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The Trump National Golf Club opened January 2006, designed by "The Donald" himself, according to his web site.  The course is open to the public, along the beautiful coast of Palos Verdes, CA, with green fees ranging from $375 prime time to $75 Sunset rate. Weekday afternoons are $165.

Trump claims intent to be better than Pebble Beach in Carmel, CA.  How's that for brass cajones?

Anyway, I drove by today and took a few photos of the course and surrounding territory.

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Date(s): June 23, 2008. Album by BB Yarborough. Photos by ©2008 B.B. Yarborough. 1 - 21 of 21 Total. 3456 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
IMG 0606
Looking NW from Palos Verdes Drive, clubhouse upper right.

Enlarge photo 2
IMG 0597
Driving range with a view.  The range is so long that only a Tiger Woods could drive the ball the whole distance.

Enlarge photo 3
IMG 5977
Close up of the driving range.

Enlarge photo 4
IMG 0602
Green belt between Palos Verdes Dr. and the golf course.

Enlarge photo 5
IMG 5980
Managing stress.

Enlarge photo 6
IMG 0600
Many beautiful homes on inland side of Palos Verdes Dr. enjoy magnificent views.

Enlarge photo 7
IMG 5993
Older home on very top, perhaps 50 years old, has bragging rights for best view.

Enlarge photo 8
IMG 5991
New home on PV Dr. will have view of the entire length of the course, looking NW.

Enlarge photo 9
IMG 5989
Telephoto lens finds young ladies preparing refreshments, probably for a tournament event about to start.

Enlarge photo 10
IMG 5987
The Clubhouse.

Enlarge photo 11
IMG 5983
Closeup of flag flying on clubhouse grounds.

Enlarge photo 12
IMG 5985
A lonely tee box, no doubt the black tees for single handicappers and professionals.  I couldn't even get a passport to visit the area.

Enlarge photo 13
IMG 5982
Hard to imagine ever getting tired of the views from these hillside homes.

Enlarge photo 14
IMG 5978
Further NW on the coast, in sight of the clubhouse, is a resort hotel under construction.  Rates to be announced, if you have to ask, you can't afford it.

Enlarge photo 15
IMG 0620
Another view of the course with the lonely tee box far center.

Enlarge photo 16
IMG 0618
Views, views, and  more views.  I'll take the circular deck on the right.

Enlarge photo 17
IMG 0614
Palos Verdes must have a very substantial tax base.

Enlarge photo 18
IMG 0612
Here is a good perspective of the 50 year old home with view from very top.

Enlarge photo 19
IMG 0609
Waterfall hole at SE end of course.

Enlarge photo 20
IMG 0608
A little wider view of course and clubhouse area.

Enlarge photo 21
IMG 0625
Coming home through Long Beach, I noticed that the 1928 Villa Rivera is now visible. The building had been draped for a couple of years for renovation.

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