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Coronado, CA
San Diego, CA and Coronado, the island across the harbor from the city, are primarily Navy towns.  The weather and natural beauty of the area probably accounts for it also being a major tourist attraction.  In our short visit we hardly touched the surface of all the city has to offer, such as a world class zoo, dining, beach resorts, golf, etc., but hopefully these images will provide a sample of the huge appeal that invites visitors to the greater San Diego area.
Date(s): December 2003. Album by B.B. Yarborough. Photos by ©2003 BB Yarborough. 1 - 44 of 44 Total. 4050 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
To visit Coronado island you must now take the Coronado bridge which replaced the ferry several years ago.  Moveable 3rd lane to provide 3 lanes for morning and afternoon rush hour.

Enlarge photo 2
First we had to check out the view from our room, looking across the harbor to downtown San Diego.  Cloudy day, had rained earlier.

Enlarge photo 3
Longer view of the downtown skyline.

Enlarge photo 4
Always a changing scene with both private and Navy shipping passing by.

Enlarge photo 5
This Navy vessel appears to be flying the Texas flag, don't know why but being Texans it was  fine with us.

Enlarge photo 6
Second day arrived bright with sun and no prediction of rain.

Enlarge photo 7
Downtown San Diego has made a quantum change in appearance since I first arrived there in 1943 to enter Marine boot camp.  The fairly new convention center  on right at waterfront.

Enlarge photo 8
Downtown as seen in closer shot.

Enlarge photo 9
Full moon at night provides a different and dramatic view.

Enlarge photo 10
More night view.

Enlarge photo 11
Night view makes great backdrop for the cocktail hour in the room.

Enlarge photo 12
"Old Glory" greets us on gray morning at the Tall Ship show in San Diego.  Cruise ship in background not part of show.

Enlarge photo 13
Visitors to San Diego surprised to see the airport practically in downtown.

Enlarge photo 14
Visitors welcomed aboard the tall ship Europa.

Enlarge photo 15
It appears that the aircraft carrier at North Island Navy Base may be under attack.

Enlarge photo 16
Coronado Public golf course in lovely setting on the water and beneath the bridge on the island side.

Enlarge photo 17
Only one hole has water in play, so I did my duty and donated a ball to the magnetic water.  This course is like a cunning robber, it invites you in with a friendly smile and then mugs you.

Enlarge photo 18
Beach scene in front of the Hotel Del Coronado.  Navy carrier on the skyline.

Enlarge photo 19
The famous "Del" is probably the most well known landmark on the island.

Enlarge photo 20
Hotel Del Coronado close up.  Great dining, views, and an historical wood bar removed from a cruise ship many decades ago.

Enlarge photo 21
One wing of the "Del" with ocean view rooms, comes at a price.

Enlarge photo 22
The "Del" with Christmas season lighting.

Enlarge photo 23
Longer view of the hotel's Christmas lighting.

Enlarge photo 24
View of San Diego skyline angled slightly to the south.

Enlarge photo 25
Skyline view angled slightly to the North.  Taken from the old ferry landing on Coronado.

Enlarge photo 26
Two prior images stitched for pano view.  To view full size, click on "original" at bottom of enlargement and use scroll bars.

Enlarge photo 27
Late afternoon sky as the rainy day clears, taken at the Coronado Shores residental towers on the Silver Strand beach, Coronado.

Enlarge photo 28
A cropped version of the previous image.

Enlarge photo 29
Sky patterns in the late afternoon offer predictions of a spectacular sunset.

Enlarge photo 30
These last 15 images show the progression of the setting sun until the last rays color the sky before nightfall.

Enlarge photo 31
The thin strip of land on the skyline is Point Loma.  I still remember how beautiful it looked when I returned from WWII on a ship from China.  It took 30 days to cross.

Enlarge photo 32
The patterns and light change every few seconds.

Enlarge photo 33
The sun begins to paint a light pattern on the water, and runners enjoy the late day and flat beach running area.

Enlarge photo 34
Walkers can be seen on the beach and a small craft on the skyline.

Enlarge photo 35
As pretty as it is, one must not stare at the sun, even in this late stage of sunset.

Enlarge photo 36
Serenity off Point Loma.

Enlarge photo 37
Daylight doesn't want to give up without a fight.

Enlarge photo 38
A child with a clam bucket appears to enjoy the late day.

Enlarge photo 39
Makes me wish I was a painter.

Enlarge photo 40
The clouds appear to be ablaze.

Enlarge photo 41
Birds appear on the beach to search for food.  I don't know if they like clams too.

Enlarge photo 42
The day is going to end, like it or not.

Enlarge photo 43
The clouds darken and tell us it is almost night.

Enlarge photo 44
The last of the sunset on this day, December 7, 2003, Pearl Harbor Day, 62 years ago!

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