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Cortland was adopted 4/3/19 by the Pietenpol family (TN).
Date(s): 10/29/18. Album by Terry. Photos by Terry. 1 - 22 of 22 Total. 542 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
Cortland is a 10-year old sweetie who is very gentle and friendly.

Enlarge photo 2
When he first came to us, he was pretty thin, especially in the back end, with hair loss and other sides of neglect.

Enlarge photo 3
He weighed about 17 lbs. on intake. But has built up muscle on a good diet and regular exercise, and he is now at a healthier weight of about 18 lbs.

Enlarge photo 4
He is very alert to everything going on around him.

Enlarge photo 5
Whatever I'm doing around the house, he wants to tag along and be right in the middle of.

Enlarge photo 6
Whenever you are ready to offer some attention, he is right there eager to receive it.

Enlarge photo 7
His house manners have been excellent and he is normally very quiet except for meeting strange new dogs. Then, his initial reaction is insistent barks, growls, and grumbles, but without tense/stiff body language. It takes him some time to get acclimated to new dogs but he will then settle down and live harmoniously with them.

Enlarge photo 8
Cortland's vet exam discovered some pretty severe dental disease. He recently had a dental cleaning with multiple extractions. Even with his mouth now more comfortable, he really doesn't play with toys much. Perhaps an occasional mild, short-lived session of tug of war, but that's about it.

Enlarge photo 9
Lovin' some pattin' from foster mama.

Enlarge MPEG4 10
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Click for a short video of Cortland soaking up the pets.

Enlarge photo 11
He is house trained. He has learned how to use a doggie door. He did, however, do some competitive marking in the house when a new male dog arrived (before his neuter).

Enlarge photo 12
Coming up with tail a-wag, knowing that he is about to get some butt-skritches.

Enlarge photo 13
With some encouragement, he will come onto our laps, but always a little hesitatingly, as though asking first for permission.

Enlarge photo 14
Can I come up, please?

Enlarge photo 15
He likes to meander around outside... unless it is raining, and then he refuses to go out! Fortunately he loves walks, so if he is put on leash, he will go out the front door willingly, even in the rain. (As long as it is not pouring.)

Enlarge photo 16
He feels so much better than he did just a short while ago!

Enlarge photo 17
Cortland knows how to give "High Five" and to sit on command for his dinner or a treat.

Enlarge photo 18
Just some snuggly chillin' in the evening...

Enlarge photo 19
Getting along nicely with everyone.

Enlarge photo 20
He is waiting to make some special person the love of his life.

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