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Hunting with Deckers
We are very proud to represent War Paint Kennels which is a hunting lodge in Georgia owned and operated by Jerry and Brock Parker, Brian Quaca (Pigman) a professional hunter in Texas who airs Pigman: The Series on the Sportsman channel and Terry Ratliff, owner of Bayed Solid Magazine and professional hunter in Alabama.

We are looking forward to hearing their stories of hunting with our dogs and hope to share many photos for years to come.

Thank you all for endorsing our kennel and having confidence in our dogs!
Album by Dan Clark. Photos by Dan Clark. 1 - 17 of 17 Total. 2932 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
This possum made the fatal mistake of getting too close to Peigi and Jaida's run!

Enlarge photo 2
They tried to swiss cheese it through the fence.

Enlarge photo 3
After I chucked it over the fence, they made short order of the possum.

Enlarge photo 4
Duncan still wants to tear into that coon!

Enlarge photo 5
Hang in there Duncan just a few more pic's!

Enlarge photo 6
"Did I do good last night Daddy?"
"Yes you were a GOOD BOY"!!!

Enlarge photo 7
Photo by Kimmy Seegmiller. Duncan sure reminds me of "Mr. Big"!!! To us he is one of a kind! Here he is one year and two days old. June 17th 2007.

Enlarge photo 8
"It's dead now, right Dad"?

Enlarge photo 9
Mairead got her first lesson about 'chucks this morning, they bite!  She is fine, never even broke the skin.

Enlarge photo 10
Photo by Kimmy Seegmiller. June 17th 2007.
Kimmy, bring the family up anytime, we will all go fishing again!!! But you may want to bring your own pole this time!!!  LOL

Enlarge photo 11
Photo by Kimmy Seegmiller. Duncan is starting to fill out. We think he has THE classic Decker look. We are so very proud of him.

Enlarge photo 12
"Man, that was a LONG day, and night, Dad!!!"

Enlarge photo 13
Orla, the Great White Hunter.  This is her first sniff of prey.

Enlarge photo 14
She is VERY interested!!!!

Enlarge photo 15
Take a good whiff Orla, before long you will be taking these big boys DOWN!!!!!

Enlarge photo 16
This coon skipped the class "Never EVER climb onto the front porch of a house full of DECKERS!!!!!!"

Enlarge photo 17
Coon at the top and wood chuck on the bottom.  Both made fatal mistakes!

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