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Memories 2011 Master Folder
All photo albums for year 2011
Date(s): Jan 1, 2011 thru Dec 31, 2011. 1 - 59 of 59 Total. Shared
Member Spotlight 2011
1. Member Spotlight 2011  (January 2011 - December 2011)
Deserving chapter members may be nominated on a bi-monthly basis by their peers for the “Member  Spotlight” Award in recognition of their "above and beyond" chapter service.

Nominations with a brief justification should be e-mailed to the Chapter Director. Please note that members currently serving as a Primary or Discretionary Chapter Officer are not eligible for this award.

Nominations submitted to the Chapter Director will be reviewed by the CHOG Officers at their monthly meeting [see CHOG calendar] for the purpose of selecting the most deserving nominee. Awards will be presented on a bi-monthly basis or six (6) times per calendar year. Award recipients will be notified prior to the presentation for their attendance planning and photo opportunity purposes.

Chapter members are encouraged to recognize their peers through this special award process.
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Ms. Oinker's Album FOLDER
2. Ms. Oinker's Album FOLDER 
She's been around
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3. 2011 Year in Review  (Year 2011)
This is a collection of photos from the 2011 year's activities and was presented in a PowerPoint presentation  at the Chapter's Christmas Party... Enjoy and thanks to ALL those photographers over the year for sharing these Kodak moments...
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Tuesday Ride - On Q Smokehouse
4. Tuesday Ride - On Q Smokehouse  (Tuesday, December 20, 2011)
Tuesday Lunch Ride to the On Q Smokehouse Grill located in San Antonio... Nice weather day and fun by all in attendance... Great ride lead by Road Captain Gloria B.
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Chapter Meeting - Yearend Dec 2011
5. Chapter Meeting - Yearend Dec 2011  (Saturday, December 17, 2011)
Monthly chapter meeting held at Stormy Hill H-D... Being it was the yearend meeting [December], the incoming officers were welcomed with outgoing officers thanked for their service.
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EZ Ride and HOG Photo Shoot
6. EZ Ride and HOG Photo Shoot  (Saturday, December 17, 2011)
EZ Ride was dedicated to a special photo shoot by HOG to use pictures for 2012 State HOG Rally since LCHOG/CHOG are hosting the event. Excellent turnout by chapter members!

Photos were taken of riding group on CR455 and Sugarloaf Mountain. EZ Ride continues on to Hurricane Dockside for lunch...
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Tues Ride - Al's Landing
7. Tues Ride - Al's Landing  (December 13, 2011)
Tuesday FUN RIDE to Al's Landing for lunch located in Tavares at the new Marina and Seaplane Basin on beautiful Lake Dora!
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Christmas Light Ride 2011
8. Christmas Light Ride 2011  (Sunday, December 11, 2011)
Annual Chapter Christmas Light Ride to see all the visual joys of the Christmas Season... A great turnout by the chapter with early dinner at Oakwood and final stop for special holiday treats at Linda and Steve's home... Thanks Floyd A. for volunteering to lead ride and to Steve and Linda for their warm hospitality!!
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CHOG Christmas Party 2011
9. CHOG Christmas Party 2011  (Saturday, December 10th, 2011)
Annual CHOG Christmas Party! Held this year at the Valencia Room at the Citrus Tower..

A good time had by all with great dinner, music, fun, and games! We even had a RED SOLO CUP celebration...
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LCHOG Ride Off the Stuffing
10. LCHOG Ride Off the Stuffing  (Sunday, November 27, 2011)
Ride benefitting Haven of Lake & Sumter Counties. Ride started @ Lake County Shrine Club -Tavares and ended @ Gator HD - Leesburg.

Photos courtesy of Lenny at LCHOG and Steve C....
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Chapter Meeting 11-26-11
11. Chapter Meeting 11-26-11  (Satursday, November 26, 2011)
Monthly chapter meeting held at Stormy Hill H-D...
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Traveling HOG at Swamp House Grill
12. Traveling HOG at Swamp House Grill  (Sunday, November 20, 2011)
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CR-HOG Meet-n-Greet Sleepy Hollow
13. CR-HOG Meet-n-Greet Sleepy Hollow  (Saturday, November 19, 2011)
Anual Crystal River Meet and Greet Ride at Sleepy Hollow... Outstanding CHOG turnout w/ 39 in attendance and as a result - CHOG won the Chapter Challenge!!
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Sugar Mill Ride
14. Sugar Mill Ride  (Saturday, November 12, 2011)
A perfect weather riding day! Small group taken by Road Captains through the National Forest and other scenic routes along the way to DeLeon Springs Park...
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Salute to Veterans Ride
15. Salute to Veterans Ride  (Saturday, November 5th, 2011)
Clermont HOG joined the Salute to Veterans Ride in honor of all those military men and women who served have our country. Police escorted ride started from Stormy Hill HD and ended at Gator H-D.
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Tuesday Fun Ride
16. Tuesday Fun Ride  (Tuesday, November 1st, 2011)
Chapter's Tuesday Ride to Gator Joe's!
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Ghost Walk
17. Ghost Walk  (Saturday, October 29th, 2011)
Ghost Walk Event after chapter meeting...
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Monthly Chapter Meeting
18. Monthly Chapter Meeting  (Saturday, October 29th, 2011)
Monthly Chapter Meeting at Stormy Hill with special presentation of check to Hands and Hearts Breast Cancer Outreach from our 5th Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Ride.
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Florida State HOG Rally - Destin
19. Florida State HOG Rally - Destin  (October 18 - 23, 2011)
Road Trip to the FL State HOG Rally... Our chapter was well represented...
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Orlando HOG Keynote Ride - Russel Home
20. Orlando HOG Keynote Ride - Russel Home  (Sunday, October 9th, 2011)
A very rainy and stormy day, but for a GREAT CAUSE - the Russel Home! Thanks to those who braved the eather on 4-wheels in support of OHOG....
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Boston Fish House Ride
21. Boston Fish House Ride  (Sunday, October 2, 2011)
PERFECT riding weather for a trip to the east coast for lunch at the Boston Fish House in New Smyrna Beach! Good turnout and a great seafood lunch... Thanks to the Road Captains Andre, Glenn, and Geoff for an enjoyable and safe ride...
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Chapter Meeting 09-24-11
22. Chapter Meeting 09-24-11  (Saturday, September 24, 2011)
Monthly Chapter Business Meeting held at Stormy Hill H-D in Clermont...
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SCHOG Zoo Ride
23. SCHOG Zoo Ride  (Sunday, September 25, 2011)
Secondary keynote ride for SCHOG chapter benefitting the Sanford Zoo... Lunch at Swamp House Grille on the St. John's River... Great time, great cause, and great company!!
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The Cove Pub and Grub Ride
24. The Cove Pub and Grub Ride  (Sunday, September 18, 2011)
Scenic ride through the back roads to Inverness for lunch at the Cove... Great ride with friends and the infamous Love Bugs joining us along the way... Rain on the way back helped w/ the Love Bug removal.... Silver lining in every cloud!
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9-11 Memorial Lunch Ride
25. 9-11 Memorial Lunch Ride  (September 11, 2011)
Chapter ride starting w/ BBQ lunch and then on to Windermere Town Hall to be a part of the Boy Scout Troop 6 and the Town of Windermere's 9-11 Memorial Service 2011 - Ten Years of Remembrance.

The 9-11 Memorial was dedicated last year and won National Honors as an Eagle Scout Project of a young patriot named Jeff Cox.
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Cousin Vinnie's Chicken Wings Ride
26. Cousin Vinnie's Chicken Wings Ride  (Sunday, August 28, 2011)
A Sunday chapter ride to Cousin Vinnie's in Leesburg for some great wings and other menu items... Great place, great friends, and great ride - Thanks Road Captains!!
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Chapter Meeting 08-27-11
27. Chapter Meeting 08-27-11  (Saturday, August 27, 2011)
Monthly CHOG Chapter Meeting held at Stormy Hill H-D.
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Hurricane Dockside Ride
28. Hurricane Dockside Ride  (Sunday, August 21, 2011)
Sunday ride to Hurricane Dockside [formerly JJ Finns] located in Tavares... Great ride, friends, and food!
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Chapter Summer Picnic
29. Chapter Summer Picnic  (Saturday, August 13, 2011)
Summer Chapter BBQ Picnic held at Theme World in Davenport. Chapter supplied main course [pulled pork and chicken] and members  brought the side dishes... Great food, fun, and friendships... Thanks to all who participated and brought their pot luck and to Andrea T. for providing the facilites at Theme World again! Finished off w/ a dinner at Manny's!!
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EZ Ride and Chapter Meeting 07/30/11
30. EZ Ride and Chapter Meeting 07/30/11  (Saturday, July 30, 2011)
Monthly EZ Ride and chapter business meeting held at Stormy Hill H-D in Clermont. While on the ride, the group stopped at Gator H-D's Anniversary Party!
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Scavenger Hunt Ride
31. Scavenger Hunt Ride  (Sunday, July 24, 2011)
Pictures of the Scavenger Hunt ride on Sunday! Lots of fun and a light lunch at Janet & Andre's to cool off.
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Char's Hot Dog Ride
32. Char's Hot Dog Ride  (Saturday, July 23, 2011)
Pictures of the Char’s Hot Dog ride on Saturday! Nice hot day for a ride in Lake County back roads and then a great place to cool off over lunch...
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Traveling HOG
33. Traveling HOG  (Saturday, July 16, 2011)
Traveling HOG held at Lake Mary Jax 5th Avenue... HOT day for sure!
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Mason Jar Breakfast Ride
34. Mason Jar Breakfast Ride  (Sunday, July 3rd, 2011)
Morning ride to the Mason Jar in Umatilla for breakfast...
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Million Mile Monday
35. Million Mile Monday  (Monday, June 27, 2011)
Harley-Davidson HOG's Million Mile Monday Event... Braved by a small group of weather-ready riders! A beautiful ride through the countryside making our way to north Alachua County to fest at Brown's Buffet... Thanks to our Road Captains and SHHD for the breakfast and dinner hospitalities!
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Chapter Meeting and Hospice Check
36. Chapter Meeting and Hospice Check   (Saturday, June 25th, 2011)
Monthly Chapter Meeting and special presentation of Ride for Angels CHECK to Mike Conley Hospice House in the amount of $26,214! Brings our 8th Annual running total to $151,000... CONGRATS CHOG for an outstanding FINAL TALLY!
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Hospice Plaque Ride [EZ Ride]
37. Hospice Plaque Ride [EZ Ride]  (Saturday, June 25, 2011)
Small group with a great start over breakfast at Redwing!

Appreciation Plaques presented to Red Wing, AA Gas Station, and Lake County Welcome Center in recognition of these ride stops during our 8th Annual Hospice Ride for Angels.
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Grumpy 'Ole Men Ride - Father's Day
38. Grumpy 'Ole Men Ride - Father's Day  (Sunday, June 19, 2011)
The chapter's annual Grumpy 'Ole Men Ride to celebrate Father's Day! Nice lazy [HOT] ride thruough countryside to the Eagle's Nest in Bushnell. Fun by ALL and a great buffet lunch! Thanks to our RC's Andre B., Steve C., and Joe C.

Happy Father's Day to ALL our chapter dads!!
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Frank's Place Dinner Ride
39. Frank's Place Dinner Ride  (Saturday, June 11, 2011)
Chapter Dinner Ride to Frank's Place in Ocoee... Friends and food always a good mix!! Fun by all who attended...
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Hospice 2011
40. Hospice 2011  (June 5, 2011)
There is no description of the wonderful turnout for our Hospice event. I can't find the words. thanks to all who helped, a great job again.

222 Bikes signed in with 288 riders...
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9th Anniversary of Stormy Hill H.D.
41. 9th Anniversary of Stormy Hill H.D.  (June 4 2011)
A great celebration at the shop, good food, great band, and some nice people to celebrate with!
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Tuesday Ride
42. Tuesday Ride  (May 31, 2011)
Tuesday Group Ride....
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LOH Egg Hunt Ride
43. LOH Egg Hunt Ride  (Saturday, April 23, 2011)
Progressive Easter Egg Treat Ride! Many thanks to the chapter members who opened their homes for this FUN event. Great time had by all...
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Gas Station Ride-2-Eat
44. Gas Station Ride-2-Eat 
An intersting and fun ride throughout the area visiting gas stations that serve food.. A little here and a little more there - sort of like a PROGRESSIVE Dinner!
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4th Annual Memorial Ride
45. 4th Annual Memorial Ride  (May 21st, 2011)
4th Annual Memorial Ride from Stormy Hill – Bushnell Cemetery – Gator Harley in honor of our military fallen.
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Hospice Car Wash - Minneola Auto Lube
46. Hospice Car Wash - Minneola Auto Lube  (Saturday, May 7th, 2011)
CHOG Annual Hospice Car Wash was held at Minneola Auto Lube and Car Wash Center... Love Bugs love bugs love bugs! Fun had by all volunteers who attended so thanks to all and those chapter members who brought their 4-wheels in for a washing... Just shy of $400 mark!
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April meeting
47. April meeting  (April=-30-2011)
fun meeting, then eat at san jose mexican restaurant. Hospice comming soon, make plans to assist.
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HOG Officers Training [HOT]
48. HOG Officers Training [HOT] 
Seven [7] CHOG Officers attended HOT held this year in Jacksonville... Very informative and outstanding networking with many other attending officers... Photos represent the FUN side as photos are not allowed in the classroom activities during the day!
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March Meeting
49. March Meeting  (mar/ 26/ 2011)
Monthly meeting with many events comming up and HELP needed. Leesburg Bike fest, ETC> Hospice, our great event every year. ticket sales for scooter, see hedgehog or Dennis the menice
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New Year's Day RIDE
50. New Year's Day RIDE  (January 1, 2011)
Happy New Year ride to Quarter Deck and a nice day for a ride.
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Traveling HOG - Lake County
51. Traveling HOG - Lake County  (Sunday, January 16, 2011)
What a GREAT RALLY of CHOG members - 47 in total for the Traveling HOG Ride to Lake County Shriners located in Tavares. Thanks to all for the OUTSTANDING show of CHOG spirit!! Special thanks to our Road Captains for a safe and fun ride for so many...
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Chapter Meeting
52. Chapter Meeting  (Saturday, January 29th, 2011)
Monthly Chapter Meeting... Great attendance by chapter members - KUDOS! Thanks Jim H. for covering for Flash in his stead...
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Scenic Ride
53. Scenic Ride  (Saturday, February 12, 2011)
Crisp cool morning for our lazy scenic ride! Fun by all who braved the weather temp! Thanks for the pics Steve C.
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SCHOG Valentine Run
54. SCHOG Valentine Run  (Sunday, February 13, 2011)
Cool start to the morning, but warmed up quickly! Seminole County HOG Valentine's Run - Keynote Ride - benefitting Shriners Burn Unit... Thanks for the pics Steve C.
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Crystal River Keynote Ride
55. Crystal River Keynote Ride  (Saturday, February 19, 2011)
5th Annual Crystal River Poker Run [KEYNOTE RIDE] benefitting Big Brothers - Big Sisters, K9-832, and various other charities... Our Chapter mustered 19 bikes + 1 on 4-wheels for a beautiful morning ride through the country as the Gallery Photos will prove. The group ride took us through Floral City and the famous Stagecoach Trail to Crystal River H-D. Ride ended at Spleepy Hollow for the infamous $5 steak dinner w/ music and fun for all... Some of our group headed to Peck's Seafood in Ozella for a sea faring dinner... Thanks Bob M. and all the other RC's that helped navigate a safe and fun ride...
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Chapter Meeting & Lobster Pot Ride
56. Chapter Meeting & Lobster Pot Ride  (February 26, 2011)
February chapter meeting, fun day with early Bike Week Bash by Stormy Hill H-D on Saturday. Sunday ride to Lobster Pot in Deland. Good food!!
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Lake Harris Hideaway [Plan C]
57. Lake Harris Hideaway [Plan C]  (Sunday, March 13, 2011)
Ride was supposed to be to Chars Hot Dog stand in Groveland, but they’re closed on Sundays??  Plan B was to go to Ramshackle’s and then changed to Lake Harris Pub.  Either way - it was a GREAT ride Lead by Cowboy Bill………..Weather was great - food and friends were even better!!
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Gainesville HOG Keynote Ride
58. Gainesville HOG Keynote Ride  (Saturday, March 19, 2011)
Chapter ride to Gainesville HOG Keynote in recognition and support of New Member Group to the inter-Chapter Harley Owners Group.
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Traveling HOG Ride
59. Traveling HOG Ride  (Sunday, March 27th, 2011)
Traveling HOG [Mr. Bacon] Ride hosted by Seminole HOG Chapter. Held at Jax 5th Avenue in Lake Mary with 20 bikes mustered by CHOG chapter. Beautiful day to ride and thanks to Mike "Pokey" Bates as our Lead Road Captain and the other RC's who assisted... Congrats go out to New Smyrna HOG Chapter for winning the HOG and to Daytona HOG for taking the Chapter Challenge.
Clermont came in 4th overall...
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