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1954 Vz54 sniper rifle (7.62x54r)
Czech modified Mosin action, 7.62x54, w/Meopta scope, standard issue Czech sniper rifle until replaced by the SVD Dragunov, these rifles also turned up in Viet Nam during that conflict. Adopted in 1954 it's believed to use reworked Soviet receivers w/all new Czech mfg parts, they were also reportedly made to use with one of the ComBloc machine gun rounds in 7.62x54r.
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Enlarge photo 1

Vz54 snipers rifle w/action cover
Well designed & comfortable stock, cut down for weight, heavy Czech mfg barrel, different bolt than Soviet PU's, Czech designed & mfg scope & mount, 98K Mauser style rear sight, front sight uses a removeable 98K style hood & side mounted sling.

Enlarge photo 2

View w/action cover on
The action cover also doubles as a tool kit, all the accs are carried in the scope cover, see pics following.

Enlarge photo 3

Right side of buttstock

Enlarge photo 4

Wrist cutout
The Czechs had a sniper rifle design competition & were working on a mauser based rifle in 8mm, when the Communists took firm control & the Czechs adopted Soviet calibres the Vz54 was developed & won the competition, it appears to be a "product improved" PU sniper utilizing some Mauser style accoutrements.

Enlarge photo 5

Action view right side
The bolt handle is different than the Soviet PU (see this & following pics) & has a slot in the bottom, the bolt can be used as a tool to remove the 2 screws locking the scope/mount to the base!

Enlarge photo 6

Markings on Meopta scope
The markings consist of the scope serial number, crossed swords (Czech military acceptance mkg) & 3 letter code (for the mfg), the Czechs continued the German style 3 letter codes for military mfg after the war.

Enlarge photo 7

Action view of scope

Enlarge photo 8

Vz54 scope/mount
Inner view of the scope mount showing the 2 screws which mount it to the rifle, these screws have a large raised rib in the center which the slot in the bolt knob fits over.

Enlarge photo 9

Vz54 bolt
View of the bolt w/a screw from the mount which has a screwdriver blade on it) sitting in the slot in the bottom of the bolt knob

Enlarge photo 10

Vz54 bolt knob slot
Here you cansee the slot machined into the bottom of the bolt knob.

Enlarge photo 11

Vz54 R Action Cover On
The cover pretty much wraps around the entire action & the leather buckle straps secure it firmly, the cover is quite large to fit the accessory pack, large rubber eyepiece & German G43 style lens covers (which unfortunately are both missing from this rifle).

Enlarge photo 12

Forend-rear sight side view
Note the full wraparound rear section of the handguard & the Mauser style tangent rear sight.

Enlarge photo 13

Rear sight
Upper view of rear sight showing the groove in the handguard.

Enlarge photo 14

Front band.
Note the shortened forestock & handguard & completely different (from PU) front band, secured from right side w/a screw (ala Mauser) & carrying the sling swivel on the left.

Enlarge photo 15

Vz54 R Forend
Fully exposed barrel

Enlarge photo 16

Vz54 Front sight
Again note the differences in front sight, carried on a band surrounding the barrel & utilizing a Mauser style hood.

Enlarge photo 17

Vz54 front sight & hood
Small hole on top for post adjustment.

Enlarge photo 18

Vz54 front sight from the back
Note the K98K style sight hood & the hole in the top for adjusting the height of the front sight post

Enlarge photo 19

Left view of Forend
Here you can see the side mounted front sling swivel & the standard Czech military sling, used w/all Czech military rifles from the Vz52, Vz52/57, Vz54, & Vz58, the sling is heavy web w/leather end tab & most are marked w/the crossed swords & dated.

Enlarge photo 20

Vz54 Barrel Mkg
On the Vz54 the reciver is marked w/mfg code on left side & serial number, the serial number is also stamped on the left side of the barrel in front of the front band.

Enlarge photo 21

Left side view of forend

Enlarge photo 22

Action w/cover on, left side

Enlarge photo 23

Vz54 Scope Cover Mkg
Crossed sword acceptance marking, date of 56 (1956), these markings will be found on almost every piece of Cold war military equipment including field gear, uniforms, hats, helmets etc.

Enlarge photo 24

Receiver marking

Enlarge photo 25

Scope Base detail
On these rifles, receivers, barrels, mags, buttplates, stocks, bolts & scope mounts were numbered to the guns. An all matching Vz54 is a bit tough to find, most are found w/mismatched parts (matched guns are out there but less common than mismatched), this particular rifle has all the rifle parts correct & matching but the scope mount is a mismatch.

Enlarge photo 26

Action, left side
Here's a view of the scope/mount, note the similiarity to the PU but it is in fact a totally different setup.

Enlarge photo 27

Vz54 mount screws
Bottom view of the mount screws described previously

Enlarge photo 28

Vz54 L Scope Adj

Enlarge photo 29

Buttstock sling point
Note the sling attachment point of a bar opposed to the original Soviet style sling slots in the wood, also the rifle number on the stock.

Enlarge photo 30

Buttstock marking

Enlarge photo 31

Left view w/action cover

Enlarge photo 32

left view

Enlarge photo 33

Vz54 scope accessory set
This is a pic of the scope case, lens cover set, rubber eye piece & leatherette case which contains different lens filters. This is a web photo & is used for informational purposes, thanks.

Enlarge photo 34

Vz54 accessory set
Another view, & another web photo for information only, thanks

Enlarge photo 35

Vz54 scope cover/case markings
note the pocket containing the cleaning rod. Another web photo for information only, thanks

Enlarge photo 36

Vz54 Acc Lens Filters
Web photo for information only, thanks

Enlarge photo 37

Vz54 AccT ools
Web photo for information only, thanks

Enlarge photo 38

Vz54 top, Soviet 91/30 Pu bottom
Here & following is a series of photos directly comparing the Czech Vz54 w/the Soviet 91/30 PU.
The vz54 is a matching rifle except for the mount, which is the correct mount/scope for the gun, the 91/30 is a non-import 1944 Ishevsk PU, original sniper.

Enlarge photo 39

Vz54 top, PU bottom

Enlarge photo 40

Vz54 top, PU bottom

Enlarge photo 41

Vz54 top, PU bottom

Enlarge photo 42

Vz54 top, PU bottom

Enlarge photo 43

Vz54 top, PU bottom

Enlarge photo 44

PU top, Vz54 bottom

Enlarge photo 45

Vz54 top, PU bottom

Enlarge photo 46

PU top, Vz54 bottom

Enlarge photo 47

PU top, Vz54 bottom

Enlarge photo 48

Scope/mount assemblies
Vz54 top, PU bottom

Enlarge photo 49

Bolt comparison
Vz54 above left, PU bottom right

Enlarge photo 50

vz54 top, PU bottom

Enlarge photo 51

Vz54 top, PU bottom

Enlarge photo 52

Vz54 top, PU bottom

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