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May 2012 Novice Mono Prints
Album by Jim Voeglein. Photos by Members. 1 - 6 of 6 Total. 1118 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
nm1 0512
Roger Miller
Welcome to the Naval Academy
Novice Mono Print
1st Place

Enlarge photo 2
nm2 0512
Hollyday Baynes
Woodwind Sailing
Novice Mono Print
2nd Place

Enlarge photo 3
nm3 0512
Chuck Robinson
Waiting on the Train
Novice Mono Print
3rd Place

Enlarge photo 4
nm4 0512
Roger Miller
Take a Little More Off on the Left
Novice Mono Print
4th Place

Enlarge photo 5
nm5 0512
Steve Oney
Two Mirrors
Novice Mono Print
5th Place

Enlarge photo 6
nm6 0512
Chuck Robinson
Shoes from Worker's Past
Novice Mono Print
Honorable Mention

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