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Henry "Shakey" Graves Day
A celebration of Henry Graves, a much respected crew member who served on Albacore for 12 years.
Date(s): 3 May 2014. Album by Albacore. Photos by Various. 1 - 24 of 60 Total. 4832 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
A celebration of the life of Henry "Shakey" Graves, who served as chief commissaryman aboard the USS Albacore from 1957 to 1969 was held at Albacore Park Saturday. Graves, of Kittery, Maine, died Nov. 12, 2013. Edit

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Welcome Sign Edit
Sign at Park entrance announcing the day's honoree. Edit

Enlarge photo 3
The Galley Edit
A memorial tribute to Henry "Shakey" Graves in the galley of the USS Albacore where he was the cook while stationed on the submarine. Edit

Enlarge photo 4
Ceremony Site Edit
Tent and chairs ready to receive guests. Edit

Enlarge photo 5
Newburg Edit
As part of the celebration, Ellie Hunter prepared several pots of Shakey's famous newburg for everyone to sample. What was the secret ingredient? A liberal infusion of Dry Sack sherry.
In a dry Navy, alcohol was forbidden except for medicinal purposes. Thus what the ingredient was had to be kept from the Commanding Officer.

Enlarge photo 6
Newburg Corner Edit
Set off on a corner of the walkway is the table where the newburg was served. Edit

Enlarge photo 7
1st Albacore Monument Edit
Sitting in front of the dolphin is the memorial to the first submarine Albacore (SS 218) lost in November 1944 while on her eleventh war patrol. Edit

Enlarge photo 8
Memorial Garden Dolphin Edit
The site of the canadian-marble dolphin has recently been overhauled. Crushed stone and an iron fence set off the polished dolphin. Edit

Enlarge photo 9
Phil Munck Edit
Chairman of the Board of the Portsmouth Submarine Museum Association. Edit

Enlarge photo 10
Glenda Bower Edit
Norm Bower's wife Glenda was very much involved in the planning and preparation of Shakey's Day activities. Edit

Enlarge photo 11
Navy Seniors Edit
Captain Springer (a former CO of Albacore) chats with VADM Mulloy and former Portsmouth Naval Shipyard commander Captain McDonough. Edit

Enlarge photo 12
Glenda and John Edit
Glenda Bower and Albacore Park Executive Director John Maier do a final visual check before the ceremony begins. Edit

Enlarge photo 13
Captain McDonough Edit
VADM Mulloy and Captain McDonough Edit

Enlarge photo 14
The Greek Edit
Bill Apostoles, his daughter Sue and 'Bud' Fisher. Edit

Enlarge photo 15
Graves Relatives Edit
Pat Graves sister Leola and her husband Ron Fish. Edit

Enlarge photo 16
Three Amigos Edit
Bob Couchon, 'Butch' Jordan and 'Frenchy' Tranchmontagne are really focused on something. Edit

Enlarge photo 17
Shipmates Edit
Former crew members gathered to share memories of their shipmate. Edit

Enlarge photo 18
Salts Edit
Steve Hogan, Norm Bower, VADM Mulloy, Dick Carey, Jim Tyrell, Stewart White, Mid'n 1/C Tyler Mulloy and 'Bud' Fisher. Edit

Enlarge photo 19
Motley Crew Edit
Noah, Steve Hogan and Bob Couchon are part of the standing room only crowd. Edit

Enlarge photo 20
Making a Point Edit
'Butch' Jordan is trying to convince PSMA Board member Ken Herrick of something. Ken doesn't look like he's buying it nor is Dick Wilder, another board member. Toni Bachta, the Greek's son-in-law. wants no part of the discussion. Edit

Enlarge photo 21
Center of Attention Edit
VADM. Joseph Mulloy draws a crowd of former Albacore shipmates. Edit

Enlarge photo 22
Bud Edit
'Bud' Fisher draws his own crowd of admirers. Edit

Enlarge photo 23
Guest Seating Edit
Family, friends and shipmates begin to fill the seats. Edit

Enlarge photo 24
Early Birds Edit
The Greek and daughter Sue, Captain Springer and wite Elizabeth and Captain McDonough and his wife take up prime seats before the ceremony starts. Edit

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