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Items For Sale or Trade
I have been collecting miltary items & models for over 35 years, I've focused my collecting on Soviet items, any thing listed is also available for trade. There are 5 sections here, (1) Weapons- rifles, bayonets & accs., (2)Militaria-headgear, field gear etc, (3) Models mainly 1/72 military a/c & armor kits, (4) Books-mostly weapons history, technical, & historical books, (5) Radio Control Model Items, I have multiple pics of each item listed.
Some items I am looking for: (all Soviet) PSM pistol, Siminov 1936 Mosin "trials" bayonet, "trials" m1944 carbines, 1945, 1947, 1948? dated 91/30's, 1942-1945 hex receiver 91/30, an original all Russian 1920-1929 Tula mfg Dragoon, any original non import matching Soviet stuff.
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Weapons & Related items
1. Weapons & Related items 
These are all items from my personal collection, I am not a dealer, also check the photo reference section as many of the rifles listed here have complete albums with many pics of each in them. All items are sold as collectors items only & should be checked before firing, I have never fired most of them. All sales/trades will adhere to all local/State/Federal law & will require your FFL or 1 from your dealer, antiques will require proof of ID & age.
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Miliaria & Accsessories
2. Miliaria & Accsessories 
Helmets, headgear, uniforms, medals, field gear etc from WW1 & ComBloc countries mainly.
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Models Kits
3. Models Kits  (UPDATED 12/13/07)
If you want to inquire on any models shown, at the bottom of the page you can send an email. At this point I don't have a list/prices as I'm trying to organize everything, I'm figuring out prices as I get inquiries on particular kits,
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Books, Magazines, Reference etc
4. Books, Magazines, Reference etc  (November 15, 2007)
If you want to inquire on any books shown, at the bottom of the page you can send an email.
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Radio Control Models & Accs.
5. Radio Control Models & Accs.  (May 22, 2017)
Models, motors, electronics, transmitters receivers for sale
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Radio Control Model Items
6. Radio Control Model Items  (05/20/2017)
Radio control airplanes, multi-copters, helicopters, transmitters, receivers, various electronic items etc
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