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PSL sniper rifle (7.62x54r)
The Romanian PSL sniper rifle is commonly encountered now in the US, often sold as a "Dragunov" to the unwary, it is cosmetically similiar & uses the same basic style furniture but is a different rifle. The PSL uses an RPK reciever (stamped versus the milled Dragunov receiver) w/the AK long stroke piston for the 7.62x54r cartridge, they also have a bolt hold open device built into the receivr. Most are found w/Russian scopes but the military guns use a Romanian version of the Soviet PSO1 scope which doesn't have the external battery compartment for the illuminator, it used Tritium to light the reticle. These guns have been sold as PSL's, FPK's, & Romak's (aside from being erroneously called Dragunov's). Some of the guns I believe were actual military guns with the bayonet lug ground off & the brake tack welded in place, some never had the bayonet band put on (or were removed) most were built for commercial sale in the US & have a smooth barrel, no stop for the bayonet band, no band & have the Russian mfg scope. There are also some currently on the market that were assembled from parts kits onto a new receiver.
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Enlarge photo 1

PSL w/accs
A Romanian PSL sniper w/issue kit, including the bayonet/scabbard (early version w/leather frog), pouch, 4 spare mags, scope cover, sling & cleaning/maintenance tools in pouch

Enlarge photo 2

PSL set w/accs detail
Shown here is the cleaning kit, 3 section cleaning rod & tool, lens cloth, 4 spare mags wrapped in original plastic.

Enlarge photo 3

PSL w/cover
Shown here w/the scope action cover over the action.

Enlarge photo 4

Different PSL w/o bayonet lug
This is another PSL, this one has no bayonet lug band fitted but still has the finned barrel & stops for the lug band.

Enlarge photo 5

PSL butt right side

Enlarge photo 6

PSL swivel
Shown here w/the Romanian leather sling, which I believe was the earlier issue,later the Romanians also issued a bright green nylon weave sling.

Enlarge photo 7

rear of PSL receiver
The PSL used an RPK receiver but also added this reinforcement in the rear for the full battle rifle size 7.62x54 cartridge.

Enlarge photo 8

Action right side
note the RPK style receiver w/the reinforcing flanges in the front & the additional reinforcement in the rear. Also note scope which is a Romanian issue not the Russian battery powered scopes many of the commercial guns came with.

Enlarge photo 9

RPK front reinforcement flange

Enlarge photo 10

Serial number on front of mag
This particular rifle came w/2 10 round mags which are both numbered to the gun

Enlarge photo 11

PSL forend

Enlarge photo 12

Muzzle w/bayonet fitted
The bayonet/scabbard match each other but not the rifle. Bayonet has the correct Romanian insulator, leather frog & wrist strap.

Enlarge photo 13

Barrel rib detail
A closeup of the barrel where it meets the rear of the bayonet lug band. The ribs are for cooling, & there is a small shoulder for the band. Many of the later guns had smooth barrels (better commercial appearance) & no shoulder (no bands were to be fitted).

Enlarge photo 14

Muzzle of the other PSL
This rifle has no (& doesn't appear to ever have had) bayonet lug band but the barrel has the rough fins & the shoulder for the lug band.

Enlarge photo 15

Romanian scope, inside (rail) view
Here's a view of the inside of the Romanian scope mounting rail, the scope has the rifle serial number stamped next to the locking/adjustment screw. There is also a small tag tied w/twine w/the rifle number written in ink tied to the front upright

Enlarge photo 16

Closeup of the serial number stamp

Enlarge photo 17

Scope/action cover right side
very similiar to the Soviet SVD style but is a nylon? material not canvas

Enlarge photo 18

Scope/action cover left side
The cover can be strapped over the scope off the rifle & fits in a large pocket in the mag/accs pouch, it will also cover the scope & action when affixed to the rifle.

Enlarge photo 19

Romanian scope left side view.
It is very similiar to the Soviet PSO but uses a tritium element to light the reticle rather than an external battery as the Soviet scope does. The tritium elements have a limited life & most that were left in place on the scopes that made it to the US are no longer functional.

Enlarge photo 20

Windage drum for scope
This scope has no markings on the drums, this may indicate they were replaced for export?

Enlarge photo 21

Range drum
The scope is adjusted the same way the Soviet PSO scopes are.

Enlarge photo 22

Paper tag w/rifle number

Enlarge photo 23

Metal plate on scope mount

Enlarge photo 24

Muzzle detail left side

Enlarge photo 25

Bayonet lug
This rifle had the lug restored, it had the lug band on the rifle but the lug had been ground. Most have no lug band which would make it fairly difficult to restore.

Enlarge photo 26

Muzzle left w/bayonet

Enlarge photo 27

Muzzle w/bayonet affixed

Enlarge photo 28

Barrel fin detail just in front of gas port

Enlarge photo 29

Forend left side

Enlarge photo 30

PSLLugMagAccs 1

Enlarge photo 31

rear sight

Enlarge photo 32

Markings on rear sight base left side

Enlarge photo 33

Left front receiver reinforcement flange

Enlarge photo 34

PSLLugRail 1

Enlarge photo 35

Left rear receiver reinforcement plate

Enlarge photo 36

PSLLugActnL 1

Enlarge photo 37

Receiver markings on the other PSL

Enlarge photo 38

Rear receiver cover latch detail

Enlarge photo 39

Numbered action parts
Here's a view of the bolt, bolt carrier & recoil spring assembly all of which have the rifle serial as does the receiver cover.

Enlarge photo 40

Left side butt

Enlarge photo 41

Closeup of sling attachment & buttplate

Enlarge photo 42

PSLLugLW-Accs 1
Here the scope is dismounted

Enlarge photo 43

Accs/mag pouch
The pockets on the front hold the mags, there is a seperator inside for the scope/mount, w/seperate pockets for the cleaning rods, kit, lens cover & tool.

Enlarge photo 44

Here's a view of the 3 pc cleaning rod set, small tool, lens cloth & the cleaning kit w/jags etc. The square kit came w/the rifle, I thought they used the standard Romanian AK round tube kit, this may be just another variation, there is a round pouch in the flap that the round kit would fit into but this square kit fits into a square pocket at the bottom of the pouch.

Enlarge photo 45

Left view w/the cover on

Enlarge photo 46

PSLLugSetL 1

Enlarge photo 47


Enlarge photo 48

Bolt open device in action
These rifles have a bolt hold open which is a mechanical device built into the receiver. There is a lug that slides through the receiver center support, it is spring loaded & has a "foot" on the bottom, when the mag is empty the floorplate contacts & raises the "foot" pushing the lug up in front of the bolt face as shown here. The only other AK type actions that have hold opens are the Yugo & some Chinese models although these aren't actually "devices", they use a raised ridge on the rear of the mag cartridge follower to hold open the bolt, the device is part of the mag not the rifle.

Enlarge photo 49

Bolt hold open w/empty mag in well
In this view the bolt/piston/cover are off, an empty mag is in the mag well & you cansee the bolt hold open lug in the raised position.

Enlarge photo 50

Bolt hold open w/no mag in the well
This pic was taken w/no mag in the well, the lug is down & even w/the center support.

Enlarge photo 51

Bolt hold open "foot"
This is a pic into the bottom of the mag well w/no mag inserted showing the "foot" of the hold open device w/it's spring in the lowered (or fire) position.

Enlarge photo 52

Different angle of hold open "foot"

Enlarge photo 53


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