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Cowboy's albums
These are the albums of John "Cowboy" Gamradt.

We hope you enjoy them.
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Gamradt Photos
1. Gamradt Photos  (Various)
Gamradt Photos

Linda Gamradt Kohorst collected and organized all these photos. She provided a DVD from which all of the photos came from.

Thank you Linda for all you did!!!
6 Albums
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2. MACAE  (Various)
MACAE Events

*Click here to visit the MACAE website
8 Albums
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3. Biking  (Various)
Various Biking Events.
13 Albums
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Grand Canyon Trip
4. Grand Canyon Trip  (October 21-27, 2007)
Red Rock Canyon, Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Zion.
9 Albums
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Israel - 2003
5. Israel - 2003  (October 15-23, 2003)
United Jewish Communities Mission to Israel.
12 Albums
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Cuba, 2001 Bike Trip
6. Cuba, 2001 Bike Trip  (March, 2001)
Bike trip to Cuba in 2001.

Unfortunately, the photos are not the best quality. When the film was processed, I got a CD of the photos (they didn't do a very good job of scanning).
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The Yard & Plants
7. The Yard & Plants  (Various)
The Yard and plants.

*Click here for Hosta Gardener Website*

*Click here for Garden Web - Hosta*
20 Albums
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Miscellaneous Albums
8. Miscellaneous Albums  (Various)
Miscellaneous Albums.
37 Albums
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