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Militaria Reference album
Various items of militaria, headgear, field gear, uniforms etc.
Album by willyp. Photos by willyp. 1 - 50 of 50 Total. 14430 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1

Australian Bush hat
Very nice bush hat w/badge & brown leather chin strap, turned up brim w/small metal clasp. I believe this to be post war WW2.

Enlarge photo 2

#2 Austro-Hungarian 1916 Staff Officers Kepi
Extremely nice & exceptional condition Austr-Hungarian Kepi adopted in 1916 & issued to staff officers in the gray color, reportedly referred to by the troops as "The Artificial Brain" re it's use by staff officers

Enlarge photo 3

#2a Austro-Hungarian 1916 Staff Kepi side view

Enlarge photo 4

#6 British WW1 era Colonial sun helmet
This is an original WW1 era sun helmet (different shape & brim to WW2), exc shape many markings inside along w/ink writing, outside is soiled & darkened (as would be expected)

Enlarge photo 5

British WW1 period 1905 Service cap
Very early piece of British headgear, this is the cap British soldiers wore at the beginning of WW1 before the developement of steel helmets

Enlarge photo 6

#5 British 1915 trench cap
Extremely rare piece of WW1 British headgear, original 1915 pattern trench cap, soft body, foldable issued to British troops throughout WW1, almost impossible to locate.

Enlarge photo 7

#5a British 1915 trench cap side view

Enlarge photo 8

#7 British Highlander field/combat tam
early period large khaki tam w/red hackle & khaki tuft.

Enlarge photo 9

#7a British Highlander field/combat tam side view

Enlarge photo 10

1916 SMLE trench mag

Enlarge photo 11

WW1 SMLE Wire Cutter attachment

Enlarge photo 12


Enlarge photo 13

Canadian WW1 early war wool visor cap
Pre-war issue Canadian visor cap as worn thru the first 2 years of the war, mush 'softer" style cap as opposed to the Brit issue 1905 cap.

Enlarge photo 14

Finn used Swede cap dated 1915
This is a wool, lined cap, blue/white Finn cockard, exc Mkg inside, crown double date 1915. Got this 20 years ago as a WW1 German troops cap, learned thru Gunboards.net forums it is actually a WW1 Swede cap used by the Finns possibly as early as the Russian/Finn Civil War ON EBAY

Enlarge photo 15

French WW1 1884EngKepi
Model 1884 French Engineer Officers Kepi

Enlarge photo 16

French 1884 Engineers Kepi
Rear view displaying the quatrefoil design & intricate braiding

Enlarge photo 17

#16 French 1884 Kepi
Standard style 1884 model Kepi as worn at the beginning of WW1, dk blue bottom & piping red top, black leather visor, has a flaming bomb embroidered on the front which is reportedly denotes use by the French Foriegn Legion, who during WW1 wore these in red/blue early & later the Colonial 1915 style (stiff & in brown).

Enlarge photo 18

#11 French 1915 Colonial Kepi
Rare Colonial Troops (Algerian, Moroccon, Foriegn Legion) 1915 style kepi (stiff sides, straight brim) in brown/khaki opposed to blue as issued to regular continental French troops. This kepi also comes complete w/the white cover w/neck scarf as seen in most Foreign Legion movies.

Enlarge photo 19

#12 French Alpine Chaussers Beret
Extremely rare piece of WW1 French headgear, the dark blue/black large floppy beret worn by the Alpine/mountain troops complete w/the small Chausser horn, this one is a metal horn

Enlarge photo 20

#13 French naval cap
very early naval cap, cap is decent shape black wool w/red tuft (as worn by naval infantry), the ribbon band is in poor shape & tattered, has "engeur" in gold bevo on the band

Enlarge photo 21


Enlarge photo 22


Enlarge photo 23


Enlarge photo 24


Enlarge photo 25

#23 German Jager Officers cap
German WW1 Officers Jager cap, dark green crown, black velour band w/red piping, both cockards present.

Enlarge photo 26

#25 German 1915 metal pickelhaub
Extremely rare metal 1 piece pickelhaub, very tough to find, no liner but the shell & paint are exc w/proper brass spike & brass eagle frontplate, leather strap w/brass ends.

Enlarge photo 27

#25a German 1915 metal pickelhaub side view

Enlarge photo 28

German Jager Shako field cover
Very rare field cover for the Jager Shako, this 1 is the enlisted version, rough canvas w/small metal hooks on the front & rear brims to attach w/an opening in the front for the Abzeichen (field badge).

Enlarge photo 29

German Jager shako field cover inside view
Interior view

Enlarge photo 30

German 1915 Uhlan Landsturm helmet
Extremely rare, original Uhlan helmet, letaher body, w/leather permanently affixed mortorboard top, frontplate is for a Landsturm Uhlan regiment (as indicated by the Maltese cross on the eagle's chest), complete liner, wartime leather strap, large size state cockard & national Abzeichen wool badge affixed to top.

Enlarge photo 31

German Uhlan helmet w/cover on

Enlarge photo 32

German 1915 Uhlan side vew

Enlarge photo 33

German Uhlan helmat & cover

Enlarge photo 34

#26 German WW1 Naval
Beautiful shape, WW1 Kriegsmarine naval flat cap, complete w/ribbon, & cockard, extremely rare piece of WW1 headgear.

Enlarge photo 35

#26a German WW1 naval cap side view

Enlarge photo 36


Enlarge photo 37


Enlarge photo 38

Italian WW1 Alpine trooper hat
green felt w/reinforced stiched front brim, green leather band & feather holder, blk leather sweatband, black eagles feather, no regimental pom pom. Has the embroidered blk Alpini eagle & has an insignia for "Engineers or Signals" unit. 2 cooling holes on each side w/green metal grommets 1 of which on left side is missing. These were the same from WW1 thru the 30's, no markings anywhere on the hat.

Enlarge photo 39

Italian WW1 Alpini front

Enlarge photo 40

Italian WW1 Alpini right

Enlarge photo 41

Italian WW1 Alpini inside

Enlarge photo 42

#32 Italian 1885 Sun Helmet
WW1 pattern Italian Colonial troops sun helmet.

Enlarge photo 43

Italian 1885 Sun helmet side view

Enlarge photo 44

Italian WW1 Colonial troops fez
Red wool fez w/brass insignia, long black tassel as issued to native troops in N. Africa.

Enlarge photo 45

Swedish 1896 mauser action cover open

Enlarge photo 46

Swedish 1896 Mauser Arctic action cover

Enlarge photo 47

#35 US 1910
"Smokey Bear" field cap issued to all US troops at the beginning of the war, this 1 is an Officer of Engineers as indicated by the badge & colors of the cord.

Enlarge photo 48

US 1903 Springfield/Warner Swazey scope case
leather scope case as issued in WW1 to US snipers for the Warney Swazey scoped 1903 Springfield rifles, dated 1918 in leather.

Enlarge photo 49


Enlarge photo 50


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