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Kyoto and Environs
1. Kyoto and Environs  (June 29-July 3, 2015)
Arnell visits Kyoto with Jim and Brian.
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2. Tokyo  (July 3-10, 2015)
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Japan 2015
3. Japan 2015  (August 22, 2015)
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Point Pinos West
4. Point Pinos West  (October 16, 2011)
One can only dive Point Pinos at the south end of Monterey Bay on the calmest of days.  This was one of those days.  Alex Matsumoto and I enjoyed two very fishy dives  - the first (sans camera) on the east side, the second on the west side.  Saw several ling cod, cabezon and monkeyface prickleback eels on both dives.  The senorita are back, and the tubesnout gone - evidence of the oscillating population countercycle between these two species that has been teased out of the REEF data.
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New Zealand - AJH and JRW
5. New Zealand - AJH and JRW  (January and February 2010)
Photos of Arnell and John in New Zealand
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New Zealand - South Island
6. New Zealand - South Island  (January, 2010)
After a beautiful ferry ride across Cooks Strait, from Wellington to Picton, we headed south in a rented campervan, having no idea how far we could get in our slightly unwieldy manual transmission left-side-of-the-road home on wheels.  Happily, we made it all the way across the enormous south island to the southernmost tip of Bluff, and from there by ferry to wild and remote Stewart Island.  And from there, we swung over to fiordland and took another beautiful boat across Doubtful Sound.  Other highlights included lovely Akaroa, the blue penguins at Oamaru, a spectacular meal outdoors overlooking Manapouri Lake at sunset, and soaking in hot springs at Hamner Springs.
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New Zealand Underwater
7. New Zealand Underwater  (February 3 & 4, 2010)
These photos were taken while shore diving at the south end of the North Island of New Zealand, in the suburb of Island Bay near Wellington, in the Taputeranga Marine Reserve.  Water temperature was 53 deg F (11.5 deg C), matching the temperatures I left in Monterey California (although it's summer in NZ and winter in California).  Viz was pretty good, around 25 feet (8 meters).  Ecology is strangely similar, with seals, kelp, abalone and nudibranchs.  NZ triplefins take the place of California gobies, and NZ mokis act like California sea perch.  On the other hand, NZ has penguins and sea horses, while California's kelp is taller and more majestic.
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Point Lobos November 2009
8. Point Lobos November 2009  (November 5, 2009)
Spectacular diving at Point Lobos on a calm clear autumn day.
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Bodega Bay with Dan and Lisa
9. Bodega Bay with Dan and Lisa  (September 2009)
This was a fun trip to Bodega Bay with friends Dan and Lisa.  The pictures are from Bodega Head.  Dan and I perused it for diving - not too inviting.
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North and South Monastery
10. North and South Monastery  (June 6, 2009)
This was a great day of diving at North and South Monastery in Carmel, California, amidst literally hundreds of juvenile rockfish of many species (blue, black, yellowtail, canary and vermilion...).
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House and Garden
11. House and Garden 
In the People's Republic of Berkeley
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12. Peru   (July 2007)
Arnell's vacation in Peru
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Arnell and John
13. Arnell and John 
Photos of Arnell and John
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St.Louis Trip - May 2007
14. St.Louis Trip - May 2007  (May 21-26, 2007)
Visits with the family
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Views of Bellagio
15. Views of Bellagio  (October 4, 2005)
Various pics of people, places, vistas on Lake Como
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