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Costumes and Creations
Costumes, jewelry, clothing and more!

FIDM's Dressing a Galaxy; Star Wars Fashion Show Pictures (Sept 15, 2005)
Boston Museum of Science Exhibit Pictures (only a few)
Finished Costumes
Works in Progress
Evening Gowns and Party Dresses
Jewelry and Accessories
My Wedding Dress
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Completed Costumes
1. Completed Costumes  (2003-2016)
My costumes that are completed both past and present...

Completed in 2017
Amy Pond: Curse of the Black Spot
Ahsoka Tano: Cargo of Doom (S2, E2)
Dolores Abernathy - Blue Dress: "Westworld"
Robert Ford: "West World"
Kaydel Ko Connix: "The Force Awakens"
Lt. Kaydel Ko Connix "The Last Jedi

Completed in 2016
"Flower Monster" Sunflower Dress
Marriott Marquise - Atlanta

Completed in 2015...
Anna "Frozen Fever" - Birthday Dress
Pterri the Pterodactyl
Anna "Frozen" - Adventure Dress
Male Clockwork Droid Ensemble for Will

Completed in 2014...
Zuul - The Gatekeeper "Ghosbusters"

Completed in 2013...
Amy Pond "A Town Called Mercy" Pineapple Dress
Femme Tenth Doctor - 1940's Style Suit (In Progress)
Captain America Cocktail Dress (In Progress)
Rose Tyler "Idiot's Lantern"
Sansa Stark Season 3 Inspired Gown
Clockwork Droid "The Girl in the Fireplace"
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Clothing and Accessories
2. Clothing and Accessories  (August 8, 2007)
My Wedding Dress - May 28, 2006
Summer Halter Dress for a friend's wedding - August 7, 2007
Shoe Clips
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David Ng Photo Shoots
3. David Ng Photo Shoots  (2008 - present)

A folder for all of the photo shoots I've had with the talented David Ng over the years.

My Facebook Page

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In the Process...
4. In the Process... 
These are costumes that are in the process of being made.
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5. Friends 
Costumes I've made for friends and family over time.

Jedi Atrice - Tanya
Imperial Officer - Will
Jedi - Will
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Dressing a Galaxy - NYC Runway Show
6. Dressing a Galaxy - NYC Runway Show  (September 15, 2005)
Wow! Where do I start?! The costumes were amazing to see in person - and even more amazing to see on the runway! There were about 30 I believe, including my personal favorite - the Lake Dress. This dress unfortunately was not going to be featured at the FIDM exhibit because "It only looks good on Natalie" according to Ms Biggar. To see that etheral gown, flowing down the runway was a sight to behold. The dress seems to float, giving the wearer the appearence of floating as well. The colors subtly blending together to give a rainbow illusion. I can only determine that it was made from silks. My other favorite of the evening was the Revelations dress from ROTS. Purple velvet - need I say anymore?! Of course I do, there's more to it than just velvet - there's beading, embroidery, quilting, and cutout designs. Even the rather plain (compared to previous peices) head dress was still ornate in its simplicity. Channel set burgundy crystals along the top, combined with tooling and jewels makes it a beautiful head peice. There is even a trail of crystal beads wound around Padme's braid in the back.

The highlight of my evening was meeting Trisha Biggar herself! What an amazing woman - a true pleasure to talk with. I'm not normally emotional around celebs, I can usually talk to them normally. As soon as I shook Trisha's hand - it was tears of joy for 5 minutes. I have NEVER done that before except for when Will proposed to me :blush:. She really is an inspiration to Star Wars costumers around the world.
She has been an inspiration to me when I made the Clone Wars cartoon costumes. I would ask myself "What would Trisha use?". Noticing her love of velvets and silks (also my favorite) I would go from there. I would try to incorperate beading and subtle details without overpowering the look of the costume.

Presenting her with a Rebel Legion Honorary Membership was an experience. I think she was extremely pleased to know how much her work was truly appreciated. I thanked her on behalf of the RL and all my friends on the C&P boards of TFN.

It was a night I will never forget.

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Boston Museum of Science Exhibit
7. Boston Museum of Science Exhibit  (December 17)
Here area  afew shots I captured with John's camera of the costume details for Obi Wan and Leia.  I tried to get some new shots that we haven't realy seen before.  I also threw in some shots of me with the Wampa and Padme.

Obi Wan ROTS
Boy were we surprised to learn that one of Obi Wan's ROTS costumes doesn't have a full under tunic!  The brown undertunic onthe displayed costume was really a scarf like dickie!  While laying on the floor to see the inside of the tunic, we saw the lining.  ure Anu and I got quite a few stares from passerby thinking we were perverted or something lol, but it was great to see this.  We also got the lining detail in the front of the costume too.

Princess Leia ANH Senate
There really isn't anything here we didn't already know, so I just tried to get better shots for those who want them.  Leia belt in the back has 4 button snaps holding it closed, her boots have stripes on the sides with BROWN soles (not black on this display), I got a detail shot of where the slit starts (you can see teh thread pulling), there are also shots of the seams showing how the dress is self lined.  The hood is a single layer that hand rolled and stitched.

Anakin ROTS
The costume is BROWN!  It says so in the book, and the swatches show this to be true.  Now that I've seen the actual costume, it is indeed BROWN!  Anyway, I only have one shot of the sleeve lining detail.
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8. Costumes 
These are pics I've taken of my SW and such costumes :)
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