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Black Corset Dress - Version 3
UPDATE: 01/19/09 The new Brooch piece is done (version 3)!  It looks 10 times better than my old one... and it's not falling apart this time!

UPDATE: 01/18/09  I finished the new corset!  I kept the old gauntlets since they worked and looked fine :-)

UPDATE: 01/05/09  I finished adding the strands of beads and velvet to the necklace base.  Using black eyelets and black beading wire it is super sturdy and hangs great.

UPDATE: 12/22/08  I've started beading the necklace!!!  TONS of beads have been used so far, but luckily it's not that heavy :-)

UPDATE: 08/22/08  So, in the last week I've bought new fabric that looks WAY better than the old floral lace I had, bought beads for the necklace, and started beaded the 'brooch' on the necklace.  I've also included a photo with a detailed description of how the strings on the necklace look to me :-)

Black Fireside Corset Dress
1.  Black Pleather/Leather corset
    I found that pleather worked better for me.  It's easier to sew since it's thinner, and came pre-lined.  It was also fairly cheap at $5 yd (54" wide).
2.  Black Pleather/Leather Gauntlets
    These use the same material as the corset.  
3.  Mermaid style Skirt
    This can be silver, grey or white underneath with a black lace/burnout velvet overlay.  The skirt is a mermaid style which has a slight flare at the bottom for a small train and is tighter fitting up top.  Vogue has a great pattern (Number 2810) for the corset and skirt together.  It just takes a few tiny mods.  http://store.sewingtoday.com/cgi-bin/voguepatterns/shop.cgi?s.item.V2810=x&TI=20003&page=3
4.  Beaded Necklace
    This was beaded fairly simply with 4mm round faceted beads and 12mm round faceted beads.  There is also a round beaded brooch at the top of the neklace.  You can find a pre-made sequined/beaded applique, or you can embroider/bead your own fairly easily.
5.  Silver Headbands
    These can be bought or made from metal / plastic/craft foam (painted metallic).
6.  Feather Capelet (Optional - as its not worn in some scenes).
    This is made with feather trim.
7.  Hair
    Its a simple braid with the two side strands twisted at the temples and added to the braid.  The original also had hair woven into the braid, but a regular braid works too.
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