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Some of the special pups born here...
Date(s): January 18, 2010. 1 - 5 of 5 Total. Hidden
WarrenMtn's Space Pirate
1. WarrenMtn's Space Pirate   (June 4, 2016)
Sire: WarrenMtn's Fire Still Burns NBT - Jasper
Dam: WarrenMtn's Spark in the Dark - Cookie
Co-owned with Susan Turner in Renton, WA.
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WarrenMtn's Wild Rebel Rose - Lilly
2. WarrenMtn's Wild Rebel Rose - Lilly  (November 7, 2011)
Lilly is owned & loved by Erin & Mike R. in Vermont.
We will watch Lilly grow & see if she lives up to the potential we saw in her as a baby. If she does, she may have a litter of nice minis someday. Please watch her grow with us and let us know what you think!
Sire: WarrenMtn's Dark Knight - Bruce
Hips - Preliminary "Good"
Dam: FMF's Lil Britches at WarrenMtn-Britches
Hips & LCP (Pending evaluations will be submitted in Jan 2012)
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WarrenMtn's Can't Bi Me Love
3. WarrenMtn's Can't Bi Me Love  (November 7, 2011)
Sadie is owned and loved by the Hempsteads in NY. She will go through her health testing and we will determine if she's a good candidate for breeding! Sadie is a small mini at around 10.5" tall.
Sadie's OFA results:
Cardiac: Normal
Patellas: Normal
Hips: EXCELLENT (prelim)
LCP: Normal
Primary Lens Luxation: Normal

Sire: WarrenMtn's Lil Radar Love:

Dam: FMF's Li'l Britches at WarrenMtn
Hips - Pending -looks ok (we will send in x-ray for eval in January-seeBritches' album for x-ray
LCP-Scored w/ hip results

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WarrenMtn Winners Gallery
4. WarrenMtn Winners Gallery  (March 21, 2014)
Photos of some of our show dogs, and show dogs sired by our males! :)
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5. Kiva  (November 28, 2012)
WarrenMtn's Bee'n Shoot'n Eros - Kiva
Sire: WarrenMtn's Dark Knight - Bruce
Dam: WR's Queen Bee at WarrenMtn - Honey
Kiva has been training in scent work, and has other ambitions besides. We'll update those here, as her mom, Tara sends pics and videos.
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