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India 2011
Pictures taken while on a Foreign Mission trip to India.
Album by Bruce and Leif. Photos by John R.. 1 - 24 of 51 Total. 2894 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
Youth leaders in one congregation that came for special prayers and encouragement.  They are so serious about there position.  I will send them The Weekly Diner each week.

Enlarge photo 2
Tiny church!

Please visit http://www.foreignmissionnewsblog.blogspot.com/  for stories on this and all other Foreign Mission trips.  You can also get to this blog from www.themissionsite.com

Enlarge photo 3
Roof top service. Text was Mark 2:1-12  It feels so wonderful that in India there always are some people that come that are not Christians yet. Even though they worship idols, they are asked to come and they do. Also, every sermon is broadcaset with very loud speakers for thousands to hear at their homes.

Enlarge photo 4
Dedication of a new ALC church in India.  Thank you Lord for laying it on the hearts of the donors.

Enlarge photo 5
Collection time!  They donate money and or rice.  The rice is for the widows or poor pastors.

Enlarge photo 6
Another late night service.

Enlarge photo 7
The children of God are so beautiful in every country!

Enlarge photo 8
Brother and Sister in ALC Home

Enlarge photo 9
I found a Christian under the hay.  We talked a while, then he put down the hay, asked for prayers and wanted to discuss.

Enlarge photo 10
All in the picture have Leprosy

Enlarge photo 11
Grinding coconut which was later put into our rice.

Enlarge photo 12
Pastors training. 150 or so in this 3 day session.

Enlarge photo 13
AH Clinic

Enlarge photo 14
This Hindu fellow could not ride by without listening a bit!  Pray that he and the 10,000 or so others in his village that heard due to the very loud speakers... really heard!

Enlarge photo 15
Full church

Enlarge photo 16
In fact overfull! The ones on the right are outside!

Enlarge photo 17
These poor women saw a pastor beheaded from as they sat in this outdoor church only 5 years ago.

Enlarge photo 18
Traditional welcome in India.  You can see the hard life on the face of these women.  They are very poor. (from the same congregation as previous picture.)

Enlarge photo 19
Picture above is Nancy Helmes. Her grandaughter Bethany was welcomed here at the Alvar Helmes Mission Hospital.

Enlarge photo 20
A most common scene.

Enlarge photo 21
Typical landscape... rice and palms.

Enlarge photo 22
One of the more than one dozen wells drilled in the last year with money donated though the Foreign Mission by US Christians that wanted the poor Christians of India to have water free of persecution!

Enlarge photo 23
Bicyles donated to the poor pastors so they can reach more people and churches than by walking.

Enlarge photo 24
Up to 1250 or so at these late night services.  9-12 PM or so.

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