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Retrospective of Sibyl's Paintings
WELCOME!  Hope you will enjoy your visit and come again.  I'm on a learning curve and there is a lot of work to do before this album is where I would like it to be.  If your time is limited this visit you might want to go to the last album (Sibyl's Work) for a quick look at the things we've been painting the last few years then come back for a more leisurely tour covering more than 40 years of doing something I love.
When my two older boys were only 5 & 6 (1962) I was trying to think of something to do that would be of interest outside the home and that's when I wondered if painting might be the way to go.  My early efforts were pitiful and may be brave enough to include some here if only to show how I painted in the beginning.  Am hoping it will encourage anyone just starting down this road.
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Newest Work
1. Newest Work  (January 2009 - 10)
This album was started to show the projects painted in the last year and eventually will move them into the appropriate folders according to catagories such as oils, acrylics, etc.
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The Beginning Years
2. The Beginning Years  (March 23, 2005)
Paintings from 1962 to 1973.  When I took up painting it was assumed it would be in oils and all other mediums I've learned to use since. Promise you won't laugh now as we progress through the stages of setting up our own still life, learning about perspective, lights and darks.
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The Middle Years
3. The Middle Years  (March 23, 2005)
Paintings from 1973 to 1984.  We had moved to Halifax in '73 and was so fortunate to be able to paint with a group at Bethany Church every Tuesday.  Oils continued to be the main medium but watercolors certainly piqued my interest.
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The Later Years to Present- OILS
4. The Later Years to Present- OILS  (l984 - 2006  Oil Paintings)
While looking into painting opportunities in London I decided to be open to other mediums and try different projects which was a good decision.  Although oils continue to be my favorite and where I feel most comfortable it has been good to explore and stretch and try new things.  You can only use so many paintings on your walls.  In order to make it easier to view will start grouping oils in one album, acrylics in another, etc.  Therefore this album will be for oils.
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5. ACRYLICS  (July, 2005)
Painting with acrylics doesn't come easily to me but the projects offered at our Open Houses look so interesting I keep taking classes and would like in time to become more confident using them.
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6. FABRIC    (July, 2005)
Most of these designs are painted using So Soft paints which are much easier to use than acrylic paints as the designs stay nice and soft through many washes.
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7. Watercolours  (July, 2005)
Love doing watercolours, not because its easy (which it isn't for me) but because it is so different from oil painting.
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Techniques-Inking, rouging,glazing
8. Techniques-Inking, rouging,glazing   (July, 2005)
Over the years classes have been offered that required learning new techniques such as inking, rouging, glazing, leafing,and anything new has always intrigued me.
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Gifts, Garden, Goodies
9. Gifts, Garden, Goodies  (July, 2005)
Gifts for family and friends play an important role as we become excited about painting something for a special person with the hope they will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed painting it. Things for the garden are also fun as we enjoy them all summer whether they be functional or purely decorative.
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Sibyl's Work
10. Sibyl's Work  (July 9, 2002)
All painted pieces in this album were done by my very talented friend Sibyl.
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