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 Pat Kennedy, C.P.T. & Prof. Member IACP | Home  
Calico Run Kennel
Welcome to Calico Run Kennel. We sit deep in the heart of Texas just a bit north of Austin in Georgetown, Texas. We began breeding these awesome little dogs in 1999 and believe this to be the most tremendous breed on the planet! Excellent conformation, temperment and a wide variety of color is what we strive to produce.  Our dogs are UKCI, UKC and AKC-FSS  registered. Our ratties make up a large part of who we are.


   Calico Run Kennel has teamed up with our new focus - Obey and Beyond Dog Training. Pat is now a Master Certified Professional Trainer. The future breeding plans for Calico Run Kennel have ended as of 2011.
   So many thanks to all of you who have brought a Calico Run puppy into your homes over the years as a new family member. And thanks for stopping by our site. Enjoy your visit. To contact us you can either email to cobbette@suddenlink.net,patkennedycpt@suddenlink.net OR Call 512-930-1042 cell 512-293-4038 (Cell number is BEST)

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Erik the Red
1. Erik the Red 
Erik was born here at Calico Run in June 2002. Due to his unique coloring at birth and beyond, a new color was accepted in the Rat Terrier breed by Universal Kennel Club International.
That color is Red Fawn.

Erik left me suddenly in February 2004. At 14 1/2 lbs. with a temperment and conformation to match his beautiful color, Erik was the love of my life. He is missed beyond words.
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Calico Run's Leif Erik's Son
2. Calico Run's Leif Erik's Son  (June 6, 2006)
Leif crossed over the Rainbow Bridge in March 2013. At 14 1/2 pounds, Leif was a high energy and very happy boy.  He was out of Erik's last litter - born February 29, 2004 - and showed himself to carry those wonderful "Erik" genes. See his offspring Scarlett O'Terror (now over the Rainbow Bridge)and UKC CH Calico Run's Chuck Norris in other albums on the home page. Leif was OFA Certified "Normal" for patellas and "CLEAR" for PLL.

As a pup, Leif was always jumping from the arm of a lawn chair to an outside table.  Keeping him on the ground was quite a task.

Happy, loving, adventurous, and varmint dog extraordinaire, Leif was joy in motion.

Albums #8, #9, #10 and #11 show what Leif produced with Gretchen (Album #3)!  Wonderful babies - ALL of them! Thank you, Leif!!! We will miss you . . .
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UKC CH Calico Run's Fetchin' Gretchen
3. UKC CH Calico Run's Fetchin' Gretchen   (January 10, 2007)
Although Gretchen is now retired, she has had a stellar career both in the show ring and in producing phenomenal pups.

Gretchen earned her championship March 19, 2006 at Hutto TX!!! One month later, Gretchen earned two legs toward her Grand Championship in Denton TX on April 22, 2006 as well as Best in Breed at Show I! So proud of her!!

Gretchen was born here at Calico Run and was the only female out of a litter of six born August 20, 2004.

Wonderful temperment and tremendous conformation,  Gretchen is 14 1/2 pounds and is OFA certified "normal" for patellas,  elbows,and cardiac and "good" for hips.

Gretchen attended her first show in Norman OK in March '05 and then went on to Gainesville TX in April '05. 2 Best Female Variety and Reserve Best Female.

In September '05, Gretchen won her first major toward her Championship at Terrell TX. March '06 Gretchen won her 2nd and 3rd Majors in Hutto TX making her a UKC Champion! Thank you to Judges J.D. McNutt and James Heinz.

April 22, 2006, Gretchen earned the First leg toward her Grand Championship at Denton TX under Judge Lisa Enriquez. She also won Best of Breed in the same show. Same day, Show 2, Gretchen won her Second leg toward her Grand Championship under Judge Butch Bennett. On September 16, 2006, Gretchen earned the Third leg toward her Grand Championship. One more leg earned in 2012.  But at eight years old, we've decided to just let her be a super dog! We're so proud of her.

Gretchen is an absolute dream, and she has blessed me with four beautiful babies in January 2007. She - along with my Leif - has blessed me continually with more little delights (See see other albums).  They have all been everything and more than could have been hoped for!
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UKC CH Calico Run's Hurricane Mitch
4. UKC CH Calico Run's Hurricane Mitch   (March 5, 2009)
Here is the Hurricane!  Born January 12, 2007 out of UKC CH Calico Run's Fetchin' Gretchen by GRCH KND's Blue Cyclone at Lone Oak, Mitch is a real head turner. Nearly 17 pounds of charcoal blue/white/tan tuxedo rattitude. And those white front legs make him look like he's dancing!

Mitch earned his UKC Conformation Championship in August 2010. So proud of him!

Let's just say I LOVE this guy~
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UKC GRAND CH Calico Run's Claire Skies
5. UKC GRAND CH Calico Run's Claire Skies  (March 21, 2007)
Sweet faced, diminuative, delicate in appearance --- do NOT be deceived!  This little white/apricot piebald lady ~ born January 12, 2007 out of UKC CH Calico Run's Fetchin' Gretchen by GRCH KND's Blue Cyclone @ Lone Oak ~ is certain that her proper place in existence is to be  the center of the Universe!  Watching her antics, it's hard to not believe it right along with her.

Claire earned her UKC Conformation Championship in July 2010 and earned the first two legs toward her Grand Championship in September 2010. Two more legs were earned in spring/summer 2011. Final leg earned one year later.  Such a delight!

With bloodlines to die for and carrying virtually every color available in the Rat Terrier breed, Claire is making her special mark in the world!
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UKC CH Calico Run's Chuck Norris
6. UKC CH Calico Run's Chuck Norris  (August 26, 2009)
Chuck was born as part of Gretchen and Leif's 5/29/09 litter and is what I consider a miracle baby. In the folder for the 5/29/09 litter, you will find an album devoted to Chuck showing his earliest days, which were tenuous at best.

A more amazing miracle is that Chuck earned his UKC conformation Championship in September 2010!  His red sable tuxedo coat is unbelieveabley rich. And what a happy fellow!  

The photos in albums #2 and #3 will take you from Chuck at 4 weeks old to 12 weeks.

Enjoy the progression of this awesome little guy! Watching Chuck grow has been an awe inspiring delight.
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Rat Terrier Puppies
7. Rat Terrier Puppies  (January 12, 2007)
On January 12, 2007, UKC CH Calico Run's Fetchin' Gretchen gave birth to FOUR beautiful Puppies out by 5 time Best in Show winner, multiple Best of Breed winner UKC GRCH and UCI International Champion KnD's Blue Cyclone at Lone Oak.  Many Thanks to John Chance of Lone Oak Kennel for his assistance in creating this gorgeous litter.

Take a peek inside this album to see mom, dad and little ones.  2 males and 2 females.

Two (Mitch - Album #4 - and Claire - Album #5) have stayed here at Calico Run and the other two have gone to Lone Oak Kennel.

These babies are rattie all the way to the bone. Exquisite color can't hide the Rat Terrier hunter instinct in these little ones. It just makes the viewing experience more delightful to watch!
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Rat Terrier Puppies are Here
8. Rat Terrier Puppies are Here  (December 30, 2007)
Born 12/30/07, UKC CH CALICO RUN'S FETCHIN' GRETCHEN and CALICO RUN'S LEIF ERIK'S SON presented us with Four little Christmas/New Year packages, and we were absolutely delighted!!

A high red chocolate/white male, a gorgeous blue tri tuxedo female, a blue fawn/white piebald female with fantastic rattitude and a liver chocolate/white tri girl with markings to die for!
All of these babies have found their forever homes, but they are so lovely to look at I chose to leave up their album.

Enjoy the view!
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New Rat Terrier babies are here!
9. New Rat Terrier babies are here!  (May 29, 2009)
Gretchen gave birth 5-29-09 to FIVE beautiful babies, thanks to daddy Leif. This initial album contains newborn photos.

2 pearl tri tuxedo males SOLD
1 chocolate tri piebald female SOLD
1 black/white tri piebald female SOLD
1 red sable tuxedo male (preemie) NFS

We've never had a "runt" in a litter, but we sure do this time. The little red sable fellow is a preemie, so he was supplemented round the clock as he was Very small (2.4 ozs. at birth) and underdeveloped. But what a fighter! He has his own album on my home page so you can watch the progression of what I call nothing less than a miracle.

His name: UKC CH Calico Run's CHUCK NORRIS.

Enjoy the photos of all of these gorgeous little ones.
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Rat Terrier pups 12-17-09
10. Rat Terrier pups 12-17-09  (December 18, 2009)
In mid-October, Gretchen came into season at which time we separated her from Leif to avoid a breeding. Unknown to us, Gretchen had a "silent" heat - a heat with no visible signs - the week prior and became pregnant by Leif during that time.

On the evening of December 17, 2009, Gretchen blessed us with three beautiful baby boys.

   One Pearl fawn/white tuxedo male
   One Blue Fawn/white tuxedo male
         (both are RARE colors in this pattern)
   One Chocolate Sable/white blanket back male

Puppy #1 Blue Fawn/white tuxedo male SOLD.
        #2 Chocolate sable/white blanket back male SOLD
        #3 Pearl Fawn/white tuxedo male SOLD.
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Rat Terrier Puppies Arrived!
11. Rat Terrier Puppies Arrived!  (December 25, 2010)
Mid-day on Christmas Day, Gretchen gave birth to 4 beautiful babies. She is such a great momma and throws show quality babies, we decided to allow her another litter.

1 pearl tri blanket back female - SOLD
1 chocolate sable/white female -SOLD
1 pearl tri piebald male - SOLD                 
1 blue fawn/tan/white male - SOLD

All of these babies have found their forever homes. Their photos remain here for your viewing pleasure. ENJOY!
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Rat Terrier pups are here July 16, 2011
12. Rat Terrier pups are here July 16, 2011  (July 17, 2011)
Over the last couple of years, it had been suggested to us that we do a breeding between our UKC CH Gretchen and UKC CH Mitch.  This being Gretchen's last year to produce her exceptional Rat Terrier babies, it was now or never to do that cross. We are delighted with the results!

Four Lovely Little ones born July 16, 2011:

pearl/tan/white tuxedo female - SOLD
pearl/tan/white saddleback female - SOLD
liver chocolate/tan/white piebald male - SOLD
charcoal blue/tan/white tuxedo male - SOLD

As of now, this will be Calico Run Kennel's last litter.
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Maggie  1/14/97 - 1/23/09
13. Maggie  1/14/97 - 1/23/09  (January 23, 2009)
Our little Maggie went over the Rainbow Bridge about 3:30 p.m. on January 23, 2009. She was in the arms of her beloved "papa" when she left us.

Registered name Margaret Thatcher, Maggie was the first Rat Terrier to take over our house and was the undisputed queen bee at the Kennedy household. She owned the man of the house and slept under his arm since the day he brought her home. Maggie  had no pedigree but to look at her and the puppies she produced, it is obvious someone forgot to write something down!

Maggie was a shimmering black/white/tri saddleback Type A who weighed in at 12 1/2 pounds and carried all of the admirable traits of a Rat Terrier. Extremely alert, quick, and hunter extraordinaire.  She taught the others about squirrels, rats, mice, possum, snakes and respect for their elders! And she showed them how to get the job done.

She will be sorely missed.
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Calico Run's Scarlett O'Terror
14. Calico Run's Scarlett O'Terror  (July 23, 2007)
Scarlett passed over the Rainbow Bridge July 23, 2007.

Scarlett was the awesome product of Maggie and Leif. Born August 20, 2005 as an "only child", Scarlett showed herself to be more than capable of taking on the world all by herself!

A blue fawn baby with "rattitude", conformation, color and spunk to spare. As the last baby out of Maggie who is now retired, Scarlett stayed here at Calico Run.  We were blessed to have this delightful little "terror" as long as the good Lord intended.

Scarlett and her grand daddy, Erik, are romping together on the other side. We thank the Lord for giving this little girl to us for the time we were blessed to have her.
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15. RAT TERRIER FUN PHOTOS  (April 15, 2005)
So many photos I need to post in this Fun Photo album!  I'll start with just a couple or so.
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