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Hairless Boys
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"Albert" Blair
1. "Albert" Blair  (4-18-05)
This chocolate hairless boy was born in Alabama, to "Chloe" (coated, black & tan) and "Hero" (hairless, red & white spotted)
He was born 12-02-04.
He's going to make a very nice boy when he gets done growin' & puttin' himself together, ;o)
Thank you Sharon, for letting this sweet boy come live with us!
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"Robin" (Flinthill's Red Robin)
2. "Robin" (Flinthill's Red Robin)  (12-27-04)
When we first started working with AHT's, there were no true reds.
There were also no solid pattern AHT's.
There were tradional spotted white, black and tans, white and black bi's, apricot, and chocolate tri's and bi's.
In addition to addressing the more pressing concerns, (outcrossing, dna profiling, health/structure issues) facing this fledgeling breed, we decided that we'd start breeding for red, and also for the solid pattern.
The solid pattern dogs are much less at risk to sun damage than the spotteds are.
Robin is our first red hairless, and he is the sire of several lovely spotted and solid red AHT's in show and home families.
Most red AHT's today, solids and spotteds, will trace back to Robin.
His pups and grandpups include Champions, Grand Champions, Best of Breed winners, and Top Ten dogs.
Robin has had a wonderfully productive and successful breeding career.
He is now retired from breeding, and neutered in preparation for the next phase of his life.
Robin has begun his new life in his new forever home on beautiful Watts Bar Lake in Rockwood Tennessee.
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"Indy" (Flinthill's Indecent Exposure)
3. "Indy" (Flinthill's Indecent Exposure)  
He's hairless, and solid black, with one small white spot on his chest.

He was born 10-21-2003.

He is 13 1/2 inches tall, and weighs 12 lbs.

He's always had the most beautiful skin!

He's a very sweet, reserved boy, gentle with other dogs, and people.

Indy is now neutered, and has found his new home in Louisiana, where he will be living with his new dad, and a new "brother" AHT named "Pappy".
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GRCH Flinthill's NittyGritty DirtDog
4. GRCH Flinthill's NittyGritty DirtDog  (10-17-04)
Jake is a black and tan hairless son of two coated carriers, "Evita" (Flinthill's ByeBye Evita) and "Blackie" (Flinthill's Back In Black)
He was born 9-22-03.
He has earned his Champion title, and will be working toward his GRCH in 2005.
Jake is now a Grand Champion!
Kim & Veryl White graciously kept him with them in Florida so he'd have more show opportunities.
Last weekend, he won the two last Champion classes he needed for his Grand.
THANK YOU, Kim & Veryl!!
Jake is now neutered, and in a pet home with a retired couple, who love to RV, so he gets to travel!
Before he retired, he sired several GRCH and CH get, and is the sire of the 2007 Top Ten AHT, GRCH Flinthill's Even Steven.
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"Rowdy"   (Wade's RedNeck RabbleRouser)
5. "Rowdy"   (Wade's RedNeck RabbleRouser)  (10-22-04)
This hairless boy is black sabled red, with white markings.

He was born 11-18-2002.

He is 13 1/2 inches tall, and weighs 13 1/2 pounds.

Rowdy's mother, Flinthill's Arizona Rouge, is a coated carrier, black sabled red, (solid pattern with white markings)

She is a daughter of Flinthill's Red Robin (red spotted on white hairless) & her mother is UKC CH Flinthill's Blu Dahlia @ Wudnshu (blue with white markings, rat terrier)

Rowdy's sire is That's the Rumor @ Wade's, a black and tan hairless male, owned by Pattie Wade.

To date, (6-07), Rowdy has sired more titled get (Champion & Grand Champion) than any other AHT.
He is not a show dog, but he's proudly outproduced himself, thus proving his worth to his breed!

One of his most well known & titled offspring is "Evil", and she can be seen at: http://www.ahts.net/EvylWins.htm

Rowdy is now neutered, and living the good life, here at home with us.
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GRCH Flinthill's Along Came A Spider
6. GRCH Flinthill's Along Came A Spider  ("SpiderMan")
This black and tan hairless boy has been a major influence in the AHT breed.He has sired several Champions and Grand Champions, and Best In Show winners.
His offspring are also proving themselves worthy as breeding dogs.
He's now in the northwest corner of the country, in Washington State, being co-owned with Julia who is using him in an outcross program with her Top Ten Poochville rat terriers.
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