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Hogssden Rat Terrier's
Welcome to Hogssden Rat Terrier's. We got hooked on Rat Terrier's with the purchase of our first Rat Terrier Ch Ratitatts Need for Speed AKA Scrappy. I have been showing and handling dogs since I was 15 years old. I competed in weight pulling, agility, obedience, showing professionally, and training. My husband and I are also Policer K9 handlers and each work a German Shepherd. We are dedicated to keeping the Rat Terrier as a working dog with the confirmation they should have. We are also dedicated to testing for all health problems. We test before breeding our Rat Terriers to try to keep genetic problems a low as possible. We also are there for our puppy buyers for anything they need. If you are interested in our upcoming litter please call 970-978-0657 or e-mail me at levilair347@gmail.com. Hogssden Rat Terriers is located in beautiful Colorado and as you can see we like to keep our Rat Terriers in shape by back packing, fishing, swimming etc. This also helps them in the show ring later. We are looking towards next year trying to get Agility titles on our dogs, maybe Dock Diving, Digger dog, and pulling. We know our dogs would love to do it!! We will keep you posted keep checking back to see what we can do. All puppy inquires are welcome we are especially looking for working homes for our puppies. Also keep in mind we have some different colors, we have blues and look at Jester so we have potential depending on the combination of blood lines and colors to have some great variety in our litters.

****Hogssden will continue on as it always has, but for now I will be continueing on in this journey with our kids and myself. We will as always strive to breed the best Rat Terrier's. Swag will still be available for stud but will remain with my husband, please contact me if you are interested and I will work to arrange the breeding. We still are planning on a repeat breeding of Swag to Sabo summer of 2014. As always we thank all the extended family we have, we are greatful all our pups have such wonderful homes.   

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