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I will periodically post show pix here.  It's kind of hard to get pix since I'm usually in the ring & so is my son!!  I need a photographer to go along with me to take pix!  lol
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2012 Shows
1. 2012 Shows 
Shows we went to in 2012
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2011 Shows
2. 2011 Shows 
We managed to hit about 7 or 8 shows this year, mostly during the first half of the year.  Not a lot of pix, though.  I need a "personal" photographer to go with me to the shows!!
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2010 Shows
3. 2010 Shows 
Here are some pix from 2010.  Even though we went to 5 shows last year (from May to Oct) I don't have a lot of pix. Kind of hard to take pix when everyone is in the ring! :) I do have a FEW pix from this year, just need to get them downloaded.
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