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Treasured Rat Terriers
Treasured Rat Terriers is located in Leesburg, New Jersey! I do indeed treasure all my babies, they are all being brought up inside my home and I share everything with them. I can only thank all the other breeders whomn I have met and have been able to get some wonderful little Brats from!
I am planning on doing a small time breeding program and will strive for healthly puppies with show/breeding/hunting potentials, great confirmation and temperment. I am sure with the quality of pups I now own they will grow into beautiful rat terriers and make this breed proud!
Please watch my babies grow with me!
You can email me at treasuresnj@aol.com for avaliable puppies!

I am so very proud to announce that Jackpot's Highway Man now at Quilted Meadows is the 1st of our dogs to earn his championship show title. Flurry was the 1st rat Terrier that I ever owned and to see him now with his championship title makes my heart soar, due to my health my dogs only get to show in very close local shows, and we will continue to get all of our wonderful fur friends thier championship titles as well! I will never be able to thank my good friend Vicki for helping Flurry obtain this goal!

I am so very proud to announce that a pup of mine, Chatten's Treasured Kuhla (Louie) at 1 year of age and attending only 3 shows in 1 weekend has earned his championship title!

During the same shows my 8 year old grandaughter showed our Treasured Double Stuffed Oreo Cookie in the junior class and won 3 1st place ribbons!

I welcome perspective buyers to come into my home at anytime to view my dogs and puppies,I urge you to, if you are planning on buying a puppy so you can see what you are getting and how they are raised, my babies are born in my own bedroom and remain there until they are ready to go home with the exception of letting them roam in other rooms and outside at 8 weeks so they can feel all different textures and be socialized with my other dogs and family, then return back to bedroom for naps and night time sleeping with their mama!

Every breeder should invite you to their home to see how the dogs and puppies are raised and if they do not let you come, then please steer clear of these no more litters this year hoping for a litter in Jan . 2016 from my Peaches & Cream.

Puppy's expected in fall by Treasured Kaelyn's Jelly Bean and Treasured Twizzler's Black Licorce 2nd week in October 2018

All puppies from this litter are in their new homes!

My friend in Tuckahoe NJ has had a litter of 6 puppies, currently 2 females are available, please see the album., and contact me if interested!

Puppies are $500.00, and at least a $100.00 deposit will hold the puppy of your choice!

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