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The Costumes
1. The Costumes  (2000 - 2014)
MUCH costumey-goodness!  See what I've got planned, or what's already hanging in MY wardrobe!!!
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2. Commissions  (2000 - 2014)
Costumes made to order for customers.
(YAY! My portfolio got large enough to warrant a Folder of its own!)
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Spectre Of Darkness
3. Spectre Of Darkness  (Oct 17th 2006 to Feb 17th 2007)
www.spectreofdarkness.com  ---  http://myspace.com/spectreofdarkness

- references shots of my work on Set but gives a sneak preview of what you can expect from this classy little film!  
- Initially stepping onboard to battle a Sith Lord, I acquired instead the roles of Makeup, SPFX(!omg!) AND some Costuming. Later I also subbed as Hairdresser as well - but you just may spy a suspiciously familiar looking holograph in the final scenes ;D

- story by Greg Skerman & screenplay Stacey Erbacher &  Michael Rodrigues
- directed by Simon Smith (Pixelframe Visual Technology) www.pixelframe.com.au
- Teaser trailer released at SciFi Fantasy Night, at MovieWorld on the Gold Coast, April 14th - in attendance were BillyDee Williams and other SciFi celebs.
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The Shanannigans
4. The Shanannigans  (2000 - 2010)
Hugely amazing Costumed Capers and other mischieviously related events that I've gotten myself in to!!
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Enchanted Threads Costuming
5. Enchanted Threads Costuming  (2004)
- WingFriendly Capes (house specialty!)
            Panne Velvets - Lg:US$90   Sml:US$40   MANY colours!
- Ren Boots  US$30
- Shirts  (100% cottons/voiles) US$30-60
- Blouses n Skirts (coming soon)
- Commissions  

I prefer Paypal. Prices include Insured Postage.  Regular Items allow UP to 4wks delivery. Enquiries/place Orders via: forestSprite (place the AT sign here) froggy .com .au
- Prices/fabric subject to avail. and customers choice.
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My Travels
6. My Travels  (2000 - 2010)
.. covers all manner of grand adventures that I get up to, be it Stormchasing, personal holidays or family functions.
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Jacaradas of Woongarra
7. Jacaradas of Woongarra  (November 2004)
While I'd resided at Woongarra Street in The Gap (Brisbane) for more than 10yrs I'd never gotten around to capturing the magnificence of the many Jacaranda trees we enjoyed every October.  Every year I'd say "gotta get some photographs of the Jacarandas in bloom this year"... and then life would keep happening and I never would.  Well one fine morning last November, the Force must have given me a prod that it just might be the last chance I had to capture their glory.  (And sure enough, 6mths later I'd moved.)
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The NEW 'DO'
8. The NEW 'DO'  (July 24, 2004)
ooooook.   I've worn my hair near waistlength for nearly 10yrs.    eeeeek!  There will be before and after piccies - but this stays locked until 'after'!!!
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