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Magic AHT and Sphynx
Date(s): June 14, 2008. 1 - 5 of 5 Total. Shared
1. Nick 
Wudnshu's Still of the Night "Nick"

This fella is an Annabelle and Hunter son.
Born: 6/1/08
His color is white and red .. piebald pattern.
He is as sweet as they come.
His Mom Irina came to pick him up in October and took him home to Germany.

Nemex 2 - 7/6/08
Drontal Plus - 7/15/08

Intervet Proguard 5 - 7/30/08; 8/25/08

DataMars Microchip and Rabies: 9/22/08
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Ray and Lessy puppies
2. Ray and Lessy puppies 
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3. Ray and Ellie puppies 
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Hairless-Magic Sphynx
4. Hairless-Magic Sphynx 
Cattery Hairless-Magic
Germany 67732 Hirschhorn where you can find beautiful Sphynx cats and AHT (Am. Hairless Terrier in another album)

E-MAIL: Irina at either of these addresses:
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 Hairless-Magic AHT
5. Hairless-Magic AHT 
This is about Kennel Hairless-Magic in Germany 67732 Hirschhorn where you can find beautiful AHT ( Am. Hairless Terrier) and Sphynx cats (kitties in another album)


E-mail Irina at either of these addresses:
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