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The Boys at Wild Oak

Here are our beautiful boys, they are the greatest. Kind, sweet, gentle, gorgeous, most loving boys ever. Their temperaments are unbeatable, they are the best.
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GRCH'PR'Sands'Of Timeat WildOak"Trooper"
1. GRCH'PR'Sands'Of Timeat WildOak"Trooper"  (November 18, 2008)

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Now in southern California!!

A REAL accomplishment; Trooper was the 4th Rat Terrier to earn his AKC CM title. CM stands for Certificate of Merit, a title earned for AKC FSS dog's accomplishment prior to be accepted into their respective group, ours being Terrier. We're so proud of this super duper Trooper, he's wonderful in so many ways.

HIP-HIP HORRAY!!!! Trooper has earned his AKC Championship, what a great accomplishment for him and he deserves every bit of it!!

Trooper earned his UKC Grand Championship July 2009 at 10 months of age, we're very proud of our boy.

OFFA Patella RAT-PA693/12M/P-P1
Cardiac Physician examined excellent
PLL and PRA - Clear by parentage and tested clear

Sire: CH Sands' Wang-Dang Doodle "Dan"
Dam: CH Sands' Sweet Thing "Chrissy"
Born: September 12, 2008
Black tri
14 1/2 inches tall, 20 pounds

This great boy came from Southern Sands Kennel in Savannah, Georgia.

We have definitely benefited from Lisa Sands' diligent breeding program and are very happy this boy was available to us. Thanks Lisa for this southern gent, he's a charmer for sure. Happy, friendly, outgoing, confident, smart, goofy, comedian, a super boy.

There's just no better boy, period

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UKC CH Turn "Turbo" Rugostar at Wild Oak
2. UKC CH Turn "Turbo" Rugostar at Wild Oak  (January 15, 2008)

Turbo is lovingly owned by Pat McAndrews, San Jose, CA., she graciously allows me to continue to use this handsomest of handsome boys to create incredible litters, thank you Pat, I love you.

Turbo won his UKC Championship in Claremont, CA February 2008 with 2 BOB.

Sire: CH Turn Into A Nice Guy
Dam:  CH Turn O Kit
Born: March 16, 2007
UKC/AKC Registered
Black Bi
Height: 14"

Cardiac normal, Practitioner
Patellas normal, on OFFA website
PLL - clear

Turbo came to us from Companion Kennels in Washington State. We brought Turbo home from the Claremont, CA show Memorial Day weekend, 2007, he was 10 weeks old.

Turbo is the happiest dog I've ever met, he is pure uncontrollable joy. When he wiggles with glee it's like he has no bones in his body.  His energy is limitless, he can run with horses for a week on a camping trip, get to a large overhanging rock and perch there waiting for the horses and riders to catch up, then he's off again.

Turbo has sired three exquisite litters, check out these puppies in the "Litters of the Past" album and the 2014 Halloween litter.

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