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Rebirth of good daughter-in-law in the c
"Anything, as long as you're nice to her.". Chunlan has a simple temper. If she meets a bad person who bullies her, she won't talk back. I just want her to find a village nearby, and your father and I can help watch if there is anything. Mother Song said with a smile, "Now I don't have to worry about the conditions of our family. If she gets married, people will not dare to treat her badly when they see her family like this." She suddenly said, "a few days ago, someone in Gaojiacun mentioned to me about Chunlan, saying that she was a classmate of Chunlan. I haven't answered this yet. I'm going to talk about it after seeing people for a while." "Gaojia Village?"? Mom, is the classmate of Chunlan they said called Gao Lei? "It seems to be called that." "What's the matter?" Asked Mother Song in surprise. "How do you know?" I.. I've seen it. Zhang Ning's head was confused. The things she had been ignoring and forgetting before were slowly linked up. When Mother Song heard her say she had seen him, she quickly said, "Well, how does this young man look?" Zhang Ning breathed in secretly, and then said calmly, "I think it's just so so, but.." Mom, would you like to inquire about the character of their family before you think about it. After all, if Chunlan really gets married, she also wants her family to live. "You're right. I'm just thinking about this young man, and we have to see how his family is." Song mother was reminded by this, the heart also has a plan, ready to find someone to ask Gao family home situation again. She has only one daughter,interactive flat panel display, and she has to choose a good one. Seeing that it was getting late, Song's mother did not disturb her daughter-in-law's rest, so she got up and walked away with a smile. It was her daughter-in-law who had the ability. She had been struggling with the matter for several days. As soon as she talked to her daughter-in-law, her mind became clear. After Song's mother left, Zhang Ningcai sat on the bed with a white face and remembered what had happened in his previous life. Chapter 31 In a previous life, when Zhang Ning knew Song's mother, Song Chunlan was no longer there. After Song's mother became familiar with her, she also talked with her about some previous things,65 inch touch screen, including Song Chunlan. Because Zhang Ning only listened to it as a past event at that time, she didn't remember it very much. It was not until today that she heard her mother-in-law talking about someone coming to Chunlan for Gaojiacun that she suddenly remembered that Song's mother, who was not her mother-in-law at the beginning, had said that Song Chunlan's husband's family was Gaojiacun, and she was Song Chunlan's classmate. At the beginning, because Song Chunlan liked Gao Lei, she was always thinking about being with Gao Lei. Song's mother saw that her daughter liked him and thought that she was a classmate and should know the root of the matter, so she asked someone to help Song Chunlan say the marriage. Although the Song family was not very rich at that time, Song Jianguo was already a policeman in the county town at that time, so he was also very decent in the village. In addition, the old man Song and his mother were both willing to work, and they had some family property, so the Gao family was very happy to give it. I just didn't expect that all this was the beginning of tragedy. Song Chunlan temperament is very simple, after going to the Gao family, the Gao family is also good. And she likes Gao Lei, smartboards in classrooms ,electronic board for classroom, but also obedient to Gao Lei. But unexpectedly, the Gao family not only did not cherish this daughter-in-law, but felt that she was easy to handle, a family of sisters-in-law and parents-in-law, that she was a servant girl. Most importantly, Gao Lei later went to the city with the help of Song Jianguo. Unexpectedly, she fell in love with a girl in the city. When Song Chunlan was pregnant, she proposed to divorce Song Chunlan, which led to Song Chunlan's premature birth. In the end, adults and children were not rescued. Before she did not know this man is called Gao Lei, now think of, when Song mother gas Hu Tu, is to scold this person. It turned out that the person who had harmed Song Chunlan had already appeared, and was in his own factory. Thinking about the fate of Song Chunlan in the future, Zhang Ning was seized in his heart. Now that she knew what might happen to her only sister-in-law, she naturally could not let it go on, and she could not let it happen in any case. However, now the sister-in-law so like Gao Lei, let no one say a bad word, how to do, in order to let her cut off this marriage. Zhang Ning tossed and turned in the middle of the night and was so sleepy that he squinted and fell asleep. Early the next morning, Zhang Ning got up early.
At breakfast, Zhang Ning did not say a word, quietly ate, has been waiting for Song Chunlan and old man Song to go to the brick kiln, Zhang Ning hurried to the kitchen to find his mother-in-law. Mom, I have something important to say to you. As soon as Zhang Ning entered the kitchen, he closed the door and pulled aside Mother Song, who was preparing to clean up the dishes. When Mother Song saw her nervous look, she thought it was a big deal. "What's the matter?" She asked anxiously. "Is there something wrong with the business?" "No." Zhang Ning frowned and said, "Mom, didn't you tell me about Gaojiacun yesterday? I thought about it and remembered something.". There are also people from Gaojia Village in our factory. I heard them say before that Gao Lei's parents are famous hoodlums, and they are very acerbic. Just because Gao Lei's family is not easy to get along with, people who know their background don't want to marry at all, so Gao Lei didn't get married. "Are you telling the truth?" Mother Song's eyes widened when she heard this. She thought it was a suitable marriage, but she didn't expect that there would be such a thing. Is this reliable? Are they talking nonsense? I thought this young man and Chunlan were classmates, and this relationship is also reliable. Zhang Ning quickly shook his head and said, "Mom, our classmate Chunlan is Gao Lei, not his family.". What is the situation of their family? Where does Chunlan know. We Chunlan such a good personality, went to Gao's house, that is, the meat on the chopping board, anyone can cut twice. "But, but with this condition in our family, they dare not." Mother Song began to worry, too. Mom, Chunlan is not a person who will complain. When the time comes to be wronged, can we know? "Certainly not." Mother Song's face collapsed. She felt that she had almost hurt her daughter. She said happily,smartboard for business, "Ningning, thanks to you. Otherwise, I would have pushed Chunlan into the fire pit." Haoyang e-book city Www. Chnxp. Com. Cn download and online reading. hsdsmartboard.com
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