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Baseball Cards & Memorabilia

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Baseball Magazine Player Posters
1. Baseball Magazine Player Posters  (March 2005)
1910-1957 Baseball Magazine Player Posters
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1916 Allied Heroes Mini Penants
2. 1916 Allied Heroes Mini Penants  (March 2005)
936 Visits
3 Images
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1928 Tharp's Ice Cream
3. 1928 Tharp's Ice Cream  (March 2005)
1539 Visits
9 Images
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1947 Tip Top Bread  Baseball
4. 1947 Tip Top Bread  Baseball  (March 2005)
One of the rarest modern regional issues.  I need about 40 cards to complete my set.  Please let me know if you have anything to sell or trade.  In this album I will include pics of notable stars.  All Dodger players are in the Dodgers Collectibles folder.
1985 Visits
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1948 Blue Tint R346
5. 1948 Blue Tint R346  (March 2005)
1009 Visits
3 Images
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1966 Topps Venezuela
6. 1966 Topps Venezuela  (March 2005)
A very rare set only available in Venezuela.  They look almost identical to the American issue, except for the bright Orange color on the back and lack of gloss on the front.  You will often find these cards glued into scrapbooks.  In fact, it is virtually impossible to find an mint example of these cards because of scrapbooks.
1816 Visits
8 Images
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7. Memorabilia  (March 2005)
Autographs, Figurines, Plates, etc.
2100 Visits
13 Images
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Misc. Rarities
8. Misc. Rarities  (March 2005)
Rare and unusual Baseball cards and other stuff.
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