented from afar is the Motion fire in west Redding CA.
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October 2008 in the S.F. Bay Area
31. October 2008 in the S.F. Bay Area  (October 19, 2008)
Here are some photos from an adventure that Glen and I had this October in the S.F. Bay Area.
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Tucson 2009
32. Tucson 2009  (January 28, 2009)
This album chronicles our Arizona adventure in Jan and Feb of 2009.  The first stop is Quartzsite, then on to Tucson.
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2009 Tucson Adventure
33. 2009 Tucson Adventure  (March 26, 2009)
Some events in Tucson this Jan and Feb 2009.  The first vist is to Bisbee AZ.
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The Third Grade
34. The Third Grade  (March 26, 2009)
This is Mrs. Orr's third grade class that my grandson Brian attends.  It is at the Redding Christian School in Redding CA.  This particular class is the math class.  I help in the classroom once a week.
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Brian's Karate Class - He gets Yellow
35. Brian's Karate Class - He gets Yellow  (September 11, 2009)
Brian got his Yellow Belt today in Karate.  First, he had a class and at the end of the class, he got the yellow belt.
He is a fantastic kid!!!
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VFCJ Convention 2009
36. VFCJ Convention 2009  (October 14, 2009)
VFCJ Convention in Providence 2009.  Some of the photos are out of focus in the album....but if you click on the photo to enlarge it....It goes into focus.  

I'm not sure why this happens...might be the difference between Glen's camera and mine.
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10-2009 Across America Trip
37. 10-2009 Across America Trip  (October 23, 2009)

Glen and I left Redding CA Sept 23rd 2009.  It is now 10-23-2009 and we are still going.
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Niagara Falls 2009
38. Niagara Falls 2009  (October 28, 2009)
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Alpha Phi 1959-2009
39. Alpha Phi 1959-2009  (November 18, 2009)
Robin Clark and Judy Bailey tour Alpha Phi in November 2009 at the University of Missouri.  Omicron chapter.
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Alpha Phi Turns 100 Years Old at MU
40. Alpha Phi Turns 100 Years Old at MU       (October 11, 2010)
I went back to Columbia Missouri this October to attend the 100th year anniversary of the installation of Alpha Phi on the University of Missouri campus.

I stayed with my sorority sister and roomate in college.  She and her husband toured me, spoiled me and wine and dined me.  I had a great time, and these photos are of the anniversary party, my sorority sisters, and my adventures around Columbia.
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Just for us
41. Just for us  (October 12, 2010)
This is a secret album just for Boggy, Robin and me.  :)
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Maine 2009
42. Maine 2009  (November 27, 2009)
Here we are just going up the East Coast from Providence Rhode Island to Maine
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My iris
43. My iris  (April 9, 2010)
Iris that are growing in our garden in Redding.
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2010 Wear and Remembrance Show
44. 2010 Wear and Remembrance Show   (April 20, 2010)
This is the only show that Sharon Henderson and I do every year.  It is in Yuba City CA and is a small show that includes vintage clothing and accessories.
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Vintage Bakelite that isn't
45. Vintage Bakelite that isn't  (October 12, 2010)
These photos were taken at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show in 2009.
The sign states that the items in this booth are Vintage Bakelite......they are not vintage.
Take a look at the photos and let me know what you think.
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Saluki dogs on a hunt
46. Saluki dogs on a hunt  (November 15, 2010)
This is an album that chronicles a Saluki Club rabbit hunt that I attended in New Mexico on Nov 14th 2010.  Glen and I came to New Mexico to attend a Gem and Mineral Symposium in Socorro, and the rabbit hunt was happening near by.
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Saluki dogs
47. Saluki dogs  (December 17, 2010)
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2010 Christmas Present
48. 2010 Christmas Present  (January 16, 2011)
All we wanted to do was give each other a new sliding glass door for Christmas.  One from the bedroom to the deck and one from the dining area to the deck.  
Sooooo look what happened.
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Tucson 2011
49. Tucson 2011  (February 11, 2011)
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2011 Living Room Remodel
50. 2011 Living Room Remodel  (May 22, 2011)
Glen has been wanting to re do this room since he moved into the house in early 2002.  The house was built in the late 1970's....do you remember the sunken living room?????
Glen did NOT like the beams.  They are only decorative.  My knees (I wasn't born with these two that I have now) do NOT like the going up and down.  Sooooo we rarely use the room.
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2011 CJCI Convention in Providence RI
51. 2011 CJCI Convention in Providence RI  (October 25, 2011)
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Some Christmas Arrangements
52. Some Christmas Arrangements  (December 3, 2011)
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53. Opal  (July 4, 2012)
This is an opal that we found at the Bonanza Opal Mine in Virgin Valley Nevada.  Glen has been working with it for a long time.
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My favorite model
54. My favorite model  (November 21, 2012)
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Our doggie
55. Our doggie  (January 11, 2013)
We have added a Kerry Blue Terrier to our family.
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56. Pansies  (February 18, 2013)
Feb  18, 2013
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Barbara's iris?
57. Barbara's iris?  (April 16, 2013)
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My Napier jewelry
58. My Napier jewelry  (June 19, 2013)
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2013 CJCI Convention 2013
59. 2013 CJCI Convention 2013  (October 31, 2013)
These photos were taken on Friday night at the convention, and the rest are from the Saturday sale.

Not sure who is who in all photos.  Please feel free to identify yourself in the "comments"  I'll put them in the photo part.
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Jewelry project
60. Jewelry project  (July 12, 2014)
Hi folks....just hoping you can help me with this project.
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The Collection in my office
61. The Collection in my office  (July 19, 2014)
This is a collection of necklaces by Darren Manes that I haven't stored....I want them out where I can see them.
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Stolen items from my mall case
62. Stolen items from my mall case  (November 9, 2014)
On Nov 8th, in the middle of the night, a black hooded scum bag entered the antique mall where I have a case.  He came through the roof, and stole a bunch of things from my case.  I'm posting these photos in case someone tries to sell these things to you, probably not, but just in case.
I will tell you which of the items are gone, if I don't mention them, they were not taken.
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Valentine 2015
63. Valentine 2015  (March 10, 2015)
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Mall space 11/18/2015
64. Mall space 11/18/2015  (November 18, 2015)
Here are some photos of the jewelry that I have for sale in my Jindras Antique Mall space.  If you have questions, please feel free to ask...here is my email... irislady@sbcglobal.net
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65. Eisenbergs  (May 16, 2015)
Eisenberg jewelry
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Broken earrings
66. Broken earrings  (July 21, 2015)
These earrings were sent to me from an Ebay seller.  07-21-2015
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Long ago
67. Long ago  (July 31, 2015)
2008....Seven years ago.  A trip to Oregon to (first) Schreiners Iris Garden in Salem Oregon.  Then to Glen's cousins' house in Ashland, and then to see Wendy Gell in Ashland.  1-10 Crater Rock Museum.  11-123 is Iris Garden. 124-137 Gregs' (the cousin) house. 138-157 is a visit with Wendy Gell.
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68. Accident  (August 4, 2015)
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Rainbow Ridge 2015
69. Rainbow Ridge 2015  (August 22, 2015)
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Schreiner earrings
70. Schreiner earrings  (October 6, 2016)
Schreiner earrings....two pair.
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