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Sling Customer Service Number

Sling TV is a contract-free, subscription-based streaming service which is the type of Netflix for live TV. Starting at 25USD per month, its users can sign up for HD, live streams of cable channels like CNN, AMC, Comedy Central, ESPN, and so forth. For extra monthly costs, users can register for access to more premium features and channels, like cloud DVR storage of Sling TV support.

For the purpose of cord-cutting, Sling TV is highly recommended. But is it the right choice for you? Let’s check out.


  • An easy-to-use, streamlined interface – Alongside fundamental dependability, Sling TV features an easy-to-use, streamlined user interface. Rather than the conventional style which is found in the industry, Sling chooses a more visual style.
  • Flexible cloud DVR service – This is an added advantage which stores the scheduled recordings in the cloud. For 5USD per month only, you can add 50 hours of cloud storage to the Sling account and the record displays to the content of their heart.


  • Struggle on streaming sticks – With Sling, HD programming slips into pixilated imagery, low resolution, the connection drops regularly, and the application itself has a bad crashing habit.
  • Basic features are not applicable to all channels – One of the best features, for instance, ‘start over’ feature, does not work on every channel of Sling TV although it is present. And the same thing goes for the video-on-demand function as well.

Is Sling TV the right choice?

In case you have Nvidia Shield, Roku TV or any other streaming gadget which is not a stick, Sling TV is an amazing way of catching some of your preferred shows offered they provide the channels which air them. You are recommended to sit down with the complete list of Sling channels offerings prior to jumping in head-first. For any other query, contact Sling TV customer service.

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