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In & Around Albacore Park May-June 2007
In & Around Albacore Park May-June 2007
Date(s): June 2007. Album by Albacore. Photos by Jack Hunter. 1 - 11 of 11 Total. 1919 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
John Sgro's Stained Glass Albacore Logo

Enlarge photo 2
Market Street Entry to Park with New Stop Lights

Enlarge photo 3
New (Closed) Road off the Route 1 By-Pass

Enlarge photo 4
Newly Rock Lined Entry into the Park

Enlarge photo 5
Repaved and Striped Parking Lot. Note Large Rocks Along Edge

Enlarge photo 6
Bench in the Memorial Garden

Enlarge photo 7
Flowers and Wreathes in Memorial Garden

Enlarge photo 8
Memorial Garden after Memorial Day Ceremony

Enlarge photo 9
Memorial Garden Bench from the Van Billiard's

Enlarge photo 10
Monuments in the Memorial Garden

Enlarge photo 11
View from By-Pass turnoff toward Market Street

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I am the oldest son of retired Yeoman Chief Floyd H. Lee, whose picture is displayed on page 22 of the Albacore Story. Both he and I were obviously quite young at the time, so you can imagine my excitement and profound pride I felt after seeing Dad’s picture. Ironically, the setting was a dining facility, (galley) over 50 years ago. I am currently employed by a DOD Contractor here at the United States Embassy, Baghdad, Iraq, as Sr. Food Service Supervisor. I would like to take this opportunity to gratefully applaud this noteworthy historical web sight, which I joyfully utilized to enhance this years Father's Day celebration with a DVD, mug and photos. My sincerest thanks and may all of Yeoman Lee’s shipmates have continued calm seas with full steam ahead.

With warm regards,
Sergeant First Class Floyd M. Lee U.S. ARMY RETIRED
Floyd M. Lee, Fri, 22 Jun 2007 4:49AM
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