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On a cloudy day, with 30% prediction of rain, visibility was good enough to capture a few views of the Long Beach and harbor area from atop Signal Hill.

I had hoped to shoot the Los Angeles skyline too, but to the north visibility was much more restrictive.

The enlargements come up original by default, 960 px wide.  If smaller size is desired, click either "medium" or "large" at bottom of enlargement for view to fit your screen.

Any questions, contact:  colbb06@gmail.com
Date(s): 12/20/07. Album by BB Yarborough. Photos by ©2007 B.B. Yarborough. 1 - 7 of 7 Total. 2237 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
Wide angle view looking southward on the left side of image, to a view west toward San Pedro on the right.

Residences on Signal Hill are fairly new, mostly upscale to very posh.

Enlarge photo 2
Looking directly to city of Long Beach.  Background shows many of the forest of heavy cranes in the Harbor.  Shadow of Santa Catalina Island can be seen across the image.

Enlarge photo 3
Slightly closer view of the city with harbor cranes in background.  White dome about 1/3 from left is old home of Howard Hugh's "Spruce Goose."

The Queen Mary can be partly seen (note orange smoke stack) in the center of the photo.

Enlarge photo 4
View just east of downtown area shows high rise condos along Ocean Ave.

Enlarge photo 5
Closer view looking toward Ocean Ave. shows one high rise, with ships anchored just out of the harbor waiting their turn to unload.  On the horizon are 3 off shore drilling rigs.

Enlarge photo 6
Another City of Long Beach view with harbor cranes and shadow outline of Santa Catalina.

Enlarge photo 7
Wider view of Long Beach, shot angle a bit more westerly on right side.

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