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Welcome to Gerard and Monica´s website of pictures of our family´s travels on our Camper and Nicholson 35, "Clarabella". We left the UK in July 2005 and arrived in New Zealand in November 2007 having sailed 16,864 nautical miles.

CURRENT POSITION: Currently (as at April '08) we´re in Christchurch, New Zealand, and Clarabella is up in Auckland. We are now settling back into a land-based lifestyle and I'll be updating this website with more pictures in the coming weeks. (click here to see our position on a map).

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Gib to Tenerife
46. Gib to Tenerife  (Novemeber 2005)
6 days at sea took us from Gib to Tenerife, with weather from flat calm to a two-day gale from astern.  Some great sailing, and our confidence in the boat has grown hugely.
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In Gibraltar
47. In Gibraltar  (October 2005)
A few photos of Gib
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A weekend in Morocco
48. A weekend in Morocco  (October 2005)
The Rally fleet sailed to Smir, 30 miles away, in Morocco for an overnight stay.  There we were met by a camel outside customs clearance (!).  Later a coach trip left for the old 'medina' or walled market in Tetouan, a city of 600,000 people; what a fantastic place!  Supper was taken in the medina after a long walking tour.

The following day the fleet had a great sail to windward in a force 6 back to Gib, a superb way to clear the cobwebs!
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Spain and Portugal then to Gibraltar
49. Spain and Portugal then to Gibraltar  (August and September 2005)
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England to Spain
50. England to Spain  (July and August 2005)
The first gallery of pictures from our trip starting in Bristol and taking us to Spain so far.
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Video Clips
51. Video Clips  (October 16, 2005)
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Family photos
52. Family photos 
Family photos
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Current Position
53. Current Position 
This is where we are now!
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