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Neoconservatism after 1945

Neoconservatism after 1945

Neoconservatism emerged as a political intellectual current in the USA as early as the 1950s, represented for example by the sociologist Daniel Bell (1919-2011) and the political scientist Samuel Huntington (1927-2008). Since the 1970s, this "new conservatism" has had a major influence on political thinking and practical politics - pay someone to do my assignment - in the USA (dominance of the large think tanks, professional associations and policy advisory institutions).

In the 1970s, neoconservative currents of thought developed in all Western industrial societies - philosophy homework help - as a countermovement to the ideas and goals of the student movement and the socio-political reform and emancipation efforts of the 1960s. Neoconservatism is not a theory in its own right, but primarily a reaction formation from a critique of phenomena in liberal-democratic industrial societies of the present (decline of traditional values, loss of acceptance of authority, hedonism, individualism).

The criticism of many neo-conservatives is directed against the welfare state, which is partly responsible for the crisis of capitalist industrial societies (growth difficulties, unemployment and national debt) through a false idea of equality and an exaggerated policy of social redistribution - science homework helper . The root of the crisis, however, ultimately lies in the comprehensive decline in authority of the bourgeois system of institutions and values. The neoconservatives also directly criticised the new values of the New Social Movements, especially the demands for increased political participation, emancipation and equal political opportunities.

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