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The male God has ignited
The original owner, Sisi, has no enmity. But Zhuang Yi did not know what illusion she had created for Sisi. Anyway, she did not like the original owner very much. When Chu Zheng didn't speak, Sisi said more and more energetically: "Your Sheng family is like this now. You have the nerve to come here. If I were you, I would kill you. Anyway, your father is dead. Who will be offended by this, but no one will protect you.." Crash Sisi screamed and fell into the water. Chu Zheng calmly withdrew her feet, and when everyone came to their senses, she had already withdrawn her feet and stood in place elegantly and indifferently, as if the person who had just started was not her. Sisi flopped in the water and shouted for help. Sisi. You have to save people! Zhuang Yi can swim, but she certainly won't go into the water at the moment. She just shouts at the people next to her. A little boy who checked the invitation jumped down and rescued Sisi. Sisi choked a few mouthfuls of water, but it was no big deal. Sisi slowed down and stared at Chuzheng with fire-breathing eyes: "Do you want to murder me?" Chu Zheng's tone is very light: "You are too noisy." The little girl stood at the junction of light and shade, her gestures and gestures were all noble, and her delicate eyebrows were faintly cold and alienated, which made people dare not approach at will. The little girl of the Sheng family has a little temper. The crowd of onlookers and the people around them whispered. Anyhow also is the daughter of Sheng Min, how can be really so unbearable. "So all the previous rumors are false?" "Look at this posture now, that goes without saying,Inflatable indoor park, it must be the false news released by Sheng Min in order to protect his daughter, which is to make people impossible to guard against." Sisi was soaked to the skin, and was so angry by the two words of Chu Zheng that her chest rose and fell rapidly. This was a low-cut dress. At this time, the softness of her chest seemed to jump out, which was extremely eye-catching. Sisi noticed the line of sight around, some angry hands blocked, and stood up with the help of Zhuangyi. As soon as she wanted to argue with Chu Zheng,Jumping castle with slide, she saw the crowd in the distance suddenly separate. The tall and handsome man came quickly. Zhuang Yi's eyes brightened and she loosened Sisi to greet him. Brother Ting. She took Sheng Ting's arm, and the bird leaned over. When Sheng Ting appeared, many female creatures showed their nymphomaniac expressions. At this time, Zhuangyi's style immediately aroused the envy and jealousy of many women. Sheng Ting! Even though what he did to the Sheng family was not authentic, he was now the object of everyone's fawning, and he had to say a few words of compliment when he met. Sheng Ting's dark eyes stared at Chu Zheng's side, ignoring Zhuang Yi's behavior, but also did not push her away. Brother Ting, we met Miss Sheng just now. Zhuang Yi took the initiative. Sheng Ting walked to the opposite side of Chu Zheng and asked, "Who did you come with?" Who would give her the invitation without his permission? So Sheng Ting thought she must have come with someone else. Last time, Sheng Ting sent someone to check, completely unable to find out where her funds came from. And her recent changes. Chu Zheng: "It's none of your business." Sheng Ting's expression looked ugly for a moment. He pulled out the hand held by Zhuang Yi and stretched it out to Chu Zheng: "Zheng, inflatable floating water park ,inflatable floating water park, follow me." That tone is not an inquiry. It's an order. Chu Zheng glanced at Zhuang Yi, whose face was pale and whose lips were clenched. Zhuang Yi's eyes were slightly red, and she suddenly showed a sense of hatred for the sight of the first Zheng. As soon as Chu Zheng's line of sight turned, he asked with an expressionless face, "Why?"? What are you? Bored or not. One, two, endless. You can't do it yet! Trouble! Chapter 221 the return of the King (18). Chu Zheng asked the bodyguard to take the invitation and did not intend to pay any more attention to Sheng Ting. We are together. Before the bodyguard's invitation came out, an invitation was handed to the front. Chu Zheng was going to take back the action he was going to do. Miss Sheng, don't you have a male companion? The boy put one hand in his pocket, looked at him carelessly, and smiled at the corners of his mouth. No "Are you lucky enough to be Miss Sheng's male companion?" The boy stretched out his hand gracefully. Chu Zheng thought about it, handed over his hand, and held it lightly. Eno wasn't going to stand up, but Sheng Ting showed up and he changed his mind. Holding Chu Zheng's hand, the boy put his arm around her slender waist and looked carelessly at Sheng Ting. "Nice to meet you, Mr. Sheng," he said. "Who is that?" "Master Jiang, Jiang Ye.".
” "Master Jiang of Black Gold?" "So young?" Jiang Ye said hello and took Chu Zheng to the yacht. Sheng Ting blocked their way. Mr. Jiang, please let go of the kite. Sheng Ting's whole body was sharp, and his eyes were full of dark haze, which made people very uncomfortable. Jiang Ye is much more casual, with a faint smile at the corners of his mouth: "Mr. Sheng, Miss Sheng chose me. How can I let go of my female companion? It's very impolite." Without waiting for Sheng Ting to speak, Jiang Ye added, "Mr. Sheng, your female companion is looking at you. It's not a man who makes a girl so embarrassed. Don't eat in the bowl and look at the pot." Sheng Ting frowned. Zhuang Yi's eyes were misty with tears, and she looked at Sheng Ting pitifully. Jiang Ye called the roll, and Zhuang Yi, who knew the timing, called him in a low voice: "Brother Ting." Sheng Ting clenched his fist, and his eyes showed some unwillingness. The girl was supposed to be standing next to him. But it is really inappropriate to make trouble now. He stared at Jiang Ye, as if to see the flowers from Jiang Ye, half a minute later to get out of the way. "Nice to meet you, Mr. Jiang," said Sheng Ting in a deep voice. Jiang Ye smiled. Private parties, bodyguards can't follow. The bodyguard was stopped below, early Zheng did not say anything, followed Jiang Ye to go in. The yacht will send people to the cruise ship, and when they go up, they need to check carefully to make sure that they are not carrying any dangerous goods. Finally, even the mobile phone needs to be kept. The deck of the cruise ship is very lively,Inflatable water park on lake, with fragrant clothes and wine. Jiang Ye was still holding Chu Zheng's waist. He leaned close to Chu Zheng. "Miss Sheng, what are you doing here?" Chu Zheng's eyes swept over the crowd and his tone was light: "Looking for someone." Jiang Ye did not expect that she would tell herself so bluntly that there was a faint feeling of comfort in her heart. He turned to wonder, "Who?" Chu Zheng took out a cell phone and clicked on the photo to show him. joyshineinflatables.com
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