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Boxing Cards For Trade And Sale
I will be updating this section regularly with cards and other items I am willing to trade or sell.   Please also check my baseball and other cards for sale page, by using the scroll bar above.  

If you want an item you see here, please email me at warshawlaw@sbcglobal.net.  I will check availability and respond with purchase instructions.  I accept checks, money orders, cash (of course) and paypal payments (shipped to verified addresses; note that paypal paid items must be shipped priority mail with delivery confirmation).

All items are shipped priority mail (USA) for $5.10 (I do not mark up for handling, nor do I charge for packaging).  I will jam as many items as I can into a 2# flat rate envelope for you, to cut your shipping costs to the bone.  Insurance is extra at USPS rates.  If you decide to buy an item without shipping insurance, it ships entirely at your risk of loss.  Please ask all questions in advance and ask for more scans if you are unsure of something because this is not Sears and I do not take returns.  Transactions are governed by CA law and deemed performed in Burbank, CA.  Certificates of authenticity will be issued when required by CA law and may be passed through to you from original autograph issuers.

Any order over $150 ships for free.
Date(s): July 6, 2005. Album by Adam Warshaw. 1 - 15 of 15 Total. 3903 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
2012-2013 Boxing Card Guide
You may purchase the book direct from the publisher at Lulu.com:


Enlarge photo 2
2011-2012 Boxing Card Guide
You may purchase the book direct from the publisher at Lulu.com:


Enlarge photo 3
Boxing Card Guide 6th Edition
You may purchase the book direct from the publisher at Lulu.com:


Enlarge photo 4
Boxing Card Guide 5th Edition
You may purchase the book direct from the publisher at Lulu.com


Enlarge photo 5
Jim Corbett Xzalia trade card SGC 50
The most popularly collected of Gentleman Jim's 1890s premiums.  $125

Enlarge photo 6
1923 Exhibit Dempsey
From the moderately difficult 1923 set.  Clean postcard with bio and record back.  $35.00

Enlarge photo 7
Henry Armstrong
The first great pound for pound champ who held three titles at once.  No hometown variation.  $20.00

Enlarge photo 8
1930s Exhibit Buddy Baer no headgear variation
This is a rare pose also--seen it a few times only.  $50.00

Enlarge photo 9

Enlarge photo 10
1890 John L. Sullivan Cabinet
Record back, facsimile signature.  Part of a series of likely self-issued cards sold as a moneymaker for John L. in conjunction with his theatrical career  $350.00

Enlarge photo 11
James J. Corbett cabinet
By photographer Morrison issued to promote JJC's theatrical show at the Haymarket Theater in Chicago.  $350.00

Enlarge photo 12
cabinet Godfrey by Wood
A John Wood cabinet card of Godfrey from the same photo session as the Old Judge card's photo.  $750.00

Enlarge photo 13
Pinback Johanssen

Enlarge photo 14
pinback Robinson

Enlarge photo 15
U and U Willard

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