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We are located 70 miles North of Tampa, FL on the West Coast, near Crystal River.

We have  to many Rat Terriers, a golden retriever , 1 Siamese cat and one Arabian horse.  

Both Jerry, and I have been breeding dogs for many years.  Jerry bred Collies, and I bred Dobermans, and Cocker Spaniels.  But that was long before we fell in love with the comical little Rat Terriers. 

Now they are our life.

We're proudly listed as one of the

Pups are registered UKCI. 

Our puppies are raised in the house with us.  Pups are up to date on worming, shots and are well socialized with people, other dogs and cats.

If you think one of our babies would fit into your home, and heart, you can contact us at cjkennel@earthlink.net or call at 352-621-3110

  Paypal is also available for payment.  


Rat Terrier - check out our Rat Terrier information, read reviews, view photos and ask questions.

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1. C J KENNELS RAT TERRIERS  (November 19, 2003)
Hi, we enjoy our dogs and like to have fun with them. They all swim, some because we put them in and make sure they know how to get out of pool if they fall in and some love to swim as much or more than we do. You can contact us by e-mail at cjkennel@earthlink.net. Call us at 352-621-3110 We are located 70 miles North of Tampa, FL on the West Coast, near Cyrstal River. PLEASE CLICK ON PICTURES TO OPEN ALBUMN'S AND SEE LOTS MORE PICTURES.
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Our dogs at play
2. Our dogs at play  (July 27, 2003)
Some pictures of our dogs and their daily lives and the fun they have playing together as one big family.  It amazes some people to see all 12 and Buddy, our Golden Retreiver mix and Andy, My mother's weinner dog all play together.
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3. PUPPIES FOR SALE  (August 7, 2007)
Our puppies are raised in the house with us, mothers are in the house for pregenancy and delivery.  All dogs take turns in the house. Make sure you click "SHOW ALL" to see all the pups.
Pups are up to date on worming, shots and are well socialized with people, other dogs and cats.  PLEASE SEE INDIVIDUAL LITTER FOLDERS FOR PUPPY PICTURES OF PUPPIES FOR SALE.  
Paypal is available for payment. Contact us at cjkennel@earthlink.net or call at 352-621-3110.
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Rusty and Jack
4. Rusty and Jack  (8-17-2015)
Rusty is a red/white, her grandfather is chocolate.  Jack is a chocolate sable and both are 10-13lb size so pups should be mini.  Due around August 17th.
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Noel and Lil Man
5. Noel and Lil Man  (Sept 2, 2015)
Noel is a 6lb tan sable bred to a 3 lb dark chocolate and had three girls 8-30-2015. These will be toy/toy pups.

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6. Pearl-Checkers  (Sept 2, 2015)
Pearl is a toy female bred to a black bi 5.5lb black bi male, Checkers  Pups will be small.
9-1-15 Pearl had three babies, two black tri females and a black bi male.  They should be small, under 10 lbs most likely.  MAKE SURE YOU CLICK ON SHOW ALL TO SEE THE PICTURES.
Tails and dew claws done and up to date on shots.  Fl health cert, wormed and pre spoilt.
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7. ADULTS FOR PLACEMENT  (May 5, 2004)
These are dogs who are all our pets and live in the house in turn, for one reason or another are ready to go to a loving, forever home.  They will be neutered, up to date on shots and have a heartworm test and be on meds.  All are crate trained.
We will work on housebreaking or refressher course as needed as all our pups are raised in house and  house broken as pups.  There is an adoption fee to help with cost of nutering that is negoiable.
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Our Females
8. Our Females  (June 7, 2006)
Females here are the backbone of our breeding program.  They live in the house when in heat, pregnant and nursing babies and some live in the house all the time, and sleep in our bed.  Sassy our first rat and the one to get us into this.  Minnie is a great granddaughter and she sleeps in bed with us and when Lances' broken shoulder is healed he will sleep with us too.   We also have Buddy the golden and Andy my late mothers dog in bed with us.
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Our Males
9. Our Males  (June 7, 2006)
Chipper is a high red chocolate mini
Checkers is a black bi who is a a toy
Elvis is a Lance-Freckles blue son mini
Cadbury is a Nora-Steadman son mini
Glen-chocolate standard out of Gypsy  Tristan
Brian is a black tri Lacey Belle-Cadbury
Lil Bit is a chocolate tot 4.5 lbs
Jack is a chocolate out of Nora and Chipper
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Our Goldens
10. Our Goldens  (5-26-15)
Buddy, our first golden showed  up here one day, at about 1 year of age,  45 lbs and beat  up.  He stayed until he was old and had to be put down.  Before then, we got Ruby, a ruby red golden who Buddy loved.  Finally bred Ruby to Snowy, an english cream and had 9 babies.  Kept Bee Gee who was 1 in January.  Recently got Buddy 2, a dark male who is getting redder like his daddy and is going to be a big boy like his 100lb daddy.  All sweet and love the RT's  and us.
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Puppies of the past
11. Puppies of the past  (July 27, 2003)
Puppies we have produced in past litters
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12. IN MEMORY  (February 25, 2005)
Mom was the puppy holder.  She passed the 5th of June, 2006.  Her beloved Andy, the weinner dog passed in December to join her. These are special dogs from our past who have crossed over the rainbow bridge.  We will always love you and never forget you.  Give Lynn and Mom  some kisses for me and tell them I love and miss them too. Mom/Grama
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Dogs of the Past
13. Dogs of the Past  (January 5, 2011)
Dogs here are still here as pets or have gone to forever homes.  Some have gone over the rainbow bridge, but all were loved.
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Other pets here
14. Other pets here  (April 12, 2004)
We also have two siamese cats and a 7/8 arabian mare who is great granddaughter of Cassie Ole, the "Black Stallion" in the movie.  She thinks she is a large Rat Terrier, along with the squirrls, turtles and birds.  And lets not forget our boy Buddy, who thinks he is also a 12 lb Rat Terrier and jumps in your lap like he only weights 10 lbs instead of 60.  But he is a good watch dog and great with all the other animals.
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about us
15. about us  (June 18, 2003)
We are living in central FL on 5 acres.  We have 12 Rat Terriers, a golden retreiver mix, 3 siamese cats and two arabian horses.  We had both bred other breeds, Jerry Collies and I had bred Cocker Spaniels and later Dobermans.  We started buying one little Rat, Sassy, then Lance and here we are with 11 breeding dogs and a wonderful female we bred that was returned as her little master was alergic to dogs.  We can be contacted at 352-621-3110 and our e-mail is cjkennel@earthlink.net or Carol34446@Yahoo.com
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