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Stud Page 
Stud Page
Our sweet boys can be seen down below. We are not actively promoting them for outside stud service, however if you are interested in their services and can give us some details, feel free to make your requests to us. We will review your request and get back to you as soon as possible.
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FMF Cutting Edge Cowboy - "Calvin"
1. FMF Cutting Edge Cowboy - "Calvin"   (September 23, 2021)
Calvin lives with our friend Moriah and her kiddos. We're excited to watch him grow!
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2. WarrenMtn's Rebel Knight "Maverick"   (September 12, 2021)
Maverick is a white/black bi out of WarrenMtn's Dark Knight and Pyxis Irish Rebellion - he lives in a guardian home with some friends. We look forward to watching him grow into a handsome dog!!
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U-CH WarrenMtn Dozer Diggin Ratitatt
3. U-CH WarrenMtn Dozer Diggin Ratitatt  (September 27, 2020)
Sire: U-GRCH WarrenMtn FMF Howdya LykMe Now - "Digger"
Dam: WarrenMtn's Spark In the Dark "Cookie"

After a couple of years, a bunch of dog shows, a champion title and one large and lovely litter, Dozer is back in New England! Dozer returns to us from Valerie Schiefer at Ratitatt kennel In Ohio. We are happy to have him back and look forward to all the fun things we will do together.
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WarrenMtns Eternal Flame
4. WarrenMtns Eternal Flame  (July 14, 2020)
Sire: WarrenMtn's Fire Still Burns "Jasper"
Dam: WarrenMtn Dirty Deeds In Detail "Sissy"
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WarrenMtn Opps On The Radar
5. WarrenMtn Opps On The Radar  (April 3, 2020)
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WarrenMtn Ratitatt Jokers Wild
6. WarrenMtn Ratitatt Jokers Wild  (December 21, 2015)
Joker is out of Ace & Valentine and lives on my friend Wendy's farm in New Hampshire.
Joker is now neutered and retired from breeding.
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WarrenMtn's Fire Still Burns (NBT)
7. WarrenMtn's Fire Still Burns (NBT)   (May 18, 2013)


DOB Feb 14, 2013
Sire:NBOB GRCH RPK's Pitch Black NBT, BIMBS "Riddick"
OFA Cardiac - RAT-CA408/12M/P-VPI (NORMAL)
OFA Patella - RAT-PA649/12M/P-VPI (NORMAL)
OFA Hips - RAT-359G26M-VPI (GOOD)
OFA Elbows - RAT-EL230M26-VPI (NORMAL)
OFA Primary Lens Luxation - RAT-PLL36/20M-VPI (NORMAL)
CHIC - 65712

Dam:WarrenMtn's Killer Queen Bee "Ginger"
RAT-CA618/34F/P-NOPI CARDIAC Nov 2 2011 Feb 29 2012 34 NORMAL - PRACTITIONER
RAT-PA868/34F/P-NOPI PATELLA Nov 2 2011 Feb 29 2012 34 NORMAL - PRACTITIONER
RAT-417G34F-NOPI HIPS Nov 2 2011 Mar 9 2012 34 GOOD
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WarrenMtn's Dark Knight
8. WarrenMtn's Dark Knight  (August 7, 2010)

Patellas: NORMAL
Cardiac: NORMAL
Hips/Lcp: "Preliminary-GOOD"
View Pedigree

TDK's Flutterby In The Sky:
CHIC: 30817

IRISHGLYN's Crimson N Clover NBT

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Warren Mtn's Li'l Radar Love
9. Warren Mtn's Li'l Radar Love  (December 9, 2004)
DOB 3/17/2003-9/2019
Radar passed away from old age on Labor Day 2019. We miss him dearly. If you want a piece of Radar's legacy, a puppy out of Jasper, DeeDee or their offspring will carry his name forward, proudly!

Radar is our first Rat Terrier ever. We purchased him from a breeder in Dripping Springs Texas. He has turned out very nicely and we have decided to use him as our foundation stud dog.
Radar is 10.75" tall measured with a wicket. We have him registered with United Kennel Club and he made his show debut on October 9, 2004 & earned about 1/2 of the points he needed to Champion.

Radar is excited to hunt mice, squirrels, moles and rats. At his small size he has an advantage in tight spaces. His puppies have started hunting mice and rats as young as 9weeks!
OFA Health Clearances:
Most recent tests were at the age of 5 1/2 yrs. Still healthy as a young pup.
Radar's OFA page
PLL: Carrier
RAT-266G63M-NOPI HIPS Jul 2 2008 Jul 21 2008 63 GOOD
RAT-CA133/63M/P-NOPI CARDIAC Jul 2 2008 Jul 21 2008 63 NORMAL - PRACTITIONER
RAT-PA302/63M/P-NOPI PATELLA Jul 2 2008 Jul 22 2008 63 NORMAL - PRACTITIONER

You can see more pictures of Radar from age 5 wks to 18 mos click here. See Radar's Babies here: Puppies Sired by Radar
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10. Digger  (February 27, 2013)
GRCH WarrenMtn FMF Howdya LykMe Now "Digger"
Sire: GRCH FMF W'wind River Dance
owned by Debi Perry
Dam: RTR's Queen Anna Bella DA Ball

Health Testing:
PLL Normal/Clear
Cardiac Normal
Patella Normal
I asked Debi if we could work together to breed her nice male, Widget to our girl Annabel. I had a feeling that there would be some pretty solid tempered and lovely pups if we made this happen. She agreed and we were right. Digger is one of the nicest, fun-loving dogs you'll ever meet. He was a very fun puppy to raise, and a laugh a minute. Now he's a studly mature fellow whom we hope will contribute to both of our breeding programs in the future. :)
Digger grew up and lives at Debi's farm in Plainfield, VT. You can see more pictures of him on her web page. Foggy Meadow Farm
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WarrenMtn's Time to Kill "Hunter"
11. WarrenMtn's Time to Kill "Hunter"  (April 17, 2012)
Co-owned with Wendy Berry in NH
Breeder: Carmeta French
SIRE: WarrenMtn's Dark Knight "Bruce" Bred by: Carmeta French
Click Here To see Bruce's OFA Clearances.
Grand Sire: GRCH IRISHGLYN's Crimson N Clover NBT "Murphy" Bred by: Robbin Peckham
Grand Dam: TDK's Flutterby in The Sky "Flutterbye" Bred by: Elsie James

DAM: WarrenMtn's Killer Queen Bee "Ginger" Bred by: Carmeta French
Click Here to see Ginger's OFA clearances
Grand Dam: WR's Queen Bee at WarrenMtn "Honey" Bred by: Laura Wallingford
Grand Sire: CH 3BF Great Balz Afire @WarrenMtn "Pyro" Breeder: Lexie Blair & Carmeta French
Photos of Hunter Copyright Carmeta French-Do not copy or distribute without permission.
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Pyro (deceased)
12. Pyro (deceased)   (updated 10-10-09)
PYRO Click Here For Pyro's Pedigree.

Patellas-Normal RAT-PA578/22M/P-NOPI
Cardiac - Normal RAT-CA346/22M/P-NOPI
Hips- (not x-rayed yet)

Co-Bred with our friends @ 3Bear Farm. He is out of our beloved "Warren Mtn's Li'l Radar Love" and "Sand's Carolina Ocean Breeze" -owned by 3bF
Pyro was a sweet young man, loved his people and enjoyed romping with our other young doggies. Py died tragically in 2009 after a day of hunting.
April 28-29 Pyro officially began his show career!
S1 - Best of Variety
S2 - Best of variety
29th- s1 Best of Variety/best male/BOW
s2 Best of Variety/ Best male/BOW
What a way to start, Py!! :)
On May 26 Pyro was entered in RTCA's first fun match. This was in Claremont California. We learned about how to show under an AKC judge, and we competed in the 9-12 mo Puppy male class. Pyro won a certificate, w/ competition, judged by Barbara Marin. Yay Pyro!
Update** Pyro was shown by a JR, Alexis Davis in the ARTA Specialty at the 2007 UKC Premier. Together, Py and Alexis won the BEST MALE competition and he earned his final major to CH!! :) **update 10-07** Pyro won the CH Class at the CT classic on 10/13. This CH class was judged by Matt Proctor. **04/26/2008 Pyro receives Reserve CH at AVRTC spring show under Pamela Simmons.
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