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The new property
where we are moving to... we hope.  It's 20 acres 10 being cleared, 10 still in native woods. Plenty of deer, turkeys cranes, and a private lake across the road.  We are looking forward to building a log home in a few years, then having Mom and Dad move into the trailer.  MJ wants to raise Alpacs, and the Decker Rat Terriers, and I will do a huge garden, some chickens, a couple of hogs a year for our own use.  MJ wants me to build another pond, this time I think I will rent a backhoe!!!  We are thinking of nameing the place "Clark's Oasis."  What do you think?
Date(s): August 24, 2006. Album by Dan Clark. Photos by Dan Clark. 1 - 24 of 48 Total. 3157 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
Winter 2008

Enlarge photo 2
The snow pile I scooped out of the yard...  and it's still falling!!!

Enlarge photo 3
It's almost up to the hand rail of the porch!

Enlarge photo 4
Will it ever quit snowing?????

Enlarge photo 5
Spring can't get here fast enough!

Enlarge photo 6
The driveway...on one of the few days you can actually see it!

Enlarge photo 7

Enlarge photo 8
What Orla and Mairead do while I'm tossing snow about...

Enlarge photo 9
part of the front yard

Enlarge photo 10
View from the front porch, prime deer watching area.  Can you say "porch hunting?"

Enlarge photo 11
Both sides are mowed now and look great.  We only mowed for the most part where Mike had mowed before.  This will keep the wild flowers coming back and give the turkeys cover.

Enlarge photo 12
I'm trying to talk MJ into planting some pine trees for a windbreak along the north and west sides of the house, I'm afraid it will be cold winters till then.

Enlarge photo 13
small storage shed, looking north.

Enlarge photo 14
All mowed now, and I put up a fence for the "kids".

Enlarge photo 15
As you can see we have a ton of wild flowers all over the property.  They are loaded with butterflies all day long, along with humming birds.

Enlarge photo 16
from the bottom of the driveway

Enlarge photo 17
This is all mowed now, and while mowing I found a wild rose plant growing, so I left it alone.

Enlarge photo 18
another view from the house

Enlarge photo 19
This area is all mowed and looks 100% better.  BTW after mowing around the house area 3 times to get it all, I told MJ,"We need a bigger mower!!!"  We went out the next day and bought a riding mower with a 38" cut!!

Enlarge photo 20
View from the front porch.  I stained most of the deck last weekend.  Hope to get it finished up after I get back from Nebraska.

Enlarge photo 21
front porch looking towards the road

Enlarge photo 22
Now don't MJ just have that "country girl" look to her already?  I must be rubbing off on her.

Enlarge photo 23
Here is Mike And Linda Rose (we bought the place from them) trying to get out of the picture, they didn't make it.  We moved the small couch to the far wall and put two book cases on either side of it.  The big couch is across from the sliding glass doors looking out the front porch.  P.S. Thanks Mike and Linda, we love the place!  Stop by for coffee any time!!

Enlarge photo 24
looking out the back door

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