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Jewel Creations Catalog Scans
1. Jewel Creations Catalog Scans  
Many of these pieces are often mistaken for Selro.  Now we see the proof; they are clearly not!
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NOT Selro But Often Mistaken For It
2. NOT Selro But Often Mistaken For It 

Be aware, there are many sellers out there on many different venues, claiming their items have been or are verified to be Selro pieces when they absolutely are not. I don't know who is doing these verifications but the ones I have seen were not verified by me, nor do I know who is doing this. I suspect it's just a ploy to get people to buy. Other companies made pieces with faces on them and some were nearly identical to Selro, but not quite! There are many brand new or "new, old stock" faces being sold all over the net. People use these to repair broken pieces or sets and claim they are Selro. Maybe they just don't understand or realize that this cannot be authentic. I just don't know. People are mistaking the Florenza Noh mask for Selro pieces and other Noh masks as well. Not all Noh masks were made by Selro! Please, please do your research and if you can't find the answer out there, please email me or ask me on the site. I am always open to have a look at pieces and let people know my opinion.

When identifying bracelets please keep in mind almost every single Selro bracelet is composed of 5 sections. Often a connector between these sections is decorated or decorative, making it look like a small thin section but it's usually not. Selro bracelets were not 7 inches. They are almost always 7-1/2 inches in length but sometimes we do find them in 8 inch lengths as well. I believe this may be more like a cuff in sections. I have a few in my own collection. Also, there are a very few that came in 6-3/4 inch lengths. I have one pictured in the bracelet section that is orange/mango colored confetti with 4 sections and women's faces in the metal. They seem to be uncommon in this shorter size but on occasion, they will be found in that length.

The Selro Company did not make jewelry with Buddhas on it, nor acorns, nor expansion bracelets, nor genies, or lapel pins, nor is it new or made at home.

It is vintage jewelry. It is not Selro Selini or Selro/Selini. Selini was another line made by The Selro Company.

They are often very difficult to discern as to which is which but they are not both unless one actually finds a very rare combination signature on one piece. It is also not signed LaHeir.

Back-bracing on each section of a bracelet doesn't automatically make it Selro. It's a *particular* type of bracing that does help to identify it, however. Please see the page on findings, backs, etc. to see what Selro back-bracing looks like.

Just because a piece of jewelry has a face on it does not automatically make it Selro. If it has a dragon on it, it also doesn't automatically make it Selro. However, keep in mind that Selro Company did create jewelry for Hattie Carnegie and Capri plus a couple of others. If the item does have enough elements to make it highly suspect as being a Selro, yet it is signed Carnegie, Capri, Pomerantz, or LaRoco, it's probably ok to say it might have been made by Selro.

Selro didn't make pierced earrings. They are only clip backs and on some occasions, screw backs have been noted. Because a piece is decorated in the style called confetti or with glitter doesn't automatically make it Selro nor is every chunky bracelet made by Selro. In fact, most of them aren't.

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The Many Faces Of Selro
3. The Many Faces Of Selro  (March 3, 2012)

Hello and welcome to my website. Please feel free to browse the many pages of data, here, provided for everyone to identify their Selro jewelry. I would like to ask people to please stop calling this jewelry Selro/Selini. It is not both. Because sellers have decided to do this to get sales, now even Google and eBay are picking up on the mistake and it is incorrect. There have been a very, very few RARE instances with both marks which are probably end-of-day pieces, nothing more. By doing this, people are just perpetuating the mistake!

Please check the updates in the *NOT Selro But Often Mistaken For It* album for newly added information up at the top of that page and also the new album for connectors and backs that are non-Selro or Selini.

Please note: I do not offer Jewelry Appraisals or Estimates. Thank you!
This is not a site for selling, but a site for education on the wonderful jewelry known as Selro and Selini.

These are images of as many Selro or Selini Noh mask face pieces that I can fit on the first page. There is a drop-down menu up at the top so you can move from page to page, easily. Just click it and you will see all the various pages for the albums.

These are identification pages for jewelry by the name Selro and also Selini, both creations by Paul Selenger.  Most of it was unsigned and came with hang tags or on a card so in order to wear it, the owner would discard the tag or card. Many, many people have trouble identifying it and many sellers misrepresent it.  This has been a 12 year work in progress job of mine, all at my own expense and time, to make it right.  Of course, I totally LOVE the jewelry and it's about the only costume jewelry I buy for my own personal collection.

Noh mask (White) Okina (Hakushikijyo)

The mask is of an older male with long white beard expressing wisdom. The Okina mask takes its origin from the traditional Genryu style of Noh play called "Dance of Monkeys" and it features movable jaw & eyebrows.

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The Thai Girls & The Other Girls
4. The Thai Girls & The Other Girls 

There are Thai girls, as they are called, but not all the girls are Thai. You can tell by the hats or headdresses they wear.

True Thai girls will have the pointed hats. The others are more like headdresses worn by the African women and there are some that are more like Native American headdresses. One version has a Chinese Coolie hat. I will group them as much as I can so you can see the difference.

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The African Faces
5. The African Faces 

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The Egyptians
6. The Egyptians 

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Miscellaneous Faces & Hidden Critters
7. Miscellaneous Faces & Hidden Critters 

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Bracelet Sets
8. Bracelet Sets 

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Bracelets And More Bracelets
9. Bracelets And More Bracelets 

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Necklaces, Lariats, Bolos And More
10. Necklaces, Lariats, Bolos And More 

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Full Selro And Selini Sets
11. Full Selro And Selini Sets 

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Brooches, Pins And Brooch Demis
12. Brooches, Pins And Brooch Demis 

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Rings, Earrings & Other Misc Pieces
13. Rings, Earrings & Other Misc Pieces 

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Selro Backs, Connectors & Others
14. Selro Backs, Connectors & Others 

Here you will find ways to identify Selro pieces that are unsigned. Connectors on bracelets are a good start, plus backs of pieces, construction and other identifying marks.

Just a note: These overlapping V connectors are not only found on Selro pieces but they do help to identify pieces that have other attributes.

Also, not all pieces will have back bracing and it appears not to be found on signed pieces. Many large Selro pieces are out there that do not have this feature.

Please keep in mind that not all Selro was created the same way and that not all pieces will have the same kind of backs, connectors or clasps. There are many different styles. This page is a work in progress.

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15. RFI 
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Dolphin Jewelry
16. Dolphin Jewelry 
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