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Dorothy Gale

I decided to start this costume on the way home one night as I was browsing Facebook. I came accross my friend Maggie's site, Costumer's Guide.  She had posted this great blog by Austin Brown called "The Ruby Slipper Project ".  Afterreading and digesting his blog about the exact recreation of those famous red shoes, I was hooked.  I knew I needed to make my own pair... this of course meant I needed a matching costume too ;-)

I had always wanted a Dorothy costume ever since I was a little girl, now I'm finally fulfilling my dream :-) I searched eBay for 2 hours looking for a good shoe. I managed to find a pair that was brand new and had the french style heel for only $20. The bnous is that they are super comfy Aerosoles!

I spent about another 3-4 hours searching online for the correct transparent Ruby colored 5mm flat sequin. Doesn't sound too hard to find, right? Most sequins you find are cup shaped and iridescent or metallic or opaque. I'm too frugal to spend $35 on only 5000 sequins from Schrum Studios . I knew they had to be out there cheaper, I used to work in the trimmings industry after all. I finally hit paydirt - over 14,000 sequins for under $13 (from CCartwright)! Sometimes saving money takes a little research, but it is so worth it in the end.

The fabrics were the easiest part and came from Fabric.com and my personal stash.

5yds - Blue 1/4" Gingham Check Cotton (Fabric.com)
4 - Fashion Button 3/4" Waterbury White (Fabric.com)
2yds - Light Blue Ric Rac 5/8" (from M&J Trimming)
2yds - Soft White Cotton shirt fabric (in stash)
Light Blue Invisible Zipper
100 gram pack of Ruby 5mm Flat Sequins (item #I5f64N from CCartwright)
Red Fabric (in stash)

October 30th - I had to rush to make the bows as I could not find the correct sized/shaped ruby gems for the shoe anywhere in NYC's trimming shops (go figure).  I'm sorry I didn't really take making-of pics, it really was a rush job, and they will be remade in the future.  I will most likely be casting my own gems from resin, but that is for another day next year.

October 29th - I popped in Wizard of Oz and managed to completely draft a mock up and finish the dress and blouse in about 11 hours!

October 12th - I got one shoe completely finished and the other one is started.

October 6th - I managed to finish one half of the first shoe

October 5th - The sequinning madness begins! I covered the shoes in a beautiful red fabric prior to sequinning.

October 1st - All the materials have been ordered and received. I got the fabrics and trims from Fabric.com and the sequins from Cartwright's Sequins online. I found the shoes on eBay with the french shaped heel - they are super comfy too!

Date(s): Halloween 2011. Album by Kristin and Will. Photos by Kris. 1 - 39 of 39 Total. 3740 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1

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Enlarge photo 5
My shoes, taken with my camera on my phone and the instagrammed.  The zig-zag yellow bricks were already in the road, I just took advantage of them lol.

Enlarge photo 6
The original dress that was on display in Orlando.

Enlarge photo 7
The original dress that was on display in Orlando.

Enlarge photo 8
Fabrics and trims for the dress.

Enlarge photo 9
I got these from a place online called Cartwright's Sequins for only $12.70.  They are the perfect and you get 14,000+ of them for so little!

Enlarge photo 10
Sequins against fabric swatch test.  I ended up with the one the left.

Enlarge photo 11
The covered shoe on the left and what it started out as on the right.

Enlarge photo 12
Both shoes are now covered.  The one on the right was ready to start sequinning the next day.

Enlarge photo 13

Enlarge photo 14

Enlarge photo 15

Enlarge photo 16

Enlarge photo 17

Enlarge photo 18

Enlarge photo 19
I didn't have the proper red colored jewels, so I used pink ones and painted a thin layer of red nail polish on top - worked great!  I also used Siam Swarovski rhinestones and ruby colored bugle beads.

Enlarge photo 20
I should have taken pictures while making this, but I had tiny beads everywhere.  I used fun foam I had on hand as a base, wrapped red fabric around it and then glued all the elements on to it.  The bows were then sewn down to the shoe for a secure hold

Enlarge photo 21

Enlarge photo 22

Enlarge photo 23

Enlarge photo 24

Enlarge photo 25

Enlarge photo 26

Enlarge photo 27

Enlarge photo 28

Enlarge photo 29

Enlarge photo 30

Enlarge photo 31

Enlarge photo 32
The completed costume with almost done shoes.

Enlarge photo 33

Enlarge photo 34

Enlarge photo 35

Enlarge photo 36

Enlarge photo 37

Enlarge photo 38

Enlarge photo 39

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