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Hello and welcome to our ImageEvent albums! We at Southern Sands Kennels are located in balmy southeast Georgia. For 2 and a half decades now, we have been breeding and showing the remarkable Rat Terrier. And to say the least, we are absolutely dedicated to the preservation and betterment of this versatile American breed!

As minimum age requirements are met and events are available, all of our Rat Terriers are:

  • AKC + UKC registered.
  • DNA profiled by Embark.
  • Shown to their UKC championship titles or beyond.
  • Microchipped with DATAMARS microfindr and registered with PetLink.
  • CHIC certified healthy by OFA according to and beyond the tests required for this breed:
    • Cardiac (normal),                         Patellas (normal),                         Elbows (normal),                         Hips (fair, good or excellent),                         Legg-Calve-Perthes ("LCP", normal),
    • Primary Lens Luxation ("PLL", normal [clear]),                             Progressive Retinal Atrophy ("PRA-PRCD", normal [clear]),
    • Degenrative Myelopathy ("DM", normal [clear]),                         Congenital Hypothyroidism With Goiter ("CHG", normal [clear]),
    • Multidrug Resistance ("MDR1", normal [clear]).  
  • Thoroughly checked by any number of our veterinarians:
    • Byron Steve Lynn, DVM (Reidsville, GA),
    • Kibbie Richardson Ringer, DVM (Reidsville, GA),
    • James Neal Deal, DVM (Glennville, GA),
    • Jim Hobby, DVM (Dublin, GA).

We hope you enjoy this tribute to our 4 beloved Rat Terriers. Simply use the links above and below on this page to visit their photo albums. In these photos, you will see us with our Rat Terriers competing in UKC show events, playing on the beach, hunting, relaxing at home and otherwise just enjoying life. We are proud to showcase their excellent conformation as well as their happiness, their health and the great quality of their lives. We strive to candidly display our intense devotion to them, to this magnificent breed as a whole and to the clear satisfaction of our buyers. And we are always glad to provide by request various references from previous buyers and colleagues as well.

Over the years, we have been honored to enrich our breeding program with the diverse bloodlines of some of the greatest Rat Terriers in the world! As we continue the development our own Rat Terrier bloodline, the Sands line, we uphold our dogs as a living testament to the quality of their ancestors and to our uncompromising commitment to safeguard this breed.

To learn more about us, you may visit Our Website as well. We have been active members of the RTCA and the ARTA for decades. First and foremost, our Rat Terriers are cherished members of our family. We enjoy showing them for the fellowship of the sport and for the advancement of this unique breed. For more information, feel free to E-Mail Us or call us at 912-654-1201. You can also see our latest News. If interested in acquiring one of our available Rat Terriers, please fill out Our Online Application. Thank you for stopping by!

Lisa & Michael Sands
Southern Sands Kennels
"Maintaining Excellence In The Remarkable Rat Terrier!"

Southern Sands Kennels

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NONE of the photo images or written content in ANY of these albums may be copied, used or reproduced without written permission from Lisa Sands.

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1. Eden & Roux Litter, Spring 2020  (January 27, 2021)
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2. Immy & Flick Litter, Fall 2020  (January 27, 2021)
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