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Guestbook for Pocono 2006 Pennsylvania 500. 9 entries. Sign the Guestbook
Karin-RYR FanSat, 2 Sep 2006 1:22AM

Pic No. 36 is a great shot, I like the reflection in the water, same goes for No. 83 and Harvicks sunglasses. No. 150 is pretty cool also. Thanks for all the pics of Stephen (especially the one with Ernie). Just wondering if you got to talk to Robert Yates, just wondering how he's doing.

DeBoraWed, 2 Aug 2006 8:29PM

Excellant pictures! Great color and great photos!

Rita Foxy LynchTue, 1 Aug 2006 2:43PM

Jim,....AWESOME....as always.Thank You for the pictures of JEREMY......awesome!!! I was soooo happy to meet you. THANK YOU for 66,67....

CatTue, 1 Aug 2006 8:55AM

Great job once again. Don't know how you stand the heat, but you did it.

GLADYS GORDON | Team MayfieldTue, 1 Aug 2006 8:30AM

Great shots.  Enjoyed it.

GretchenMon, 31 Jul 2006 5:38PM

106, 108-121 love the ones when you line them up just perfect going so fast! I enjoyed these...you had a variety of pictures.  Good job!

GreggMon, 31 Jul 2006 5:20PM


Da BSMon, 31 Jul 2006 6:22AM

All of a sudden I'm in the mood for a Bud and a bag of Combos!!!  Ummm!  Great shots!  Even with a bum neck you do one hell of a job!!!  Thanks for sharing!!!

Snow | Schvenn's Naschcar Schack/RPMWarrior.netSun, 30 Jul 2006 5:23PM

Great photos as always Jim! Love it when you cover a race~


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