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AIM (AKM) Variants (7.62x39)
Available for sale/trade
The Romanian AIM was a version of the Soviet AKM (stamped recvr), a straight copy of it was produced by the Romanians & they had this version with forward facing grip. This rifle is built from an SAR-1.
Date(s): UPDATED 11-29-2007. Album by willyp. Photos by willyp. 1 - 41 of 41 Total. 14463 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1

Right side view, note the distinctive forward facing front grip, they also made a variation of this in a folding stock model the AIMS but the forward grip faced to the rear to allow the folding stock to clear it.

Enlarge photo 2

AIM w/accs
Right side view w/mag pouch, sling (brown leather variant, there was also a green web type) & bayonet/scabbard, note the distinctive (Romanian only) wrap around style frog w/wide web hanger.

Enlarge photo 3

AIM w/bayonet on
A view w/bayonet on. Note, this particular rifle is a ban purchase, has no bayonet lug & a permanently affixed muzzle cap, bayonet will go & stay on but you can't do any bayonet charges w/it!, now don't we all feel much safer?

Enlarge photo 4

AIM w/accs
Here's a view w/the 2 mag Romanian pouch, oiler, kit, spare mag, bayonet/scabbard, & sling.

Enlarge photo 5

SAR-AIM63 R butt

Enlarge photo 6

AIM action w/30rd mag
Interesting thing, this rifle, SAR-1 has the mag dimples as the Soviet AKM, another Romanian AKM variant I have a WASR does not have the dimples, I've been informed that this is so w/all! (info kindly provided by members of the AK Forum).

Enlarge photo 7

AIM w/40rd mag

Enlarge photo 8

SAR-AIM63 R forend
Closeup of the distinctive forward grip.

Enlarge photo 9

SAR-AIM63 muzzle w/bay on

Enlarge photo 10

SAR-AIM63 R mzzl
Note the "shaved" bayonet lug & permanent muzzle cap. At this time it would be legal to reinstall the lug & the threaded muzzle, this rifle has had the US parts count boosted to enable compliance w/922r.

Enlarge photo 11

Romanian AIM bayonet
Virtually a copy of the Soviet early Type 1 6x3 AKM. Differences are the slightly more bulbous & thick pommel, the Romanian marking is very close to the Soviet but is an arrowhead in a triangle where the Soviet is a full fletched arrow
in a triangle. many of these are passed off (or attempted) as Soviet, another difference is the serial numbers, all Romanians I have seen have a 2 character letter prefix, NOT in CRYLIC. The main difference is the frog/hanger setup.

Enlarge photo 12

SAR-AIM63 Bay Mkg
This particular bayonet appears to be new, it has matching numbers, leather frog & wide web strap, it also is well marked as shown on the frog.

Enlarge photo 13

Rear of bayonet

Enlarge photo 14

Romanian 2 mag pouch
A view of the typical Romanian 2 mag pouch w/oiler & tool/cleaning kit.

Enlarge photo 15

Romanian 30 & 40rd mags
Left is a 30rd & right is a 40rd (RPK) mag.

Enlarge photo 16

Left view of mags
The left mag came w/the SAR & is marked as having US parts for compliance.

Enlarge photo 17

Tag on 30rd SAR mag

Enlarge photo 18

Left view of muzzle

Enlarge photo 19

SAR-AIM63 L forend

Enlarge photo 20

Marking on handguard
This particular rifle has the serial number on the left side of the lower handguard, I don't know if this is standard or original.

Enlarge photo 21

Rear sight
Standard 1000 meter AKM rear sight battle sight marked as P.

Enlarge photo 22

SAR-AIM63 L Actn

Enlarge photo 23

SAR-AIM63 L butt

Enlarge photo 24

SAR-AIM63 L set w-bay on

Enlarge photo 25


Enlarge photo 26

Aim right side
this is an SAR-1 7.62x39, all American fire control parts, piston & mag parts, dressed as a Romanian AIM, which is a Romanian AKM (stamped receiver) with the distict Romanian forward grip handguard/stock set

Enlarge photo 27

Aim stock left
Note, this pic shows the later style Romanian sling, it's a think weave, nylon type.

Enlarge photo 28

Aim left full view
better view of the later sling.

Enlarge photo 29

SAR-2 (AK74, 5.45x39) as sold
Here's a Romanian SAR-2 in 5.45x39
as sold, w/accessories. Hope to make this into a Russian early AK74 clone in the future

Enlarge photo 30


Enlarge photo 31

SAR-2 in box as delivered

Enlarge photo 32

SAR-2 action right
note cocking handle is "bent" upwards rather than being straigt. This was thought to be "poor" workmanship earlier when first marketed, it's now known that this was actually a design feature of the Romanian AIM74S which used a side folding stock (folded to right), this gave more clearance to grip the actuating lever with the stock folded. (see seperate album on the AIM74S).

Enlarge photo 33

SAR-2 markings

Enlarge photo 34

Night sights fixed on SAR-2
These are Soviet made luminecent sights that will go on any AKM for low light conditions, note good view of upturned cocking handle.

Enlarge photo 35

SAR-2 rear sight top view

Enlarge photo 36

SAR-2 muzzle
note the wire behind front sight guard is part of the night sight shown previously, these night sights did not come with these rifles.

Enlarge photo 37

SAR-2 front sight w/night sight

Enlarge photo 38

SAR-2 muzzle left

Enlarge photo 39

SAR-2 marking left side

Enlarge photo 40

SAR-2 action left
Rifles came w/the Soviet style optics rail installed.

Enlarge photo 41

SAR-2 left

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