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This page is a temporary spot for a start-up crafting business that I am starting with my husband. He is building a shop space for doing some metal working and I am doing some small woodworking projects, jewelry and laser engraving.
If you are interested in a custom project, just reach out.
Email: Carmetafrench@gmail.com PayPal, CashApp and Venmo accepted. Thank you for your support :)
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Enlarge photo 1
Doberman flower magnets designed by Meta French - Birch wood stained with a dark "Provencial" stain or Ebony stain. I use a very powerful magnet so these won't slide around on your fridge, in your RV or in your office space. The pair of magnets is $12 plus shipping and handling - $6.00 to ship.

Enlarge photo 2
2024 path of totality ornament... Vermont  $20 includes first class mail shipping. VT (green, black and natural stained) Ohio (red, black, natural  stained)

Enlarge photo 3
2024 Solar Eclipse earrings...order by April 1 to ensure they'll arrive by the  8th!

Email  carmetafrench@gmail.com  subject  "eclipse earrings "

$25 / pr includes 3 day shipping.

Enlarge photo 4
Small bully mandala (for sale) a picture of my Plaque with QR code that links you to this page and another look at the doberman.

I bought plans for up to 200 breeds (the commercial rights for building and selling them), the small desk ornaments are $25. Contact for custom size/pricing.

Enlarge photo 5
Bully Mandala desk ornament- Provencial stain & gold paint on Mohagany wood. $30

Enlarge photo 6
Dusty boots - handpainted wood earrings $20 includes  first class shipping

Enlarge photo 7
Cowgirl UP - hat earrings (hand painted) $20 first class shipping  included

Enlarge photo 8
QR Plaque 4" by 6" Burned and engraved on Birch wood. Provencial stain & Urethane clear. If you would like a plaque like this for your hobby or small business, let me know.  I am asking $30 for these, which includes creating the code for your page, layout and final product.

Enlarge photo 9
Black Acrylic bar earrings that I designed.$15 first class shipping included

Enlarge photo 10
I made these dangly wood earrings out of engraved Mohogany, stained with Provencial. $20 first class shipping included

Enlarge photo 11
Black acrylic cross dangling earrings $20 first class shipping included

1 left!

Enlarge photo 12
This is my current creative space. Just a small table with various tools, paints and other products I've collected over time. It's time to put them to use! I make my own cards for hanging earrings (I can make you some for your jewelry business too) and a plaque to display a QR code that brings you to this page.

Enlarge photo 13
This is a dark Doberman mandala I made. It is only a few inches tall and makes a nice desk decoration. *not for sale*

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