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Basin Renovation
The crumbling riprap walls of the basin, constructed back in 1985, are being replaced with what is expected to be a more durable structure. Dates of the photos appear immediately under each picture.
Date(s): Jan-Apr 2016. Album by Albacore. Photos by Various. 1 - 24 of 116 Total. 4886 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
Artist Rendering. Edit
An artist's representation of what the finished basin will look like. Edit

Enlarge photo 2
01-12-16 (3) Edit
Ground breaking on 12 January. Note that fencing has previously been removed for unfettered access to the basin. Edit

Enlarge photo 3
01-12-16 (1) Edit
Heat blankets have been laid to keep the ground from freezing during construction. Edit

Enlarge photo 4
01-13-16 (3) Edit
Locating the place to excavate for the placement of the sump pit. Edit

Enlarge photo 5
01-13-16 (6) Edit
The sump pit is a key element of the new basin structure. Edit

Enlarge photo 6
01-19-16 (6) Edit
Exploratory excavation alongside the port side of the aft cradle to determine if the cradle and marine railway structures are integrated. Edit

Enlarge photo 7
01-20-16 (2) Edit
Excavation of the dewatering sump and exploratory location of bed rock to see if any bed rock needs to be removed. Edit

Enlarge photo 8
01-20-16 (5) Edit
A closer view of the sump/explorative excavation. Edit

Enlarge photo 9
01-20-16 (6) Edit
Excavation of the dewatering sump. Edit

Enlarge photo 10
Sump Pit Excavation 1 Edit
Location of the sump has been moved from the original position to stay away from the propellers and to be closer to the sewer line that runs thru the park grounds. Edit

Enlarge photo 11
Sump Pit Excavation 2 Edit
The sump will be the lowest point in the basin and will receive drainage from inside and outside the basin walls. Edit

Enlarge photo 12
Sump Pit Excavation 3 Edit
Measuring the depth of the sump pit to ensure it will be the low point of the basin. Edit

Enlarge photo 13
image001.png Edit
This is a sketch of the prefabricate concrete sump to be installed on the port side aft end of the basin. Edit

Enlarge Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation 14
Dewatering Sump & drainage sketch.pptx Edit
The dewatering sump is a key part of the 'new' basin and it's location is critical for success in removing accumulated water. Edit

Enlarge photo 15
01-20-16 (7) Edit
Toe-Wall blocks waiting for installation. Edit

Enlarge photo 16
01-21-16 (2) Edit
Partially excavated aft side of the aft cradle. Edit

Enlarge photo 17
01-21-16 (3) Edit
The aft port lower control surface is completely exposed for the first time in 26 years. Edit

Enlarge photo 18
01-26-16 (7) Edit
Close up of the partially excavated aft cradle. There is a question about the structural stability of the cradle. Specifically, what lies under the cradle - solid bedrock or a shale-like material. Edit

Enlarge photo 19
01-27-16 (1) Edit
Installation of the de-watering catch basin/sump. Edit

Enlarge photo 20
2016 [01-26] (1) Edit
Measuring the depth of the basin aft of the dewatering sump. Edit

Enlarge photo 21
2016 [01-26] (2) Edit
Ice, mud and crud around the sump. Edit

Enlarge photo 22
2016 [02-02] (3) Edit
Lower starboard fin almost free of rip rap and other debris. Edit

Enlarge photo 23
2016 [02-02] (5) Edit
Looking forward from aft of the lower starboard control fin. Note large amount of rip rap that has slid into the lower portion of the basin. Edit

Enlarge photo 24
2016 [02-02] (2) Edit
Looking forward toward the aft cradle. Note less than solid rock appearing material under the cradle. Edit

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Thank You to All involved in the renovation of the Basin an to Those who work tirelessly to maintain Albacore and Her place in our history.   Salute to Each and Every One of You!      Coyote. EN2 (ss)
Jim Knowles, Fri, 6 May 2016 8:47PM
Thanks for sharing your excavation work with us. It has been 20 years since I last visited. So I am looking forward to May when you will reopen.
Mario DeArco, Fri, 29 Apr 2016 5:01PM
keep up the good work
Tom Karp, Mon, 7 Mar 2016 1:42PM
Thanks to PSMA Maintenance Manager Jim Wakefield for providing periodic photographs and explanations of what is happening with the basin renovation project.
Jack Hunter, Sat, 23 Jan 2016 7:44PM
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