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My Vietnam Experience - Navy Seabees
My time with the US Navy's Mobile Construction Battalion 4 (MCB-4) and my deployments to Vietnam - Chu Lai, 1966 and Da Nang in 1967.  There are no war photos, just photos I took with my first camera of the things and people that I saw.  This album is my 1st tour of duty, 1966 - Chu Lai,RVN. We replaced MCB-10 in Chu Lai, completed the construction of the Chu Lai airfield, PLO (fuel) dump and work on Highway 1.
Date(s): 1966 - 1968. Album by Artistic Concepts Photography. Photos by Bob Thickman. 1 - 38 of 38 Total. 4347 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
enlarge 64KB, 441x640
Boot Camp - Great Lakes
The officers and staff of Boot Camp Company 648... I was the Education Petty Officer (with the glasses) of the Company and was awarded the "I" for education excellence at graduation.

Enlarge photo 2
enlarge 100KB, 640x457
Heading to Davisville A School
Don't really know which was better.. a Convair 440, or a C-130 transport.. both were uncomfortable.

Enlarge photo 3
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My 1st tour, Chu Lai - 1966
Camp Shields, named for the 1st Seabee to earn the Medal Of Honor in RVN.  Here is the center of camp, known as Wymola Park, placed by MCB10, added to by MCB4.  1st from the East, soon to be a West Coast Battalion

Enlarge photo 4
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Camp Shields
Camp Shields was right on the Gulf.  From here the 1000 Seabees put in airfields, worked on roads and worked with the villagers.

Enlarge photo 5
enlarge 83KB, 604x640
Main street
The main barrack and office area at Camp Shields.

Enlarge photo 6
enlarge 72KB, 640x426
Beach Front with a Penthouse
Yes, we generally slept on top... to many things crawled arpound inside.

Enlarge photo 7
enlarge 96KB, 624x640
Camp Shields on the ocean front
The water was great...

Enlarge photo 8
enlarge 64KB, 640x624
Ocean Front Condo
Another bunker on the beach..

Enlarge photo 9
enlarge 86KB, 640x426
Speed Limit 15 mph
This was the entrance to the PLO dump.. that is where they kept the fuel storage.. it was a regular target for the Viet Cong.. and it bordered our base.

Enlarge photo 10
enlarge 119KB, 640x626
repairs required
Looks like sand bag detail, in 110 degrees...

Enlarge photo 11
enlarge 58KB, 560x576
Sand Storm
This is a sand storm, at high noon, in Chu Lai.. we would get these every once in a while, and they would last a couple of days.. lots of cleaning of everything following this.

Enlarge photo 12
enlarge 127KB, 640x633
the Bee Hive
The BEE HIVE... the cooling off spot for the enlisted.. a neat little club..

Enlarge photo 13
enlarge 137KB, 640x630
Chu Lai Playboy Club
This was, I believe, the Acey Ducey club.. for the 1st and 2nd class PO's

Enlarge photo 14
enlarge 81KB, 640x625
The Village of Chu Lai
Main Street, down town Vietnam

Enlarge photo 15
enlarge 115KB, 640x632
Another view
Scenes from the local villages.  It was not much, but it was all they had.

Enlarge photo 16
enlarge 107KB, 640x633
local bus service
Seat belts anyone?  This bus is not full yet, there is no one on the roof.

Enlarge photo 17
enlarge 127KB, 640x630
fire fight
The site of my first enemy contact..  I am in one piece, so I guess I won.

Enlarge photo 18
enlarge 146KB, 640x622
Keeping watch
Yup, the only controlled area is where you are standing.

Enlarge photo 19
enlarge 117KB, 640x633
yup thats me
Me in my normal attire... only thing missing is the beer (that is out of the picture).

Enlarge photo 20
enlarge 59KB, 576x396
Marine 1 - waters edge
Chu Lia.. 1st Marines on the beach next to our camp.

Enlarge photo 21
enlarge 75KB, 640x426
An A-4 Sky Hawk laying fire on the enemy
Victor Charlie was always close...

Enlarge photo 22
enlarge 76KB, 640x426
Chu Lai Air Field
Under construction...

Enlarge photo 23
enlarge 43KB, 560x576
Chu Lia AB
Chu Lia air base, which we were working on.. 1966, 1st tour.  A Warning Star Constellation shares the field with a MATS C-130

Enlarge photo 24
enlarge 63KB, 640x426
Sunrise at Camp Shields
On out LAST day of the deployment... we are packed and ready to go.

Enlarge photo 25
enlarge 64KB, 426x640
Sun up over Chu Lai
We are on our way to the field for departure to CONUS!

Enlarge photo 26
enlarge 86KB, 519x640
Chu Lai airfield waking up
Our C-130 is being readied.  Homeward bound.

Enlarge photo 27
enlarge 70KB, 640x640
Mount Pinatubo Philippines
Over the Philippines.. on to Japan.

Enlarge photo 28
enlarge 193KB, 638x640
Japan under our wing
Our return flight took us to Japan, Nome Alaska, Travis Air Force Base in California... then on to Point Magu Naval Air Station.. home.

Enlarge photo 29
enlarge 136KB, 620x640
The long flight home
I am so excited I can not keep my eyes open.. yes, that is a 1st class meal in my hand.  Coffee was plentiful.. 28 hours of flight from Vietnam to California.

Enlarge photo 30
enlarge 148KB, 640x614
Traveling 1st class
The heaters in the rear of the C-130 did not work, so the back was cold, and the front was hot and humid and everywhere was uncomfortable.

Enlarge photo 31
enlarge 90KB, 426x640
Home after my first tour
Arriving at home... A 15 day leave prior to heading to Camp Pendleton for advanced combat training with the battalion.

Enlarge photo 32
enlarge 100KB, 640x542
Calif Home - 66 -0019 2 Cal66 web

Enlarge photo 33
enlarge 116KB, 640x426
Calif Home - 66 -0020 2 Cal66 web

Enlarge photo 34
enlarge 96KB, 640x426
Calif Home - 66 -0021 2 Cal66 web

Enlarge photo 35
enlarge 99KB, 426x640
Calif Home - the enlisted mans club

Enlarge photo 36
enlarge 96KB, 640x409
Training area
This is where we went through POW, escape and evasion training.. it was also used to rrain for finding bad guys in a ville situation.  Not exactly the most fun we experienced.

Enlarge photo 37
enlarge 117KB, 640x438
Seabee Museum

Enlarge photo 38
enlarge 100KB, 640x426
Calif Home -
This is where we went through POW, escape and evasion training.. not exactly the most fun we experienced.

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