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Guestbook for Fahrner. 13 entries. Sign the Guestbook
Michelle Wed, 23 Sep 2015 11:31AM

I also have a small collection of Fahrner jewelry. What craftsmanship!  It is so lovely.

Kitty | www.KittysAntiqueJewelry.comSun, 28 Jul 2013 11:27AM

Fabulous Source for Collectors and Dealers Alike! I have a rare design Theodor Fahrner Dragonfly Brooch on my website. The exact Dragonfly Brooch is featured in the original Fahrner Design Book with the date 12th September 1927 would love it if you wanted to show a picture here as so many pieces of Fahrner Jewelry are becoming one of a kind now it is great if we can preserve their record for posterity. Best Wishes! Kitty

MJSat, 12 Jan 2013 3:59PM

Have a few inherited Fahrner pieces and would like some guidance on how to sell them.

Sylvia Fitch-McconnellWed, 7 Nov 2012 5:05PM

thanks for all the photos. I have a small collection of Fahrner jewelry. rings,bracelets,and neclaces, that belonged to my mother. given to her by her mother early 20th century stuff. Most relatives were killed in the war [WWII], so not much history left. But after looking at your pics, I think I may have a chrysoprase ring. Very cool! thanks for posting

AnniSun, 15 Apr 2012 9:10AM

Very excited. I've been trying to identify an arts & crafts silver brooch - a styalised tree containing an opal matrix - and now I know it is a Theodor Fahrner.  The stamp has both the 950 TF & REG.D MB&Co as shown in picture 37.

Richard | www.duveen.comWed, 16 Nov 2011 6:24AM

Nice site.

Darnelle GoodsellSat, 17 Sep 2011 9:53AM

I was so excited to discover your website today.  Your pictures are beautiful, and your descriptions are so helpful and educational.  Thank you!

Ms Jean PurdyTue, 2 Aug 2011 1:30PM

interested in Thedor fahrner orignals

dwight Wed, 9 Feb 2011 3:26PM

got a fahrner brooch would like to shoot you a pic from my cell if you will send address?

william r.zieglerThu, 14 Jan 2010 7:32PM

i just fiund one of your rings with a german sign from world war 11. cou you tell me anything about it?

MaryTue, 8 Jul 2008 5:04PM

I enjoy perusing through your site. I find lots of good info! I just purchased the Theodor Fahrner Jewelry book and found that I had sold on eBay, the Fahrner bracelet (2.90) shown on page 208 in the colors (2.89; light green & light blue with green stones). Anyway, I also have a pair of Fahrner opal screwback earrings that match the bracelet (2.40) on page 196. One of these days I will also be selling them on eBay!

Linda Arkules CohnThu, 27 Dec 2007 8:21AM

Hello, I do not know if it matters but I just sent you a message re a Fahrner piece through the Hattie Carnegie's (spell?) guest book instead of the appropriate Fahrner.  Anyway, this gives me a chance to ask you the best (least expensive) place/site to purchase your Haskell book as well as the new edition Fahrner book and other jewelry reference books. Do you have suggestions? Thanks again, Linda

JorunnWed, 23 Nov 2005 7:06PM

Cathy, I just want to thank you for help in verifying Fahrner mark on my bracelet. You are a true GEM!

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